Enhanced overall work efficiency can be successfully realized by a blend of smart work along with hard work in the right direction. Sometimes, even the most conscientious team needs that boost so as to achieve the desired results in the workplace. Increasing the comprehensive productivity especially in the technical arena is definitely not a piece of cake. It requires a consistent edge in this sphere to reach the acclaimed heights of advancement. If left unchecked for a long period of time, it may result in unfavorable consequences.

Going forward, to achieve the desired results in the workplace, a balance is required. Jayanti Katariya, the CEO of Moon Invoice, believes that there should be a to-do list to start & end your day with. And while it is one of the many things he implements, this blog will entail some of the best hacks that would do wonders for businesses and entrepreneurs.

Let us give you the glad tidings too. The work efficiency can be improved using some tips and tricks so as to revamp it. On the technical front, sufficient effort can never be a guarantee to achieve the desired goal. One has to essentially swear by some secret hacks in order to meet the productivity needs. You will find detailed elucidation for each one of these hacks, guiding you to the path of fruitful work episodes.


Technical Tips and Techniques That Work Wonders!

This piece deals with the simple yet impressive techniques by our CEO that can be utilized to give your best shot in the work sphere. When it comes to keeping up with the tech side, you should be extremely careful regarding the use of these hacks as they help you reach the goal. It is only through these technical skills, one can attain improved productivity.

Let’s quickly dive-in and check out the top technical hacks for smooth operation:

Handling the information: 

With immense information to handle at a time, the tools and means should be majestic too. You can supremely rely on Google Docs for importing, creating, editing, and updating the documents. Google Docs is a great option available because of its compatibility with most presentation software. It becomes really easy for users to control the visibility of their documents. This similar ease is offered with sheets too. Google Sheets can be used to edit, create, and collaborate with others too. Both of these enable easy operation. 

In some of the cases, the users also mediate the operation using LibreOffice. Then, it is advisable to make default file formats. Documents should contain .docx  and the spreadsheet should contain .xlsx in their names. It ensures smooth technical operation and makes the overall handling easy. 

Strengthening communication and managing projects within the team: 

Communication is undoubtedly the backbone of the entire company. No business has touched the milestone without a proper internal channel of communication. Basecamp is a suitable alternative that has made our lives easy.

Strengthening communication and managing projects within the team - Moon Invoice

Basecamp enables us to manage the tasks and communicate with the team regarding work. To ensure company-wide sharing in an effective manner, it is also important to make righteous use of Basecamp. A To-do list is one such essential feature on Basecamp. One can do the following using this platform-

  • Make a To-do list: Give a name to your list and add related information to it. Assign them to the desired member.
  • Bulk assign in the To-do list: Select the To-dos that you want to assign in bulk to a member. They will also get a notification for the same.
  • Assigning multiple members to a To-do: One can make a group and assign the task to multiple members.
  • Convert a group into a new list: With changes in the task, one can now convert a group into a new list by clicking on the menu.
  • Receive notification about the new To-do list: Getting notification every time there’s an update is the easiest way to keep up with the tasks.

Bid adieu to the auditory issues:

Audio issues make it difficult to grasp the subject during conferencing. Now, there’s no real need to be worried. One can simply exit Google Meet and rejoin for better audio. This simple action takes a fraction of seconds and involves no tedious exercise. 

Disable the microphones during demonstrations:

Microphones are not needed during demo exercises. You can turn your mics down in order to avoid any disturbance. The microphones will not be required by the participants during the testing or in cases where there’s no audio recording.

Make use of Progressive Web Applications:

The Progressive Web Applications (PWA) works on any platform that uses a standards-compliant browser. These are compatible with both desktop and mobile devices. Google Meet, Google Chat, iTunes, Connect, Gmail, Moon Invoice are some of the most preferred web applications. These are really easy to open, close, and locate. Apart from this, you can use it with other applications shoulder to shoulder. To install a PWA is not really a hard nut to crack. In your system, go to Chrome. Further, browse the preferred website. On the top right corner, an option to install will be present. These PWA applications will definitely make your life easy. These are the non-complex applications to manage the tasks. Click and follow the instructions flashing on the screen and then you’re pretty much good to go!

Set a goal for every single day:

Apart from the technical hacks, the importance of the non-technical aspects cannot be underestimated. Thinking about your goal before initiating each day will help you plan the tasks in a better manner. It will assist you in making informed decisions, reduce chaos, and enable you to take the feedback from the team in time.

Set a goal for every single day - Moon Invoice

Daily goals and their realization bring contentment to life. Always deal with must-dos first. Dealing with essential tasks in the first place will help in reducing your overall workload. Have a dedicated workspace and plan your day around your goals. This has immensely helped people in gaining work satisfaction.

Eliminate the interruptions:

With a number of online and offline interruptions present around, it is extremely important to prioritize your goals. Get rid of slow-loading websites and focus on the steps essential for the realization of your goals. Elimination of the disruptions around gives you a clear picture and will increase your chances of succeeding in any task. It will help you in making better use of your time. It is important for you to analyze these aspects carefully. 

Interruptions can certainly break your focus and re-engage you in the task. In order to avoid this complexity at work, it is advisable to plan your daily schedule. It will keep you jovial at work and encourage you to give your best.



There’s always room for improvement when it comes to increasing productivity at work. The aforementioned hacks will help you accentuate your standards of professionalism. Using impressive ways to handle an enormous amount of information, managing and creating strong communication within the organization, and resolving auditory issues during conferencing will make your life easy at work. It will bring you up with enthusiasm and motivate you to give your best every time. 

Another technical suggestion of using PWA applications also comes in handy while counting the hacks for an impressive technical workplace hack. Non-technical hacks include planning your calendar around your work, prioritizing your goals, and eliminating interruptions. These non-technical hacks are equally important to achieve high levels of work contentment. These may look like tiny changes but will certainly flabbergast you with the massive overall effect on the ultimate results.