Many of us and especially budding entrepreneurs or solopreneurs get lost or confused while preparing invoices for the clients as different types of invoicing app, billing software is available nowadays. So which are the features you should be looking for in an invoicing or billing system that will ease your business activities. One thing is for sure is that you need an end-to-end invoicing solution that can speed up the process of invoicing to a great extent.

So how can you make easy invoices? What are the features that you should be looking for in an invoicing software? But before that, let’s focus on who all can take benefits of such invoicing applications apart from the obvious big business house, corporates, government institutions or healthcare industry? It is quite easy to think for a person with an average business size and transactions to think that such invoice generator system is way too much for their business to handle or they might be comfortable with the conventional methods involved in sending bills to their clients.

Take a look at the below professions who can immensely benefit by adopting a proper invoicing software:

IT system house, IT Consultants, Photographers, Advertising agencies, Programmers, Lawyers, Copy Writers, Music Schools, Journalists, Photographers, Author, Coaches and etc…

So basically, everyone with a large, medium or small operations of their profession can use such online invoicing maker. Now let’s take a look at how to make easy invoices and what are the features that are most helpful in optimizing your business process and get you paid early.

1) Stressed entrepreneurs and freelancers’ most of the time go unnoticed. They will need something that can record their work time and the same gets accumulated in an invoice item in the program. Time Tracking Online feature can go long way in accounting every billable minute or hours of the tasks.

2) Drafting and preparing the usual invoices isn’t going to do any more good than it has already done. You need to make sure that your invoices are not only providing billing information but also helps you in building rapport and letting your clients connect with your brand and business. The best way to do via ‘Personalisation’. Your own custom font, corporate design, innovative templates, etc.

Personalisation - Moon Invoice

3) Ofcourse the extra features would be of no use until you have an easy and simple invoicing system in place. You’ll need an effortless, intuitive & productive online invoicing platform. One that allows you with multiple options in template designs, currency and to add businesses. An invoicing application that helps from Estimate to Recurring Invoicing is the need of the hour such business owners.

4) Many business owners are so much involved in their current and/or upcoming projects and client handling that they tend to forget about their ongoing business spending. Moreover, they have various categories for e.g, marketing, entertainment, traveling, etc of business expenditure which becomes tedious for them to bifurcate every now and then. Hence, Expense Tracking feature of an online invoicing platform can help you a lot to manage your business finances.

Expense Tracking - Moon Invoice

5) When companies grow and the information piles up, most of the time all the data is neither stored properly nor organized. Additionally, an accounting and billing software that could help you with inventory, customer, purchase order, payment, expense and ultimately profit reports should be the given the priority. Insights & Reports go long way in maintaining & managing the business productivity and boosts the financial growth of the company.

Moon Invoice offers you multiple payment options along with multi-currency support. With Moon Invoice you can work from anywhere by downloading apps available for all platforms, i.e, iOS, Mac OS X, Android and Windows. In addition to this, Moon Inovoice app also helps your business with Import/Export & Print and Mobile & Sync.