Before you start reading about healthcare industries accounting software or any other accounting software – Let’s begin our discussions with statistical facts.

Market Size of Accounting Software Globally - Moon InvoiceAccounting software market size (Source – A report of FB Insight)

A report from FB insights, global accounting software will reach 20,408 million USD by the year 2026, which was 11,071 million USD in 2018. 

Many service industries are suffering from the corona epidemic outbreak. But Accounting software is a less dynamic market than other software groups on whose pandemic has more severely impacted business activities’ pervasiveness. Even cloud accounting software for non-profit businesses is in demand.

Top 10 accounting software for the service industry in 2021

Many service industries have seen remarkable growth in the recent past. All sectors, such as hospitality, healthcare, photography, and design, are doing well and expanding. Regardless of the service you have, you would still need a better accounting structure and mechanism to handle billing and financing. We are talking about online accounting software for freelancers, healthcare industries accounting software, and many more.

Healthcare and medical facility service industry is touching a new rise. No matter the scale of your business, consider deploying a healthcare industry accounting software if you are in this industry.

Online billing software, on the other hand, is better for specialized service providers and small enterprises since it allows them to choose from a variety of choices. We will serve our top ten accounting tech picks for healthcare Industries, designers, hospitality, and so on.

1. QuickBooks

QuickBooks Online - Moon Invoice

QuickBooks is a popular billing software for small businesses and the service sector. It is well-liked by users thanks to its variety of features, and the company’s architecture is user-friendly.

This healthcare industry accounting software and other service industries enable you to generate unpaid skilled invoices, permit transfers, monitor expenditures, and maintain track of your working capital.

QuickBooks is an outstanding calculation and invoice app for Health care and non-profit businesses. 

2. Moon Invoice

Best Online Billing Software for Enterprises - Moon Invoice

Moon Invoice is a powerful competitor when it comes to delivering a fast, exclusive payment solution.

This online accounting software has provided its consumers with efficient payment solutions from the beginning of the invoicing cycle. It is the perfect fit for all, from small business owners to every service sector, and it is the best fit for their needs. A hospital or individual doctor can use it as healthcare industries accounting software.

Its streamlined tax configuration assists you in keeping track of your GST worth, and it was created and is still in use as a result of the government’s recent tax reforms.

Moon Invoice will deliver automated payment reminders, monitor expenditures in real-time, and support multiple languages. Contractors would benefit significantly from this software.

3. FreshBooks

Invoice and Accounting Software for Small Businesses - FreshBooksFreshBooks is quickly establishing itself as a top accounting software platform, featuring 17 times out of 20. It is ideal for professional support firms and other small businesses. 

FreshBooks started as a straightforward online invoicing program. It quickly grew to provide features such as financial reports, cost and time tracking, and a thrilling family of advanced add-ons that extend its usefulness. 

It’s a low-cost, online-only solution that excels at conventional bookkeeping and invoicing and is suitable for small companies and independent contractors. You can use it as Healthcare industries accounting software or cloud accounting software for Non-Profit Businesses.

4. Wave

Wave - Moon Invoice

A Wave is a cloud-based platform that includes many of the resources a company has to manage its sales and expenditures. When you add your corporate bank account, Wave immediately pulls all account transfers, which is a massive help for the service industry.

Wave is the go-through solution if you are operating some service on a limited scale and eventually expanding. It may be used as cloud accounting software for non-profit businesses or as Healthcare industries accounting software.

5. Xero

Xero Billing & accounting Software

Xero is a cloud-based accounting program, allowing for invoicing, sales requests, reconciliations, inventory management, and other features. It provides accounting services for small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs), covering all service sectors.

Its richness of features and its sleek and simple user interface has made it quite popular with most users. In addition to browser apps, Xero offers smartphone software for Android and iPhone/iPad.

6. Harvest

Harvest - Easy Time Tracking Software With Invoicing - Moon Invoice

Harvest provides time tracking as a regular function, with online invoicing included as an optional bonus. This online accounting software is suitable for small companies or self-employed individuals that do not need a robust infrastructure at the outset. 

Harvest is a user-friendly platform that allows users to create invoices quickly and easily. Harvest often makes data uploading to Excel easier and is a helpful feature for someone who needs to handle monthly invoicing. 

If you need an accounting solution, this can be the perfect pick as healthcare industries accounting software.

7. Zoho Books

Zoho Accounting software - Moon Invoice

Zoho is a powerful and scalable accounting tool that competes with the market’s top players. It is most effective when used as cloud accounting software for non-profit businesses or accounting software for the Healthcare industry.

It is ideal for freelancers because of its cost tracking, invoicing, forecasting, time tracking, and bill payment features. Unfortunately, it does not help payroll and does not communicate with third-party payroll applications or suppliers.

8. Sage Business Cloud Accounting

Accounting and Financial Management Software - Sage Intact

Sage business cloud accounting is a robust small business cloud-based accounting platform with extensive financial resources and customizable choices. Its integration with Microsoft 365 is a hybrid solution: a local, hard-drive-based program that can exchange data with productivity apps through the cloud.

So, your search for cloud accounting software for non-profit businesses ends here.

9. Invoice Ninja

Invoice Ninja

Invoice Ninja is an open-source program that helps you to create invoices and also get reimbursement for them. It allows freelancers to send unlimited invoices to an unlimited number of clients, offers four versions, and allows you to invoice and collect payments online.

It allows auto-billing and frequent invoices and sends updates when invoices are issued, viewed, or paid. It connects with over 45 payment gateways.

10. Invoicera


Invoicera is another online invoicing software for the service industry that tracks time and project costs. The rest is cloud-based, ensuring you can use it from your smart device when you’re out and about. The app’s setup is easy, but it has many options that enable you to cover almost every billing area other than personal accounting.

While Invoicera does not have as many layouts as some other providers, the templates that are accessible are entirely customizable.

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Here are the ten exclusive online accounting software that you can use as Healthcare industries accounting software, cloud accounting software for non-profit businesses.

The only other way to determine which solution is best for you is to consider what you want from the app. Don’t buy something that isn’t necessary for your company. And to do that, include the requirements and submit a service presentation.

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