Too often at times, we have to deal with late payments and sometimes no payment at all for the products and/or services offered. Hence, it is a good practice to give utmost attention to payment methods and to make it a key priority while accepting jobs with clients. Some also mark it as a point to opt for a retainer upfront if the payment seems to be a concern.


What many people fail to realize and understand that for few SMBs, startups and entrepreneurs…cash flow is the king as it plays the most important role in their business operation, growth and success.


In addition to the work and services that are rendered, independent contractors and freelancers also manage the back office work of their business such as invoices, accounts receivables, etc. Thus, to contemplate all these tasks and streamline together will provide the one thing that these independent consultants are eagerly able to manage is — time. Time and to bring in productivity is the most valuable asset for them.


This has been an issue which is going on for a long time and needs new ways to tackle. Where some agencies have conducted surveys and presented their finding related to the said issue has revealed that independent consultants prefer digital payment methods more rather than relying on other time-consuming ways but still more often than not are getting left out from availing the benefits.


Using digital payment services, such as from Moon Invoice, definitely helps these freelancers, independent consultants or entrepreneurs to solve these issues and prevent future payment related mishaps. It also helps to start from solopreneurs to small and medium business owners to intelligently keep track of invoices and payments, rather than going through the tedious paperwork or organizing paper checks or segregating the cluster of email communications. More importantly, online invoicing solutions are more cost efficient for companies as it involves digital payments since sending a paper check to a vendor, seller or client is more expensive and time-consuming.


Of course, if one were to see from the business point of view, then, why wouldn’t you opt for something that is less expensive, faster, helps eliminates high paper usage and allows you more control a the end?


The best part is that even if your client isn’t offering digital payment methods or direct deposit options, you can instead approach and present them with online invoicing solutions.




Just download Moon Invoice app for the respective platform i.e, iOS, Android, Mac OS X or Windows. Enter details of customers, vendors, stock, etc. Define buy/sell price, etc as per your requirements and start sending quick and easy online invoices.


  • Manage multiple businesses
  • Quickly import, export, print and sync
  • Create and manage your own custom settings
  • Manage multiple payment options
  • Precise insights & reporting capabilities


Online invoicing makes good business sense and with Moon Invoice it sounds even more intelligent.


Clients expectation never ends. Hence, at such short notice, Moon Invoice app can come handy with its multi-purpose features and functionality to efficiently eliminate any delays or barriers in sending online invoice. Moreover, it’s seamless payment ope rationality builds trust amongst clients to use the services again and again.


With online invoicing from Moon Invoice, you are guaranteed to subtract payment related issues and enhance invoicing solution.