For few, the life is surrounding invoices, tasks, more invoices and estimate requests and more tasks. You do get the picture that I am trying to portray here, right?


Well, the point is that with all such paperwork for a day takes which undoubtedly eats up a lot of time but you still couldn’t do much about it. Or can you? Yes, there is a better way.


The solution is online invoicing and cloud accounting apps that could not only bring relief to the business productivity but also contributes a lot to financial tasks, all at one place. Contrary to many beliefs, online invoicing is perfect for small business owners, freelancers, and entrepreneurs.


One great benefit of opting for such online billing or invoicing solutions is that they are very simple to use that you don’t have to be a computer expert in order to accomplish your tasks. There isn’t any tech specification that you need to have or install on your computer as long as you have an active internet connection and browser. Some of them are even available on mobile devices which seems to be well suitable even while you are on the go.

other features - Moon Invoice

You can easily keep a track of invoices, expenses, reports, etc through interactive dashboards and also offers other important information at one place. All of your recent activity is available along with the current data on product inventory, etc. A simple user interface such as clear menu bars listed with defined sections and more useful functionality can also further boost the productivity. Invoices and estimates can be customized to accommodate the task at hand or can even opt to copy a previous invoice. With such invoicing solutions, one can easily keep a record of all business expenses and can straight away invoice clients for the same.


Moon Invoice is one such platform for your business which can provide you with cutting-edge features to not only cut-down manual hours of tasks but also increases productivity and helps to manage professional long lasting clients relations. A successful business is not only built on new clients but also on repeat clientele. Moon Invoice provides simple online accounting solutions suitable for every segment of business owners. Seamlessly provide estimates, set up recurring invoices and create new tasks.


The best part is that one can even change any title in the application and customize to suit the personal need of the business. This works great for SMBs, corporates, institutions, entrepreneurs, startups, solopreneurs, freelancers and for everyone. Say for e.g, lawyers can change the task to “case”; caterer can change to “event”, artist to “Portfolio”, etc. You could even add your logo, multiple companies, and many more features to keep your business’s invoicing/billing process optimized. Easily sync to import your client list from your existing accounting software or even from your address book.


Another great support from the app is to have all your data safe and secure in the cloud storage account which can be easily synced to make your business operations smoother. All of your accounting reports such as profit & loss statements, expense reports, payment collected reports can be accessed in no time and this feature is of even more helpful if you are working on projects.

When it comes to payment that whether clients or customers are conveniently able to pay for invoices online, Moon Invoice is not left behind. Moon Invoice is offering its intelligence services to customers to use it to get paid within minutes and also lets you peek into some of the other marvelous payment, notifications, and time-tracking related features.


Following are the immediate ways a business can get benefited from Moon Invoice and could possibly avoid a financial backlog.


  • Schedule invoicing
  • Direct invoicing
  • Invoice any time, anywhere
  • Organized invoicing system
  • Ease cash flow management
  • Manage multiple businesses
  • Quickly import, export, print, and sync
  • Create and manage your own custom settings
  • Manage multiple payment options and many more…

All this might sound expensive, but in reality, it is not. The online invoicing solution from Moon Invoices comes with a 7 days free trial period to give you a first-hand operational experience and functionality feel of the app. So, we do not see any reasons for you to hold back from giving this much-awaited momentum to your business.