In this world where competition is getting fierce day by day, it doesn’t matter whether you’re a freelancer, enterprise or a small business owner, today’s marketplace is booming more than ever. Engaging and preserving clients have become very imperative to grow the business. Needless to say, it has become really important for businesses to find optimal solutions while saving money and time. 


Does your business have to send out invoices, or make them separately and send them out by email? Are you in search of a better and faster solution for this?


Well, if your answer to this question is ‘yes’ then your search is over.  Look no further than Moon Invoice, an online invoicing app to suit your invoicing needs. 


Numerous organizations still work together along these lines, however, it’s wasteful. It requires some investment to make the invoice, and for it to arrive at the client – expecting it doesn’t become mixed up via the post office. It likewise requires some investment for the client to process it and in particular, pay the invoice. 


There are different issues with this technique as well. For instance, you need to make and reuse layouts for various clients and enter their billing data twice: once in your records and once in each invoice. Likewise, monitoring bills and installments can be tedious – particularly in the event that you keep them on your work area or in an envelope. Notwithstanding sending your invoices by email won’t lessen the outstanding task at hand by much. 


Online or ‘e-invoicing’ takes care of these issues, making it quick and simple to convey invoices and track them. Changing to online billing can diminish your expenses and accelerate installments. 


Here are some of the reasons why Moon Invoice, an online invoice app is best for your business. 


1) Send your invoices out right away

The quicker you convey your invoices, the sooner you’re probably going to get paid. Great invoicing programming can help: 

i) Booked invoicing

Set up your online invoice app to convey invoices consequently at explicit dates and times. You don’t need to lift a finger. 

ii) Direct invoicing

When you send invoices online, there’s no compelling reason to trust that your bookkeeper or clerk will do the sending for you. This likewise implies you could lessen your overheads. 

iii) Invoice, any time, any place

Why hold up until you’re back in the workplace? In case you’re maintaining an independent company you can even create bills when visiting customers or out and about. Speed is only one upper hand of online invoice app, however, the advantages don’t stop there. 

2) Better invoice following

When you’ve conveyed your invoice, what occurs straightaway? Customarily you would hold up until the due date and continue checking your financial balance to check whether you’ve been paid. And afterward, begin pursuing if the cash hasn’t arrived. Be that as it may, with e-invoicing comes programmed following: 

Better invoice following - Moon Invoice

i) View installment status

Discover which invoices have been paid, just as which ones are expected or past due. See this data on one screen, giving a diagram of the cash owed to you.

ii) Make your very own updates

Not all customers are the equivalent. You can include notes and updates for every customer and invoice, from inside the invoicing programming.

iii) Run reports to show signs of improvement understanding

You can run maturing covers your records receivable, so you can see which of your customers are poor payers. You could then change your installment terms to suit every customer. 

iv) Make a nice review trail

Great cloud bookkeeping and invoicing programming make it simpler for you to keep a point by point review trail. You should monitor each exchange on the off chance that your bookkeeper, customers or the legislature have any inquiries.

Invoice following is significant on the grounds that ignored bills may never be paid. As an entrepreneur you can’t stand to lose cash that way. online based invoicing guarantees nothing falls through the holes. 

3) Get paid quicker

One objective of invoicing online is to lessen the time between sending an invoice and accepting installment. It can have a major effect: 

i) Same day conveyance

Not any more stressing over whether your invoice arrived. Some products will even send you programmed refreshes when your bill is opened by the client.

ii) Utilization of installment administrations

Try not to trust that checks will land in the post. The most recent online installment administrations enable your customers to ‘pay now’ from inside the invoice itself. It’s quick, simple and means you get paid right away. 

iii) Better security 

E-invoicing programming is secure and safe to utilize. It utilizes extraordinary encryption like that utilized by other monetary organizations, for example, banks. Your customers can confide in it, so they’re probably going to react to your invoices quicker. 

4) Decrease your desk work

The paperless office has been anticipated for a long time, yet most organizations still produce heaps of desk work. Everything must be recorded, put away, chronicled and ordered, and it occupies the room. 

Since office space is costly, organizations frequently have their paper records checked and changed over to PDF or different arrangements, before destroying the firsts. In any case, why not dispose of the need, the expense and time spent on this as well? 

In the event that you keep your invoices online appropriate from the begin, you’ll never need to print them out. Everything will as of now be chronicled, ordered and put away electronically. 

Online invoicing application individually won’t make your office paperless, yet it’s another progression towards disposing of paper through and through. 

5) Help your customers to pay you

Moon Invoice understand that sending invoices online can encourage your customers to pay you quickly.   

 Help your customers to pay you - Moon Invoice

i) Send updates

Private companies are generally occupied, so it can send a well-disposed update when the installment is expected. 

ii) Offer diverse installment choices

The objective is to make it simple for your customers to pay you, so consider offering charge card taking care of, bank moves or PayPal.

iii) Utilize an organization format 

Great programming makes it simple to tailor the invoice plan for every customer, while as yet being reliable by the way you speak to your organization. An expert methodology is probably going to bring about quicker installment. 

6) Set up your procedure to get the best out of invoicing online

To take advantage of your invoicing programming, you have to make a couple of significant strides before you’re prepared to receive the rewards:

i) Set up your framework appropriately

Every customer ought to have a one of a kind code and every customer’s invoice ought to have its own consecutive number. 

ii) Send invoices around the same time of every month

Solid, normal billing is bound to bring about dependable, customary installment. 

iii) Set up some straightforward reports 

Online invoice app has a lot of announcing alternatives. Audit these and choose in the event that you need to make any redid ones. At that point run the reports at any rate once per month so you can remain over your organization’s income. 

Utilize the cloud to deal with your records adequately and furthermore as an online-based documenting framework. That way you can keep your significant money related records efficient and available any place you happen to be. 

Online Invoicing App Bodes Well

Your customers will anticipate that you should give your items or administrations rapidly, effectively and frequently at short notice. 

So it’s not out of the question that they pay you rapidly as well. With internet invoicing, you can dispose of huge numbers of the postponements and hindrances to installment. That implies you’ll get paid quicker, have better income and have additional time and cash to cause your business to develop.

All this might sound expensive, but in reality, it is not. The online invoicing solution from Moon Invoices comes with 7 days free trial period to give you a first-hand operational experience and functionality feel of the app. So, we do not see any reason for you to hold back from giving this push to your business to keep your accounting up to date.