The all-in-one professional invoicing app has recently achieved a new milestone! FinancesOnline, a discovery platform in the B2B and SaaS space, has recently certified Moon Invoice with two industry awards for 2018: Great User Experience and Rising Star.

FinancesOnline handed over the awards after they performed a thorough analysis of our invoicing app. Their business software experts scrutinized us through a comprehensive billing systems analysis and stacked us against the leaders on the market, dissecting each and every tool we offer.

Moon Invoice’s “comprehensive invoicing tools,” “high level of customization,” and mobility stood out the most for FinancesOnline. After observing that our application excels in these fronts, they awarded us with the Great User Experience award for 2018.
comprehensive invoicing tools - Moon Invoice

The Great User Experience award for 2018 indicates that Moon Invoice is one of the easiest and most efficient platforms in the market today. Simply put, the Great User Experience award is given to software solutions that serve as a gold standard in terms of overall design, interface, ease of deployment, and accessibility.

In FinancesOnline’s Moon Invoice overview, they detailed how the Moon Invoice provides a pleasing and enjoyable user experience. Time tracking tool for accurate billing, easy document estimate conversion into invoices, and mobile invoicing with seamless iCloud synching are some of the ways that Moon Invoice makes day-to-day tasks less of a chore to businesses.

Based on FinancesOnline’s invoicing systems research, the review platform also believes that Moon Invoice provides a great experience to the client’s end as well. With Moon Invoice, users can ask their clients to pay their balances via PDF-embedded payment options, which brings utmost convenience and financial information security. “Not only is this process convenient, but it is also secure as it protects clients’ financial information,” wrote FinancesOnline.

Another notable award is the Rising Star for 2018. This award is given to software solutions that are seen as an outstandingly reliable brand by clients. The award is complemented by a 97% user satisfaction rating.

So, if you don’t want to worry about invoicing, then give Moon Invoice a try today!