Are you an independent cafe owner who is somewhat skeptical of the big shots and wonders if you can actually make a name for yourself? 

Yes, your restaurant marketing strategy is customer-oriented, but you don’t have huge marketing budgets, super clever coffee marketing, and huge funds to top it all. 

But, there is a catch here. What if we said that you could surge ahead of these big players and make that solid comeback? Sounds too good to be true, right? 

With the changing face of marketing and POS billing software solutions, strategizing is easier than ever before! 

Low-cost outreach tools work as great as those highly-priced solutions. So, here is a compilation of 10 super awesome restaurant local marketing tips that will come in handy. Ready, let’s tread ahead then! 

1. Develop loyalty programs 

Here is a fact. Starbucks doesn’t have a copyright on creating loyalty schemes. Remember that acquiring new customers is 25x more difficult than retaining new ones. So, make loyalty programs a part of your restaurant marketing strategy before you regret it! 

The good thing is that it is not rocket science. Just make your 10th or 20th coffee-free. Yes, it is that simple!

2. Join local networking groups 

Join Local Networking Groups

Your cafe is much more than a coffee-drinking venue. So, make it a point to join local networking events. Who knows, you meet a business community, and they decide to make your cafe their networking venue!

3. Improve your google my business profile

It is the most important directory to list your cafe. All you need to do is spend your time getting it right. Trust us; the dividends are immense! Don’t trust us? Take out some time to check your last sales on your invoice generator software, you will get the answer! 

4. Influencer marketing to rescue 

Influencer Marketing To Rescue

Here is another fact. No business can shine bright without social proof in place. Handing the baton of advertising to your customers is a brilliant way to promote your business. 

Yes, we are talking about influencer marketing. We are not asking you to shell 1000’s dollars on the same, but you can politely ask your loyal customers if they would be interested in spreading some kind words about your business. 

Some will do it out of kindness, while others might need a reward for the same. Nevertheless, offer something in return to make that everlasting impact. 

You can manage the free coffees you give out with your automated invoicing software. Last but not least, remember the more loyal your customers are, the more love you receive on Instagram! 

5. Hop on the delivery train

It’s 2022, and the modern customer wants piping hot coffee with a plum cake right on their doorstep. If you are not leveraging delivery services, you are leaving money on the table. 

Get someone to be on their toes or partner with a delivery service to serve coffee to homes and offices. The costs are not that high, plus it can bring a sea of change to your business volume. Don’t forget to note down the profits and get your accounts right with invoice generator software.

Move a step higher by downloading restaurant analytics

6. Write that email 

Write That email

Please find us the person who said email marketing is dead. That’s an outright lie. Email marketing is more important than ever and a sure shot way to build loyal customers. 

But, how should you start? You can start by collecting email addresses and requesting them to fill out feedback forms or sign-up for offers. 

Make sure you mention that you will be using these details for marketing purposes. We surely don’t want you to end up in a data compliance soup. So, make sure you use automated invoicing software to manage all subscriptions and other finances!

7. Let the customers see the raw you 

Yes, morning preparations can get messy, and you need to juggle a lot. We get that you want to paint a rosy picture, but sharing these behind the scenes on social media will help your customers relate with you on a better level! 

After all, customers are curious and surely want some sneak peeks from time to time! So, make sure you make it a part of your restaurant marketing strategy at the earliest! 

8. Mobile readiness is a must

Now, you may ask, I own a little cafe; why should I worry about making a website? 

Customers will search for your website after finding your name on the GMB list. It can be a major turnoff if it doesn’t work on their mobile device. The result? They decide to proceed with your competitor! 

Do you want that? Surely not, then work on your website and ensure it is mobile-friendly. 

9. Promote healthy eating 

Vegan cafes can be found everywhere. Also, taking note of customers with food allergies is a must. 

We suggest that even if you need to invest time and money in a new menu, please do it! 

Vegans and health-conscious people will find their new favorite place, and you will get access to a new audience. 

10. Pay heed to local media 

Local media coverage is still the norm. While this is traditional advice, you can benefit immensely from the same! 

Holding those coffee tasting sessions or conducting a networking event? 

Rope in some media folks to cover them and convert the dream of your restaurant, making headlines a reality! 

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Wrapping up

These tips will help you ditch the fear of big sharks and set your cafe apart. With a modern marketing plan and the right execution in place, restaurant local marketing just got easier. So, go ahead and see your business prosper in the toughest of environments!

Nevertheless, restaurant analytics play an important role for designing the marketing strategy. So, don’t overlook it. 

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