Managing finances is a cumbersome and tedious task. Irrespective of the type of organization or the kind of business, accounting takes its toll. Similar is the case with the education sector. When it comes to finances in the school administration, the committee finds it hard to manage it effectively. This is where we recommend using a tool to create invoices online for free.

Where hiring a team or a dedicated accountant costs huge, online accounting tools or the best accounting software for businesses seem to be an ideal solution. Not sure what these are?

Education Industries estimate and invoice software is one that is specifically designed to serve the accounting needs of a school administration. The tool enables the administration to keep an eye on the billing details of the students, the employee expenses, and the overall expenditure.

Finding the best Accounting Software for Businesses wouldn’t be tough as there are tons of choices available. All you need to do is be aware of what you need and then judge the variants depending on the same. To help you out, we here outline the must-have features in a school management system.

Without further ado, let’s see what the features that cloud the best accounting software for businesses or the education sector are, to be precise.

Features of accounting software for schools

Below are the important features to create invoice online free for your schools and educational institutions.

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1. Simplified Interface

The first and the most important thing about accounting software is its ease of use. Considering the fact that the school administration might not be aware of the technicalities of software, it is a must that the same has an intuitive interface that is simple to use. The tool should be designed in a way that guides the user throughout the billing and account management process.

2. Invoice generation

Generating slips or fees is a must within the school administration. Besides the invoices created for any of the school expenditures must be presented professionally. Hence, the need for a tool that allows you to create custom-fit invoices with ease.

That is to say, the online accounting software must give you the ease to raise personalized invoices. Not only that, but it must also provide the facility to share the invoice with the respective person. The ability to edit, modify or delete the generated invoice acts as an onus adding to the flexibility.

3. Send Account Statements

It could be the salary released to the employee or the fees paid by a student, bills raised against purchases, or money paid against invoices, and an online accounting management tool must be such that it allows you to seamlessly share, edit and view account statements. Instead of manually entering the information or sharing it through excel sheets, the tool needs to have an automated generation feature, making things easier and better. In short, the task to create invoice online free becomes a few minutes task.

4. One-click Payment

Creating invoices through the account management software is one feature that you will find in every tool. However, it is only the best accounting software for businesses that offer the ease to make payment through the same. Meaning that the tool has an in-app payment facility which makes it easier for both of the parties to manage their billings.

One-click Payment using Education Industries estimate and invoice software - Moon Invoice

Where one can send invoices, the other can release payments, keeping everything organized and sorted. Look for tools that have more than one payment option available. This ensures flexibility in making payments, without having the need to stick to a single method. Besides, all of this helps you keep track of all the invoices raised and the payment received.

5. Track Expenses

Another exciting feature that is a must for Education Industries estimate and invoice software is the ability to track the end-to-end expenses. From paying tutors to buying essentials for the classrooms, the school management needs to keep track of all the expenses to be sure of their financial status. An accounting management software must allow the administration to keep all of their expenses checked and in line, avoiding overspending.

In addition to the above, keeping an eye on the expenses helps them regulate their overall spending and manage finances like a pro. An efficient tool will help you break down all the expenses giving in-depth insights and information for better understanding.

6. Generate reports

Whether it is about the goods ordered or the items received, the bills raised or the payments released, the online accounting tool for schools should have a system that helps generate detailed reports.

To obtain all of the information on a single page is one of the most important features of accounting software. These reports are extremely helpful, not just in terms of gathering information but also assessing and making predictions for the future.

That is to say, it allows the school administration to keep tabs on the overall activities occurring within for better decision-making.

Generate reports with Best Accounting Software for Businesses - Moon Invoice

7. Mobile compatibility

Cloud synchronization or the mobile compatibility of online tools, though not so important, is expected to be one of the features offered by the online tool. This is probably because it adds to the agility of the enterprise, allowing remote access to data as and when needed.

Tools that are compatible with mobile devices make it easier for the admin to access and retrieve data from anywhere and anytime. This eliminates the dependency on the wired hardware, adding mobility to the same.

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In case you aren’t sure which tool to pick or are confused while making the decision, Moon Invoice is the one that we recommend for the above. As an all-in-one invoicing software, Moon Invoice has all of the listed features. Besides, it is a cloud-native application that is mobile compatible. No matter whether you are a tech expert or a non-technical user, the tool is simple and easy to use. You need not require previous knowledge and can simply work on the tool like a pro.

Our education Industries estimate and invoice software is one-in-a-kind and priced economically. You can opt for the trial version of the accounting software and if it pleases, upgrade the same for uninterrupted usage. Visit our official website to know more.