2021 talks about the startup culture.

For sure, we see many startups launching every day in various industry fields. 

Startups vary in different sizes. Some startups are small-scaled, whereas some are medium-scaled, considering the investment size and employee strength. 

But all the startups require prompt accounting and billing systems for improving the entire revenue system to manage accounting with automated systems. If you are thinking of getting it done without online billing software, consider it impossible. For sure, you need the best bookkeeping system for managing small business finance

The best accounting software for small businesses like Moon Invoice is designed to improve your startup or SME’s base. Let’s understand how!

The Daily Life Of A Startup Owner!

The daily life of a startup CEO is quite tricky yet interesting. From waking up early in the morning to having a healthy breakfast and early lunch, the CEO’s mind is always into revenue generation ideas. As a CEO, the primary responsibility is to serve the customers better by having them longer or repeatedly on board. For the same, a few things are required. 

Does your startup offer a work-life balance?

Balance is one of the essential elements that is required for keeping the startup going smoothly. For sure, balance is a profound word connecting to various aspects of the organization-, but I am precisely talking about the employees’ work-life balance 

Generally, startup employees are involved in long-duration working hours compared to their salaries. But this can help the startups only for a shorter period. Soon an employee will be bored working longer and shall choose to opt for a better organization considering startups as a disaster for their career. The scenario is quite common in the billing and accounting departments of various startups across the globe.



The above image stats quite an exciting thought that relates both startups, and the work-life balance thought. Let’s talk about the accounting and billing department of your startup that requires a keen concern. 

Have you got an online billing software that helps with an overview of accounting as well as taxation? 

Have you invested in a paid or free billing software for business? 

But before that, how much do you know about accounting as a startup owner?

What does your billing and accounting department do?

For understanding the future aspects of your business, you need to set up a financial language. Accounting is the financial language of your company. It drives you to a clear picture of your business finances, including accounts receivable and accounts payable. For managing the billing and accounting accurately, your business requires an accounting team. A team can either take the help of online billing software for managing accounts or perform them manually.

Does billing software help?

Nice question! Many customers who download the best accounting software for small businesses often ask if it is valuable or just a trend. Well, for sure, it is a trend that retails, and restaurants use POS billing software, whereas organizations or startups often invest in a paid or free billing software for business. 

Let’s move ahead with the tips to manage your finances efficiently.

The Exclusive 7 Accounting Tips for Startups 

As a smart startup, you require the best bookkeeping system for managing small business finance. But that’s not where the story ends. Specific tips help you to use your accounting software efficiently. So, now- let’s talk about it before you download a free software for your business billing.

1. Know the Accounting Basics

Every country follows different patterns of accounts and taxes. Hence, depending on the country you belong to, it is essential to get accounting basics. If you know the basics, you can manage to perform smart accounting.

Know the Accounting Basics

Knowing the basics also means knowing the law. As said earlier, each country has a different accounting pattern relating to elements like law and taxation. Again, under each business segment, different laws are applied.  

For example, the retail business owner will follow different accounting laws than the digital marketing startup. Hence, concerning your business segment, you need to understand the basics of accounting standards. 

2. Keep an eye on the expenses 

Expenses are one of the significant financial aspects, which need to be controlled. For startups that need to be successful, it is vital to take care of the expenses from the very beginning.  The ratio of expenses vs. income needs to be maintained wisely to help your firm get a long-term future. 

The best accounting software for small businesses helps startups to keep an eye on expenses. Wondering how?

Let me explain.

The accounting and billing software has a feature called ‘expenses.’ Here, the firm’s expenses are mentioned or described by the accountant in the accounting software. Hence, all the expenses are recorded, which can be inspected at the end of the month by the firm’s manager or owner. Be it any online accounting software for free, your firm’s expenses can be watched and controlled

Hence, we can sum up the thought that startups need accounting software with expenses to keep it running longer. After all, expenses must be controlled for having a good income on hand. 

3. Invest in cloud accounting software with invoicing 

Does your startup need cloud online billing software? 

Well, yes!

Cloud billing and accounting software help to save all the business data on the cloud. It means that one can operate the data from anywhere, anytime. There is no bothering about the data being deleted from the system as everything is secured and stored on the cloud. All you need to do is enter the right credentials for accessing the data. 

