With the widespread usage of Online Invoicing in place, there are plenty of ways a business could not only improve the efficiency but also with the rich feature set and functionalities these businesses can also enhance productivity, hence, contributing to the growth and success.


Most of the businesses can benefit from several feature-functions but the most important factor to look for in an invoicing solution with most up-to-date details, including payment status, payment history, and a Pay Now button for accepting payments online. This turns out to be equally important for both vendors and customers as none of them would receive bad credit as the invoice and payment will be transacted without any delay.

Track expense and payments - Moon Invoice

Businesses have to be productive and efficient and hence simplified tasks such as easily generated payment receipt in PDF format and built-in PDF invoice generator are considered as a boon. The easy acceptance of payment online with just a tap of a button has dramatically put the paying process on the fast track. Since the resulting outcome was faster and simpler, both businesses and customers seem to mutually benefit from it.


In addition, with the added feature of payment and time tracking, it is now more than ever easy and simple for businesses to know beforehand about the outstanding and overdue payments. This helps businesses to get paid faster. Online invoicing merged with mobile creates a cutting-edge integrated invoicing solutions. This trend has led the internet fundamentally change the way accounting for small businesses are carried out. Online Invoicing has gained popularity among all sizes of businesses & industry and became a standard feature of all accounting & billing needs. Both businesses large and small will be electronically connected and hugely benefited from this.


Moon Invoice has come up with the comprehensive online accounting & billing solution that connects small businesses to their accountants, Bookkeepers, banks and other online business software. Over the years, Moon Invoice is successfully able to pave the way for our customers to directly connect with their customers and suppliers or vendors so as to carry all the invoicing related business operations seamlessly.

Following are few of the hand advantages of Moon Invoice:

– Manage Invoices & Credit Notes effortlessly

– Administer seamlessly Estimates & Purchase Order

– Smart Filter option with 22 Professional PDF templates

– Save time with auto invoicing numbering and avoid any critical financial data entry error with   iCloud Sync feature

– Manage Separate Customers & Vendors list

– Track expense and payments

– Add unlimited companies

– Smart Quarter and Summary view

– Create custom invoices with the option to add 2 different signatures, name, title, and date

– One touch Backup & restore option with TouchID Protection

– Customize PDF layouts, alignments, image, color and format


May it be iOS / MacOS or Android or Windows, Moon Invoice works brilliantly and smoothly on any platform maintaining the uniformity while simultaneously also staying productive for you to access anytime-anywhere even while you are on the go.

Administer seamlessly Estimates & Purchase Order - Moon Invoice

If you would like to know more about “Instant Payment Boost For Your Business”, then you can check our blog on the same here. Let Moon Invoice app take care of all your invoicing worries. Go for “Try Before You Buy” option to avail 7 days of FREE TRIAL!