There would be many businesses who might be barely surviving on paper-based invoicing as it is time-consuming while today’s world needs everything at the speed of light may it be product, service or solution. However, there seems to a change in this pattern as many of them are now adapting to instant invoicing and billing services. Paper-based invoicing is tedious as well as costly and not eco-friendly.


The online invoicing app makes it easier to quickly be done with invoicing and moreover also present many other solutions such as payment, time tracking, expense tracking, quickly convert your estimates into invoices, purchase order, reports, sync, print, etc.


Following are the few reasons we have tapped for you to know why it is important to quit paper-based invoicing in this day and age.


A general understanding has suggested that paper-based invoice could cost a business nearly $15 to $30 to complete it. Additionally, it also takes time to create, process and sends it to the recipient. Some of the core reasons are as followed:


  • the cost that comes with preparation and printing of paper invoices
  • the cost associated with storing and archiving
  • stamp, postage and shipping fees
  • linked to the payment options which incur additional fees or charges
  • bills getting lost or not delivered and loss of time & money for the same


How To Shift To Online Invoices:


The decision to shift to an online invoice maker should be on the priority list for a business or company owner. However, it is also important for them to make an informed choice of any small business billing app which can integrate well with their current process as well as accounting software. As we have discussed above few of the features like invoicing, estimates, payments, etc are supposed to kept in mind while making a choice. However, you need all-in-one invoicing solution provider to suit every kind of your business requirement and which can perfectly integrate with business operation and process.


With regards to the following characteristics-cum-features, you can make an informed decision of shifting to the online invoicing system:


Simple & Easy: Is the new platform easy to use? In what ways my current business will be affected when moving to an online invoicing service?


Cost: What is the cost associated with regards to shifting or setting-up the best invoice app for my business?


Payments: Does the system provide multiple payment methods for customer and vendor convenience?


Tracking: Does the small business billing app allow you to track the status of sent invoices and provides notifications when invoices are delivered to the client?


Client Management: Does the professional invoice service provide you to easily manage clients, customer or vendors?


Reporting: Does the invoice generator provides you with a summary and overview of invoices and also does it prompt you for recurring invoice and payment reminder for the due invoices?

Reporting - Moon Invoice

Integration: Does the invoice estimate app gels perfectly well with my existing billing and accounting system or with the business process and operation?


Data Migration: Does the system allow invoice details to be imported/exported to a spreadsheet or excel and also can you send it to print?


Wrapping Up:


You need to look for an invoicing solution that suits your personal or business needs. You will need something satisfying on the service aspect as well as device compatibility and even pocket-friendly. In such scenario rely on a trustworthy name such as ‘Moon Invoice’. Moon Invoice takes cares of your all kind of invoicing needs may it be large or small.


Moon Invoice not only performs essential and mandatory features such as managing invoices, purchase order, credit notes, payment but also puts on an add-on-value with other features like add multiple businesses, manage customers & vendors, manage products & tasks and many more. In short, you’ll need to opt for an online invoicing platform that provides end-to-end services.