Operating an agency without any time tracking software is not an ideal situation. Many companies’ entire profitability is based on the total number of hours billed to the clients or customers. In order to attain this, employees need to keep an accurate time track of each task belonging to their ongoing project. Some agencies also do not believe in time tracking due to the following reasons:


  • Time tracking is not a part of their working culture
  • Due to less number of employees working on a project
  • Time tracking? Huh!! What for? What’s the use of it?


Well, we have listed a few of the benefits of using an online invoicing application that can help you to leverage in time tracking for agencies:


1. Clear Operation Visibility


Time tracking brings transparency in the business operation and process. It allows managers and management to keep an eye on the current development of the overall project as well as on the team members productivity. It could also pinpoint the non-performing process of the agency so as to optimize it.


2. Improve Quotes & Estimates


Providing accurate quotes for the work will land you in perfect harmony with your customers to continue a long lasting business relationship. By generating proper record time for each task, you will be able to create accurate quotes and estimates.

Improve-Quotes-&-Estimates - Moon Invoice

3. Correct Billing For Clients


It wouldn’t be hard for employees to give you a rough amount of time that they have spent on a particular project, however, an accurate is much more needed in order to provide correct billing to the clients. Calculating exact time logs for the time you spent on a task will help you to get paid for every billable minute documented.


4. Be Updated With Project Status


Manually keeping a note will be hard to keep as several employees working on multiple projects at a time. When you use a time tracking tool, your job becomes easier to check the status of all tasks at a glance. With the best invoice estimate app, you can even narrow it down to a specific task or job or department in your agency.


5. Reporting Accurate Hours


Keeping a track of accurate time logs is necessary for your agency for correct reporting and compliance purposes. This can be a tedious thing to do for every week, month so on and so forth. Hence, a free invoice generator can help you to pull up time tracking report for your desired period of any given project or task.


6. Rewarding Time Tracking


Many employees think that tracking each time log of their activity for the project or task will land them in trouble however, the other way round is true. Not only it helps managers to keep a track time to ensure whether the project was finished under the specific timeline but also helps in recognizing the potential in an employee who finished his or her tasks quite early than the required allocated time. Hence, rewarding or incentives can be offered for the same.


7. Look Professional - Moon Invoice


Agencies usually get clients requests every now and then asking about the project status for which any regular agency depends either upon manual time tracking or not so modernly equipped tools which result in discrepancy at the end. Using the best small business billing app you can avoid this conundrum and present accurate time tracking status to your clients for the project or task.



Concluding Note:


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