Well, the service industry has grown exceptionally well in the recent past. All the industries like, Hospitality, Healthcare, Photography, Designers, etc., are doing well and expanding. And no matter what service you operate in, you always need a better accounting system and process to manage billing and finance. There are software(s) available for specific industries like accounting software for Photographers, Designers, Freelancers, etc.

The primary goal of utilizing software like designer’s accounting software is to make business owner’s lives simpler by saving time and resources while still providing more profound insights. 

The only issue is that there are several accounting software solutions available, many of which claim to be able to do just what you require. There are specialized software(s) like hospitality estimate and invoice software with all the built-in features, and then there are general online accounting software available in the market.

Some small business owners outsource or hire virtual assistants to assist with finance. Still, other ways enable you to hold it in-house, like accounting software for photographers, Freelancers, Designers, and many more industries.

Global Accounting Software Market Size - Moon Invoice

Global Accounting software data – market size globally (Source – FB Insights Report)

The global accounting software industry, which was having a value of USD 11,071.6 million in 2018, is estimated to be worth USD 20,408.0 million by the completion of 2026, reflecting an 8.02 percent CAGR according to Fortune Market Insights report and analysis.

Top seven easy and affordable service industry accounting software

So, accounting software is better for specialist service companies and small businesses and selects multiple options. We will serve our top seven picks in accounting software for healthcare industries, Designers, Hospitality, etc.

1. FreshBooks

FreshBooks is emerging as a top accounting software tool, appearing 17 times out of 20. It is perfect for technical service companies and other small companies. It is a low-cost, online-only approach that excels at traditional bookkeeping and invoicing and is ideal for smaller businesses and independent contractors. It can be used as hospitality estimate and invoice software or designers accounting software as well.

Invoice and Accounting Software for Small Businesses - FreshBooksFreshBooks began as a simple online invoicing service. It soon expanded to provide functionality such as financial reports, cost and time monitoring, and an exciting family of advanced add-ons that broaden its utility. FreshBooks has introduced numerous minor updates over the years that have increased its capabilities while maintaining its versatility and ease of use.


2. Moon Invoice

Moon Invoice is a leading contender when it comes to delivering a fast, all-in-one payment solution.

Best Online Billing Software for Enterprises - Moon Invoice


This online accounting software has been providing efficient payment options to its customers since the invoicing period began. It fits incredibly well for all, from small business owners to every service industry, since it is the best fit for their requirements. It may be used as accounting software for healthcare industries by a hospital or individual doctor.

Its simplified tax configuration helps you keep track of your GST value, and it is developed and retained by the government’s recent tax reforms.

Moon Invoice will submit automated payment reminders, monitor expenditures in real-time, and support multiple languages. This online accounting software will be ideal for contractors.

3. QuickBooks

QuickBooks is one of the most preferred billing and accounting software for the small business and service industry. It is well-liked by consumers due to its abundance of functionality, and the interface provided by the company is user-friendly.

QuickBooks Online - Moon Invoice

It is a user-friendly, feature-rich accounting framework that will meet most small and medium-sized firms’ needs. We choose QuickBooks online as our top alternative for small businesses based on a variety of criteria. 

This accounting software for photographers and other service industries allows you to create outstanding professional invoices, authorize transfers, monitor expenses, and keep an eye on your working capital. 

QuickBooks is an excellent Hospitality estimate and invoice software. It removes the need to create financial statements from scratch by using the software’s built-in files, including trial balance, general ledger, and 1099 account overview reports for tax purposes.

4. Wave

A Wave is a cloud-based platform with many of the resources that a company has to maintain track of its profits and expenditures. Wave immediately pulls all account transfers when you add your business bank account—a blessing in the true sense for the service industry.

Wave - Moon Invoice

Choose a billing or invoicing partner, and you’ll have in-depth information on cash or money moving in and out from the company.

If you are running any service on a small scale and gradually expanding – Wave is the go-through option. You can operate it as a designers accounting software or online accounting software for freelancers.

5. Zoho Books

Zoho is an impressive and very versatile accounting platform that competes with the market’s biggest competitors. It works best when used as hospitality estimate and invoice software or accounting software for healthcare industries.

Zoho Accounting software - Moon Invoice


It is suitable for freelancers due to its expense monitoring, invoicing, forecasting, time tracking, and bill payment functionality. Unfortunately, it does not currently support payroll and does not connect with third-party payroll software or providers.

6. Xero

Xero is cloud-based accounting software that allows invoicing, sales orders, reconciliations, inventory reporting, and other functions. Its accounting software for small to medium-sized enterprises (SMBs), including all the service industries.

 Xero - Moon Invoice


Its wealth of functionality and its elegant and intuitive user interface has made it quite successful with most users. Xero provides mobile applications for Android and iPhone/iPad in addition to browser support.

7. Harvest

Harvest includes time monitoring as a standard function, with online invoicing as an optional extra. This online software is appropriate for small businesses or self-employed individuals who may not want a complex platform at first.  Use it as accounting software for Photographers, Freelancers, Designers, etc.

Harvest - Easy Time Tracking Software With Invoicing - Moon Invoice



Harvest is a seamless interface that enables users to build invoices efficiently and conveniently. Harvest also facilitates data uploading to Excel, a valuable function for anybody who has to manage monthly invoicing.

Bottom Line

If you are a small business or a service industry, we have provided you with the top seven online accounting software options. Accounting software for Photographers, accounting software for HealthCare industries are just multiple names given to the online software.

The only approach to determine which solution is best for you is to consider what you want from the app. Don’t buy something that isn’t essential for your company. And to do so, go with your specifications and request a service presentation.

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