Operating a business by integrating with a reliable POS system is a breeze. And who knows better than you because you have been there, done that. If you are someone who utilized the QuickBooks POS system until it came to a halt, then now is the time to elevate your POS. In simple words, POS software that handles customers’ bulk orders and increases product sales is what you need to continue earning profits following QuickBook’s outgoing POS system.

Alright, you have landed at the right place as your search for POS software will come to an end. Here, we have the best QuickBooks POS alternative to ensure you don’t compromise on business productivity and it is way easier to use for any non-tech-savvy person. Ready? Let us shed more light on this topic.

Why Is QuickBooks POS Discontinued?

QuickBooks decided to discontinue their POS service a few months back, which means you will not get any updates on POS software. They shifted their focus on the upcoming latest technologies to meet modern-day demands, leaving small business owners with no choice except to migrate from QuickBooks to new POS software.

This setback garnered the attention of many POS users because they knew without point of sale software achieving business goals is no way easy. So, once your POS software is no longer functional, you can’t expect similar sales growth unless you have robust software like Moon POS to fill the void left by its predecessor.

Why Choose Moon POS System?

Why Choose Moon POS System

Although there are plenty of POS software available in today’s market, only Moon POS has the ability to be the successor of your previously used QuickBooks desktop POS. The reason is an easy-to-use and intuitive dashboard, which gives you comprehensive business details like purchased orders, payment status, and stock left at the outlets.

The best thing is you don’t have to be a math genius to use it. In fact, it does a lot more than what you were already doing on your previous POS system. Below are the reasons that make Moon POS an ideal choice for your business.

Manage Multiple Outlets

Moon POS empowers you to get a 360-degree view of product sales and inventory at your multiple outlets. You can identify the top-selling items in your outlets and make necessary changes in pricing plans to earn profits. All you need is to carry a smart device with you wherever you go and observe business operations from any remote location.

Analytics on the go

Moon POS software greatly tackles the need of modern businesses to keep them up-to-date with sales reports. These interesting features of Moon POS can be a key to unlocking many new possibilities coming your way. Simply zoom into the reports to identify the areas of improvement and level up your productivity in no time.


Since many POS software only provide limited features even after you pay a hefty amount, Moon POS makes no compromise in terms of features and accessibility. It has been developed to fulfill the requirements of small businesses and get over the order management hassles. Therefore, it has affordable pricing plans that won’t hamper your financial goals even during the peak season.

Since now you know why to consider the Moon POS system, let us understand how to migrate from QuickBooks desktop POS to Moon POS.

Boost Your Product Sales With Moon POS

Don’t settle for outdated point of sale systems, instead adopt Moon POS which provides cutting-edge POS solutions to increase your sales.

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What Is the Migration Process From QuickBooks POS to Moon POS?

What Is the Migration Process From QuickBooks POS to Moon POS

Being the best QuickBooks POS alternative , Moon POS offers smooth migration from your existing POS in just a few steps. It doesn’t have a lengthy process like other ordinary software that consumes your time. If you wish to migrate from any outdated POS system, either you can go ahead with Zapier integration or do it manually.

You can use Zapier, a web automation tool, that helps you connect Moon POS with existing QuickBooks POS. It works on real-time data integration that helps users migrate to the new POS system effortlessly.

In case you choose the manual process, below are the steps to follow:

  1. Firstly, start exporting your POS data from QuickBooks POS system in CSV format
  2. Now, log in to Moon POS using your credentials
  3. Import only the necessary data in the CSV format from ‘Settings’ option at the top-right corner.

Import only the necessary data in the CSV format

However, if you are still finding it difficult to migrate from QuickBooks or any other POS system to the Moon POS system, then reach us at – support@mooninvoice.com. We at Moon POS offer 24/7 support for anyone who wants to make the most of Moon POS. Our support team will lead your way in helping you get on board.

Rounding It All Up

While QuickBook’s dominance in the POS market didn’t last for long, businesses have welcomed the trend of migrating to the POS that actually enhances efficiency. Moon POS is such software that you need to boost product sales and deliver customer satisfaction. Since many businesses have already chosen Moon POS as their top pick, you too can join the league and continue yielding desired results. So, have you made up your mind? We recommend availing a 7-day free trial from Moon POS to see how it will live up to your expectations.


Jayanti Katariya
Jayanti Katariya About the author

Jayanti Katariya is the founder & CEO of Moon Invoice, with over a decade of experience in developing SaaS products and the fintech industry. He holds a degree in engineering. Since 2011, Jayanti's expertise has helped thousands of businesses, from small startups to large enterprises, streamline invoicing, estimation, and accounting operations. His vision is to deliver top-tier financial solutions globally, ensuring efficient financial management for all business owners.