Does Moon Invoice help issuing receipts?

As invoices are an essential component of any organization, invoices are critical. In light of the ever-increasing use of smartphones, it is easy to see how invoices may be generated directly from a smartphone utilizing a free invoice generator app

Today, in this post, we will see the direct comparison of Moon Invoice as the top alternative to Invoicera.

What is it about the delivery of bills that makes them seem to be the most challenging component of any project to complete? Administrative tasks related to making the invoice look professional, chasing the payments, itemizing charges, calculating taxes, etc., are all examples of operations that divert time away from billable work that may be spent elsewhere. Here you can save all your workforce using online invoicing software.

When it comes to collecting client payments, your first attention should be on the accounts. Though many companies rely on online accounting software, there is no doubt that mobile invoice generation apps have progressed significantly since their beginnings.

Now, before we talk about Invoicera alternative, lets us see some brief about Invoicera

A brief about Invoicera

Additionally, Invoicera is top-rated accounting software for organizations that operate on a time and project-based budget. For the rest, everything is cloud-based, allowing you to access and utilize it from anywhere, even your mobile phone. There are several choices to cover practically every accounting topic outside of personal accounting in the program’s settings, which are quick to configure.

The online billing software of Invoicera may not have as many templates to offer as other providers, but all of its templates are entirely customizable.

Head-to-head comparison for Moon Invoice X Invoicera

If you’re contemplating getting Invoicera but haven’t looked at the best alternative to Invoicera offered by competitors, it’s a good idea. It is possible to get a thorough idea of other tools by looking at their core responsibilities and language with a bit of time and effort.

1. Pricing 


Invoicera offers 4 categories of plans – 1. Starter 2. Pro 3. Business 4. Infinite. While the starter pack works for free. On the other hand, Pro, Business and Infinite are priced at 19.95$, 39.95$ and 99.95$ per month, respectively.

While Moon Invoice as Invoicera alternative comes in 3 packages 1. Bronze 2. Silver 3. Gold. While Bronze costs just 4.15$ per month, you can have 25 active clients for a single business. In this, you can create unlimited invoices, estimates, and time tracking

And the Moon Invoice’s online invoicing software costs 8.33$, 16.67$ per month for silver and gold packages. 

So, in terms of cost – the Moon invoice is the top alternative to Invoicera for small businesses.

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2. Time tracking

Both companies have the same feature of unlimited time tracking when it comes to time tracking of online invoicing software. 

Time tracking is one of the essential parts for small businesses as it allows for tracking time spent behind every activity.

3. Invoice customization 

Invoice Customization

When it comes to invoicing customization, both the online billing software allows the customization of invoices. But Moon Invoice, as an Invoicera alternative, provides more customization templates than Invoicera. 

So, if you are looking to send customized invoices to each client, you must go for Moon Invoice.

4. Reports and insights

Talking about reports and insights, no company can ignore the importance of reporting and valuable insights. Comparing the reporting feature of both the online accounting software, they work the same. 

You get the exclusive reporting features – from inventory, sales and balance sheet, profit and loss statements etc.

5. Customer support

As an alternative to Invoicera, Moon invoice provides 24X7 customer support. At the same time, Invoicera includes customer support, too but not the 24 x 7 as Moon Invoice.

So, you can conclude who wins the race in this department.

6. Payment processing

Both the free invoice generator apps provide payment processing support. In this comparison, Moon Invoice provides 10+ payment gateways support while Invoicera provides 30+ International payment gateways support.

7. Cloud sync

Cloud Sync

Comparing the cloud sync support, the online invoicing software differs much. They both provide cloud synchronization support, which allows users to work from anywhere at any time.

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8. Operating platforms

Moon invoice ranks as the top alternative to Invoicera as it works on all the platforms like Android, Web, Windows, macOS, etc. At the same time, Invoicera’s online billing software works on iOS, Android and Web.

9. Managing multiple businesses and multiple currencies

Oh yes, how can we close the discussion without considering managing multiple businesses and multiple currencies? Viewing Moon Invoice as an Invoicera alternative provides various industries and numerous currencies. 

The Invoicera provides the same functionality, features as the moon invoice.

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Wrap up

With Moon Invoice, you can be sure that you’re getting the best online billing and accounting solution. Compared to Invoicera, it’s a superior option since it has more features and is more user-friendly on various platforms. 

Moon Invoice is the best alternative to Invoicera since it allows you to create invoices quickly. However, it comes with a dedicated customer support team and a live chat option to assist you in getting the most out of your invoicing experience.

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