Small business, medium scale business, and large-sized businesses require to send project estimates for closing the deal. For any industry in the world, sales deals are considered highly crucial. For the same, sales and accounting teams require perfect software for estimates and invoices to draft or design an error-free cost estimation.

What is an ‘estimate and invoicing software’?

An estimate is an authorized quotation sent from the seller to the buyer indicating the cost and type of products/goods/service, the quantity of the products or goods, and the product or service elements, including the delivery date.

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An online project estimation software designs the quotation on behalf of the company in an electronic format. Such online invoicing software (s) makes it easy for the buyer to understand the seller’s estimate or quotation.

Apart from the estimation, the automatic invoicing software makes it easy for the seller to design the quote. The format of the quote is being customized once as per the requirements of the business owner. Later, sending invoicing and estimates becomes quick because of automated design and elements that are already set.

Software for Estimates and Invoices: 5 Reasons- Why Your Business Needs It?

An estimate is a premature project bid that is prepared by the seller. It indicates the rough quote for the deal discussed so far between the two parties. Companies that have invested in the right online project estimation software will get their estimate prepared within minutes. Simultaneously, companies that manually design the quotation take several hours to prepare the correct bid.

Be it SMEs or MSMEs, here is what you need to know why your company requires a right estimate and online invoicing software.

1. Maintains Professionalism

The first thing that comes with the right estimation and automatic invoicing software is the professional template design. Imagine you are a customer and receiving a quotation from the client. What would attract your eyes more? A legible and readable quote with perfect notes and slabs or a manually written quote with a confusing design?

Moon Invoice makes online project estimation relatively easy and simplified with our exclusive online invoicing and estimation software. We help your business integrity by helping your business manage project estimation with mere professionalism.

2. Saves Time

In the world of estimates and bidding, time serves the most crucial role. When a client asks your company for an estimate, your business manager needs to take a quick call on the estimate preparation. The client usually considers; the first and quick received quotation as he/she does not wish to stretch the discussion when the first quote received is right and apt.

Save Time with Automatic Invoicing software - Moon Invoice

Time management is the key to good business deals. A software for estimates and invoicing helps your business with great time management as both quotations and invoices are prepared automatically by inputting the correct mentioned fields. Moreover, in 2021 50% of business owners have shifted their invoicing to digital mode. It is like staying up to date with modern business ethics.

3. Error-free Estimates

A small error in the estimate or invoice can bring down your business deal. In the world of competition and technology, errors are least expected from the dealers. Imagine your business had to stay out of the bidding table because of sending incorrect or errored quotes!

An online estimation software like Moon Invoice makes it easy for your business manager to send both quotations and invoices. After consulting the top-notch business experts, our invoicing solution is designed to understand the right estimate and invoicing elements. Installing it, you can get most of your tasks automated, including recurring invoicing, payment reminders, estimation reminders, etc.

4. Manages Both Estimates & Invoicing

Many business owners complain that their invoicing and billing software does not allow their business to create purchase quotations or estimations. When you invest in the online project estimation software that comes with tax and invoicing, you have made the smartest business move.

Moon Invoice online project estimation software for businesses helps to create organized estimates followed by tax-enabled invoices. We have got plenty of template designs for both estimations and invoices. The micro to major business elements are covered with Moon Invoice software, including the product quantity, tax summary, product per price, discounts offered, extra notes, etc.

5. Builds Better Client Relationships

When an estimate and invoice are sent in an authorized electronic format covering all the project details with notes, it leaves no room for project confusion. The client can understand everything in detail and come up easily with queries by reverting to the same bid. It serves as the document proof for everything that is asked and described. In short, the deal offer sent via software is considered professional with no errors. Clients like to respond to such estimations as they are clear and easy to understand.

For example, if your business manager sends a manually prepared estimate that is difficult to read and understand, the clients might get offended considering it as an unprofessional approach. It is not a standard business practise to send a manual document for both estimations and invoices.

To build smart and long-term business relationships- it is highly crucial to have automatic invoicing software to complete project estimation.

6. #Bonus: Closes the Deal Faster

One of the significant benefits of utilizing an online project estimation software with an online invoicing feature is that it closes the deal quicker than your competitors.

Bonus: Closes the Deal Faster using Online Invoicing Software - Moon Invoice

When your business manager uses online invoicing software for creating estimates, sending estimates, creating tax summary invoices, sending invoices, etc.; the entire process of communication is maintained swiftly and in proper synch. It, therefore, enhances the percentage of deal closure compared to your competitors.

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Closing Lines

9 out of 10 business owners trust software for estimates and invoices all over the world. Why waste time after manual work when you can get your estimates and invoices ready within minutes?

Inquire about Moon Invoice and create your first invoice for free.