So, startups like you must invest in paid or free online billing software for business that helps you with cloud sync features. When you can easily access your business data during the meeting from anywhere, it eliminates carrying the various business files. It helps you go on a holiday with your laptop or smartphone having all the business details. Isn’t that wonderful?

In a nutshell, having the best accounting software for small businesses that helps with cloud sync is the need of the hour. It delivers data security with the convenience of managing records from anywhere in the world. 

Would you like to Manage a Better Revenue Ecosystem?

4. Manage accounting software, utilize the features

Many startups invest in the best online billing software for their business growth. But then they don’t utilize the software entirely. Later, these startups complain about their software not being so beneficial for the company. 

Well, this is not the correct feedback. 

In my opinion, startups need to educate their accountants on having the software training for ultimately acknowledging the various features. How can a manager review a paid or free online billing software for business without utilizing or checking the features embedded in the app/software? Indeed, you need to invest time in learning the app or software for managing your startup well. 

Let’s take the example of Moon Invoice, the best bookkeeping system for managing small business finance. Moon Invoice online billing software has got unique features for helping startups like you to manage accounting with automated systems. The best accounting software for small businesses helps with the following elements:

  • Invoice management
  • Expense recording
  • Estimate creation
  • Payment management
  • Time tracking
  • Data sync on cloud
  • Reports and insights 

All these modules need to be learned thoroughly to help your business take advantage of them. Hence, the startup needs to utilize the features of their paid or free billing software for businesses. 

5. Send timely payment reminders 

Just like any other financial element, payment management is also a crucial part of business accounting. Invoices are sent to the clients for receiving payments, but the invoices are not paid on time in many cases. There needs to be an online billing software that helps with payment reminder options after sending invoices. 

Send timely payment reminders

Moon Invoice billing software helps you with the payment reminder options. Using the software, your accountant can create a proforma invoice, commercial or final invoice, recurring invoice by automatically setting up the payment method in the invoice. Hence, clients can click on the payment link to send payments. Nevertheless, the invoices that the clients do not pay are supported with automatic payment reminder alerts


Startups have a lot of expenses to be managed. In this crucial time, it is essential to have good cash on hand. For having cash on hand, your clients need to pay you on time. Businesses that are running for years enjoy a reasonable payment credit limit from their vendors. But what about the new startups or firms? Newly launched startups don’t get extended payment credit limits from their vendors. It is vital to have timely payments from the customers to manage the vendor payments on time. It helps in maintaining good credit in front of the clients or vendors. 

6. Don’t forget to add the tax details 

Taxation is a sensitive financial element. One cannot manage the business finances without a taxation summary. Also, depending on the business type, the taxes are handled differently. An online billing software like Moon Invoice can prove as a boon for your startup. You can manage invoices with tax summaries by entering the correct tax slabs under the client name. 

Also, you can download essential tax reports such as sales tax reports at the end of the month or quarter for keeping a close watch on your business taxes. If your startup manages the property tax details of your firm from scratch, it will have a solid financial base. Hence, for startups that need to succeed quickly, it is essential to have accounting software that helps with tax management.

7. Download business reports and analyze it 

How will you measure your startup’s success or failure? Well, you need to analyze the various aspects of your startups with a profit and loss sheet. Manually keeping track of all your business records becomes difficult. But if you have invested in the best accounting software for small businesses, you can get a hold of all the business reports at once. 

Business Analytics

Moon Invoice, free billing software for business, allows startups and SMEs to download various business reports, including purchase reports, sales reports, tax reports, accounts receivable and payable reports, etc., in one go. In short, you can keep a check on your business finances and performance with the reports and insights that is automatically managed by the online billing software. 

Hence, if your startup has got a paid or free billing software for business with reporting features- you can keep your team updated on various aspects.

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We have talked about the smart startup accounting tips to manage your finances efficiently. Online accounting software for free or paid versions must be downloaded to check whether your startup gets any benefits after utilizing it in daily accounting needs. 

Moon Invoice, free software for your business billing, is available for both free trial and premium versions. If you wish to take a quick trial of our accounting software, you can have it for free for 7 days. For more information, you can log on to our official website or can write us your queries on support@mooninvoice.com