Just like we say that ‘Change is the only constant’, the same can also be true when it comes to customer’s choice, their need and want with respect to everything. Hence, it is quite safe to establish that customers aren’t consistent in nature when it comes to product and/or services. While technology is constantly uprising and evolving in every front, new processes, tools & technologies, products, trends, regulations, requirements, etc all of the sub-sets of it also tend to follow the evolving pattern. Of course, in the midst of this journey, more often than not consisting of challenges and different needs. However, for all the above transformation users/customers expect their service provider to adapt to these changes.


Today’s business customer is usually adapting to such technology and tools which helps them to do more, achieve more with less & less time plus resources. They would fall for a system that is less complex, easy to understand and simultaneously provide them with smarter insights, faster actions, and better results. Especially, with regards to the invoicing portal/app, customers aren’t just looking for a digital invoicing tool but also need their service provider to be involved in helping their business to perform better by enhancing the process with several features and functionalities.


It is also utmost necessary to gather a set of elements that will outperform the digital invoicing check box to provide comprehensive business value to the user. It is beneficial to merge and integrate customer’s process and external tools that enable them to perform more tasks with accuracy in less time. On the contrary, this will create dependency on your invoice estimate app and your company.


Below listed are few of the features which are recognized as top ones to add tangible value to the business.


1) One summary page for all

Deduce all your necessary invoicing information and get them on the master summary page to view it all in just one glance. This saves you time and updates you over all the latest invoicing activity.


2) Customize invoices

Your business definitely needs customized as well as professional looking invoicing templates that are not only easy for you but also handy for your clients to understand as well. Moon Invoice lets you customize not only templates but also you add logo and signatures.

Customize invoices - Moon Invoice

3) Multiple business & payment

Add preferred payment processing channel for faster payments which improve your business cash flow. Also, get the benefit of PayPal button support. You can also add multiple companies to generate invoices on the go at once.


4) Recurring payments

You can set the recurring invoices so as get paid on time without any excuses to keep running your business smoothly.


5) Reports & insights

Moon Invoice helps you take these decisions with customized and informative insights and reports instantly unlike spreadsheets which take a lot of time to get this task done.


6) Track & record expense

Keep your expenses checked and in line with the detailed reports to manage business finances allow your mind to be at ease. Record expense periodically for the recurring profile which allows you to save time and prevent overdue or miss the payment.


7) Paperless billing

Invoice app eliminates the need to use or send paper bills so as to not save only time but money as well. It keeps you efficient and increases productivity. Any business can profit a lot by adapting to small business billing app.


8) Mobile Sync

While manual invoices can be lost, misplaced or hard to track down when in need. In such a scenario, the online invoice generator can store all the data and information securely in a remote location which you can access by the ‘Sync’ option connecting with your cloud account.

Mobile Sync - Moon Invoice

9) Easy data import/export/print

May it be your weekly or monthly – you can easily import/export them in PDF or CSV file format. Track every step via reports of invoicing, billing and payment activity. Also, manage customer and/or vendor list from the address book of your device.


Wrapping Up:


Moon Invoice, a simple and easy invoicing platform that can be accessed on any smartphone with any operating system have a wide range of customers whose payment methods has been simplified by offering multiple payment options and also simultaneously catering to the numerous features related to invoicing, estimates, purchase order, expense tracker, time tracker, sync, print, payment notifications and many more. Let’s discuss the ‘Payment’ while keeping the general invoicing features in mind.


With Moon Invoice, your business will enjoy simplified payment with multiple options and avoid payment delays. Following are the payment features to adopt that will lead to ‘Upward Shift In Bill Pay Services’ and will also address the long-awaited need to reduce the use of paper checks in order to be compatible with fast-paced business momentum.