Every company or organization needs to tighten up the loose ends via effective management and administration in order to maximize the profit and boost the growth in all the business aspects. Moreover, a strong foundation is also required for the stable economic growth. Keeping the track of invoices is one such important task that has to be carried out with utmost concentration and clarity to maintain it.


An invoice or a bill which is a commercial document of proof of purchase or transactions of products and/or services from a seller. It usually includes details of the product, goods quantity, agreed price, date, time & delivery as specified and issued by the vendor to a buyer. The invoice also states the necessary payment terms sometimes solo or mutually agreed upon by both the parties to avoid any misunderstandings and conflict for the smooth trade.


Hence, proper management of record keeping of invoices is must for any organization as a part of the audit report and can act as legal proof of transparency in case if any legal conflict arises with authority. The whole process of invoice processing is very tedious and at times confusing. Since the invoice contains all the details and especially numbers related to the transaction, it becomes quite complicated to manage it on paper which implies more possibilities of errors happening in the process.


Moon Invoice, designed and developed to simplify the invoicing process for small, medium and large businesses. It has highly advanced feature-set, fully automated invoicing processing that helps companies to be more efficient & productive. Invoice processing via Moon Invoice is done with maximum accuracy and removes any such probable errors associated with manual entry as it supports recurring invoices and many such other features. Cloud-based invoicing from Moon Invoice presents amazing solution as you can send and receive invoices anywhere, anytime as long as your smartphone is connected to the internet. It is quite obvious that manually feeding details into invoices may lead up to errors with a busy business schedule. It could also happen while processing tasks such as paid or unpaid invoices or if the payment was made offline. Cloud-based invoicing allows you to automatically input information saving you administrative time and costs.

Cloud based invoicing - Moon Invoice

Moon Invoice is a smart invoicing solution provider which requires no special skills to manage and is therefore very simplistic to operate. Moon Invoice has been upgraded from time to time with latest developed features. Moon Invoice is available as a mobile application that is compatible with various smartphone devices and can be accessed & managed anywhere at any time with ease.


Most of the businesses can benefit from several feature-functions but the most important factor to look for in an invoicing solution with most up-to-date details, including payment status, payment history, and a Pay Now button for accepting payments online. This turns out to be equally important for both vendors and customers as none of them would receive bad credit as the invoice and payment will be transacted without any delay.


The future of e-invoicing includes more aesthetic, holistic and customized services for buyers and suppliers. However, if all the industry players could rise to the obstacles then a universally crafted solution comprising of automated, secure, reliable and cost-effective practices could be established that will strengthen economies throughout the world.


Moon Invoice mobile app is available for iOS, Mac OS X, Android , and Windows. Download our free app today and leave all your invoicing worry with us. There is a 7-day free trial period for you to try before you buy!