As per SalesForce 2019 reports, the world has 90% of the small and medium scale businesses; we call SMEs. These SMEs are responsible for creating a massive percentage of jobs in the world. Imagine how busy the small companies are as they are working hard to enter the ‘high scale group.’ One common need for all these small businesses is online billing software.

Factors that drive small businesses to succeed

Various factors drive small businesses to succeed, and one of the significant factors is ‘sales.’ An attractive figure of sales always helps the organization grow. For managing sales or, in other words, for sales management, a small business requires the best accounting software for businesses.

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Here is an infographic from National Business Capital & Services, revealing 23% of small business owners consider sales to be the most essential role in company success.

Factors that drive small businesses to succeed with using Online Billing Software - Moon Invoice

Types of Small Businesses

There are various types of small businesses existing globally, and each of them has many successful driving factors, including sales and customer service. All of these businesses fall under the SME category:

  • Education Institutes
  • Training & Fitness Institutes
  • Digital Marketing Agencies
  • Information & Technology Firm
  • Hospitality
  • Clinic and Hospitals
  • Non-Profit Organizations
  • Financial Institutions

What is your Industry type?

Every industry type mentioned above expects a customer-centric online billing software such as accounting software education industries, accounting software for digital marketing agencies, accounting software for healthcare industries, etc. And it is quite vital to have industry-specific software to manage microelements of billing and invoicing.

Accounting software for digital marketing agencies

Currently, digital marketing agencies have great demand in the world. Be it the USA, UK, or India, and all the clients want to get the most out of their business after getting the right digital marketing tactics and tricks.

It may look simple that the digital marketing agencies need to send a monthly invoice to their customers for paying them for the services provided. But in real-time, it is quite tedious and hectic. One digital marketing agency needs to manage their clients’ incoming payments, employee salary, freelancing fees, office expenses, software payments, and much more.

To manage the firm’s internal and external payments, it is highly recommended for the digital marketing firm to invest in the best accounting software for businesses like Moon invoice.

Our business accounting software for digital marketing agencies have the following elements:

  • Complete cash management
  • Time management & Time-tracking
  • Automated bill processes
  • AP and AR management
  • Global clientele management
  • Recurring bill management
  • Proficient invoicing process
  • Multi-lingual support
  • Multi-currency support
  • Cost document management
  • Custom workflow management

The best requirement for any business is to enjoy customization. Moon Invoice allows digital marketing agencies to customize their bills according to their need. Above all, our online billing software is embedded with three layer security to keep your data 100% safe and confidential.

Accounting software for education industries

Education institutes have many sub-categories, including schools, colleges, coaching centers, virtual teaching centers, playgroup centers, self-training and development centers, etc. The education institutes have massive accounting stuff to manage daily, including the student fees, staff salary, maintenance fee, stationary expenses, software fees, and much more.

The education industry is one of the growing industries. It is one of the sectors that shall keep expanding in the future as people will never cease to be educated. The industry has a wide scope. If you are about to launch your education institute or organization, you need to have complete control over your enterprise’s financial projection. For the same, you require efficient online billing software.

Moon Invoice accounting software for education industries is customized as per the coaching and education institute requirements. Be it timely payment, time tracking of the teachers, or expense management, everything is easy and quick with our online billing software.

Our business accounting software for education industries have the following elements:

  • Task management
  • Customized invoice templates
  • Cash flow management
  • Automated payment reminders
  • Complete payment management
  • Financial reports
  • Tax management
  • Financial projections
  • Important documentation
  • Multi-lingual support
  • Multi-currency support
  • 3-layered software security

Accounting software for healthcare industries

Healthcare and pharma is a wide industry segment. It has many internal management affairs, especially to be handled for the invoicing and accounting part. By investing in the best accounting software for healthcare industries, hospitals, clinics, on-demand healthcare businesses, and multi-chain pharma stores will get better insights and financial projections.

Our business accounting software for healthcare industries have the following elements:

  • Payment management
  • Invoice management
  • Invoice automation
  • Patient management
  • Expense management
  • Track of medical expenses
  • Payment reminders
  • CRM integration
  • Customer experience management
  • Late fee management

If you are soon launching a healthcare startup or having issues with your existing healthcare accounting services, you must read about our Moon Invoice healthcare invoicing and estimate software. We help your healthcare industry aim for better revenue system management with our online billing software.

Why Accounting Software for Better Business Management?

There are many reasons why SMEs and MSMEs choose online accounting and billing software to make things easy for the company’s financial management. Incorporating the right accounting software aids with:

Why Accounting Software for Better Business Management - Moon Invoice

  • Up-to-date invoice management
  • Easy invoice tracking
  • Better payment management
  • Sending payment reminders
  • A financial project of the business
  • Financial statements and reports
  • Client and vendor data management

In short, having online accounting software can help your business with a lot of time and effort savings. A single software does a lot of human tasks, thereby hiring few people for managing your business’s account department.

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Moon Invoice provides all-in-one business accounting software for businesses. We have customized templates to offer you invoicing and billing customization while sending invoices to your clientele. Nevertheless, our software has got 3-layered security to keep your business data 100% secure against all the technical threats.

Consult the Moon Invoice business team or visit our website for more details on industry-specific and customer-centric billing and accounting software(s).