It’s 2021. And if you are using the printed invoices, which you print, sign and then send back to the client via email, a scanned copy? Honestly, you are well behind the market. SMEs and small Businesses have started taking the route of digitalization. Switching to accounting software for enterprises helps you to maintain track of your bills and payments conveniently.

This decreases costs and expedites payments that favor the business. Often, submit out invoices in a timely way to reduce workload. There is no reason to track down billing and payments by yourself or a dedicated staff person when it can be done by online invoicing software. Look for online payment processing software to alleviate all of your concerns and still increase your online reputation.

Let’s check out some Stats Facts.

According to Fortune Market Insights’ research and study, the global accounting software sector, which was worth USD 11,071.6 million in 2018, is expected to be worth USD 20,408.0 million by the end of 2026, representing an 8.02 percent CAGR.

When choosing outstanding facilities or applications such as Accounting Software for Enterprises or Education Industries estimate and invoice software, we still prioritize comparative evidence to make more competent judgments.

Global Accounting Software Market Size - Moon Invoice

Accounting Software market size Globally (Source – Fortune Business Insights)

8 Must-Have Qualities in Online Payment Processing Software

However, certain features are essential for all companies, and any Accounting Software for Enterprises must include them.

Let’s talk about the top 8 qualities now:

1. Generation of invoices with customization

The invoice is the legal documentation of the selling of goods, which includes all related material. Invoice generation is the most fundamental function of accounting software for enterprises. The program should allow the consumer to produce competent, transparent invoices.

It may also combine invoice details with consumer accounts, programs, and so on to allow data collection. It also helps in the development and upkeep of a centralized data repository.

2. Generation of Estimates

When asking a customer about a future order, the client may need an estimation. The estimation provides the customer with a ballpark number and other information such as the services rendered, distance, timeline, exclusions, and so on.

An online payment processing software should enable you to submit estimates to clients along with a payment connection. If the customer has approved the estimation, they will pay via the link, and the app will automatically turn the estimate into an invoice. The smooth transition from analysis to invoice would ensure that your accounting portion runs smoothly.

For instance, if you operate in the education industry, you can use innovative and efficient education industries estimate and invoice software.

3. Payment Integrations

Customers’ desired payment methods can differ between offline and online. You can allow both approaches rather than relying only on the one that is more useful for you. Customers would value adaptability.

However, as payments are made in various ways, keeping track of them accurately becomes difficult. The accounting software for enterprises helps you manage both online and offline payments from a single dashboard.

4. Reports for better decision making

Online payment processing software assists in developing instant reports that enable company owners to maintain track of their expenses and track overdue invoices.

Reports for Better Decision Making - Moon Invoice

Automation enables you to generate reports and export data as PDF files, which you can then exchange via email. The simplicity of monitoring simplifies data collection and offers pertinent statistics for invoicing processes, such as the number of unpaid invoices, the duration span of a billing cycle, the number of consumers who paid on time, and so on.

Use an education industries estimate and invoice software that will help you get accurate data on which you can do forecasting and make strategies accordingly.

5. Payment Reminders and Automation in Late fee

The perfect situation for every company is that all consumers pay on time, even without being reminded. However, we exist in a less-than-ideal universe in which you must plan for late payments.

By charging late fees, you will recoup the costs for late payments while still minimizing the risk of potential late payments. It is the accounting software’s duty for enterprises solution to maintain track of all expenses, measure late fees, and submit reminders. It should be able done all of these activities on its own.

6. Tax Compliance

After the introduction of GST, all invoices have been required to provide GST records. However, the GST rule is complex, and you can need extra assistance to ensure complete enforcement.

GST Suvidha Providers, also known as GSPs, are government-approved agencies that assist companies with GST filing via an online portal. GST invoice applications should be compliant with GSP. Having this functionality would render GST filing easier for companies, making it a must-have feature for any invoice app.

7. Customer data integration for future growth

Any company revolves around its clients. Without solid customer connections, no company will work. Furthermore, free invoice software can collect all customers’ details, especially their purchasing background and personal information.

When you deliver a new product, you will use this history to reach the right consumers. It will also help you create a marketing campaign if you choose to grow your company and reach out to new clients.

8. Allowance for creation of Bulk invoices

Invoicing is one of those activities that is completely important but often requires a significant amount of time and effort. Invoicing apps will help you save time by allowing you to submit invoices in bulk.

The program can accept APIs or Excel data as input and generate invoices for all of the customers mentioned. It relieves the workers of making invoices one by one, enabling them to reflect on more urgent matters. You may also submit the invoices to a vast number of customers at once.

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The significance of accurate billing cannot be overstated. Invoicing activities are critical to ensuring that companies are billed on schedule. Individuals may use online payment processing software to handle the whole payment procedure, from data collection to generating and submitting bills.

When it comes to anything as critical as accounting software for enterprises, you can never settle for less than the finest. Moon Invoice’s billing platform is the strongest in the industry. You get all of the functions mentioned above, plus more. To set up a demonstration or business queries, write us on or call us at +1-805-491-9393.