We have arrived in a dystopian future where our perspectives and idea of quality is shifting from the ever classic brand names we preferred before. With the rising demand for quality products at an affordable price, the general public is slowly inclining more towards lesser-known names. Post the COVID pandemic, things are gradually changing for businesses worldwide

Small businesses that prefer quality over mass production are being chosen and tried over conglomerate based brand names by a vast majority of the population worldwide. This sudden shift of focus has opened small businesses to a chance to achieve huge success.

With the growing market demand for the rise of smaller businesses, the operational methodology and techniques are also needed to be changed. Gone are the days when a single person could multitask and handle everything together. Now, you need to operate online. The first thing to do in such a scenario is creating virtual subdivisions (sometimes, just mentally).

Subdividing the business for better Process flow

As a business grows, the demand for production and distribution is bound to change too. This means it’s time for an influx of manpower, resource, and raw product. Maintaining the same level of quality in the end product is not possible unless there is a systematic chain of control.

  1. Finance – A steady inflow of cash is important to run a business smoothly. Additionally, the expenditures, payments, loans, profits, and taxes should also be documented in a very detailed and precise manner, which is why a separate financial branch is needed.Financial estimate of business - Moon Invoice
  2. PR – Publicity and public relation can help in garnering more attention along with bringing in new clients. Media, excellent customer reviews, social media presence, etc. are some of the approaches that PR does to generate more revenue.
  3. Research and quality – every day a new competitor is bound to come up with a superior quality replacement. After all, everyone wants to stay relevant in the industry. R&D is a branch that helps in adding innovation to the product constantly and maintaining a steady rise in quality.
  4. HR and Client Management – recruitment of skilled professionals and trainees is needed to ensure the smooth operation of a growing business. In fact, incorporating one of the best estimate and invoice software into the digital record helps in handling the payments and quotes in a smoother manner.Best Invoice app & Client Management Software - Moon Invoice
  5. Storage and Distribution – Proper and hygienic storage along with Timely delivery of products is not an easy or one-man task. The packaging, distribution, and transportation require careful planning and implementation which is why introducing another branch to the growing business is essential.

Dividing responsibilities among an experienced batch of employees along with the recruitment of fresh trainees ensures that the operation is in a running state without any delay or hindrance.

Client interaction and monetary transactions – The game-changer for small businesses

No business can run in a smooth manner unless it has a steady inflow of funds and client base. So, it is no surprise that both these pointers are interrelated to one another. Communicating with clients is a constant demand.

From quote estimates to generate an invoice for payments, there is a massive need for a systematic exchange that needs to be documented constantly. While the paper trail has been the age-old reliable system, digitization and cashless operation have become the next-gen hassle-free modification most small businesses are opting for.

Online project estimation software is being used to generate quotes automatically while online invoicing software is used to automatically send out payment reminders and details are sent out to clients on specified pre-determined dates

Email communications aside, WhatsApp has become a major choice of communication for discussing estimates, quotes and invoices because of its automated cloud storage facility.

How can WhatsApp benefit a small business?

Digitalization has made documentation easier than before. The inclusion of software to create estimates, invoices and quotes has improved the accuracy in delivering the exact financial statements with proper and detailed monetary breakdowns.

Almost all the best estimate and invoice software have an option of sharing the details of all the activities via WhatsApp. Since WhatsApp is the most functional and used social media platform instead of email, all the details are delivered within seconds of being documented for the clients to check and revert faster.

The option of being notified whenever the invoice and other attachments are opened by the client gives an extra confirmation of the files being received and checked. It requires a simple click and all just get done immediately without any delay or failure.

Sending estimates and invoices via Whatsapp – A simple step by step guide

Most of the advanced estimate and invoice software uses the cutting edge OCR technology to integrate the data and numerical into the records. This makes the entire process of documenting all the financial transactions very articulate, detailed and precise to even the smallest of fractional alterations.

The generic process followed by all the software is primarily the same:

  • Once the data is structured and finalized, it is saved in the predetermined slot or file or section of the digital folder
  • Cloud storage and backups are generally automated in most of such software apps to prevent the loss of any data to viruses or any corrupted encryptions.
  • One can either choose to click on the save and share option available on the screen or directly go to the settings section and choose the share icon to transfer via WhatsApp.
  • These files are generally shared in commonly used formats like Doc files, pdf, excel sheets or images.
  • Some online project estimation software and invoice software have security key encryption enabled to add an extra layer of safety and prevent the files from being seen by unwanted third parties.

Safe and perfect, this is one of the most efficient customer interaction and exchange strategies that’s effective and least time and effort consuming. Most advanced software are also including instant payment gateways in their application to make the transaction process also much easier than before.

A boon to the small business ventures, clubbing the sharing on WhatsApp option with the charting and recording of quotes, estimates and invoices has made the financial transaction easy and hassle-free today.