Each year, some trends take a back seat while others drive the market or industry. 2021 is no exception. The market experts have made predictions about those trends and knowing them is crucial for any business as it helps businesses to remain relevant.

As far as customer experience trends and stats are concerns, we are here to help you. We jotted down the most impressive and driven trends that will be in news in 2021 and make a huge impact. Scroll down to know about them.

Before anything, let’s know why buyer experience matters. Customer experience is one of the most important KPI that any business can ever measure as it demonstrates customers’ loyalty towards brands and satisfaction.

Ignorance at this aspect can lead to a dip in the number of regular customers and the fixed revenue that used to come from them. Businesses that pay attention to user experience and make efforts to improve it are likely to have great market penetration and stability.

Trends & Stats That Will Make Waves in 2021

Below are the top 7 customer experience trends that shall rule the world for 2021 and beyond. Let’s have a detailed idea on the same.

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1. Poor customer service is the key reason behind $1.6 trillion lost each year

Not paying attention to buyer experience will always lead to a loss. Each year, the revenue of $1.6 trillion worth is lost each year by American businesses only. The whole world scenario would be scarier. This explains making efforts toward customer retention is wiser than customer acquisition.

2. Customer Support through Social Media

Stats suggest that around 65% of the customers have connected to a business over social media in the previous holiday season. Out of all, buyers below the age of 25 find it the top way to receive support, in comparison to other channels. This means, having a social media identity and responsible plus quick social media support is very important in present times. Not only will it improve the customer experience, but the brand value as well as sales too.

Customer Support through Social Media - Moon Invoice

3. Digitized Shopper’s experience will be in demand

Everything around is digitized, more or less. Then, why should not the buyer’s experience?

Well, it is going to be perfected in 2021 as more and more businesses understand its worth and have admitted that their marketing efforts are falling short in revenue generation in absence of digital efforts. This trend will be driven by customer service software that is widely available these days. For instance, Moon Invoice. It is an automated invoice and billing software.

It helps businesses to digitize the entire billing system. Customers don’t have to carry a paper-invoice for their purchases. Its automated invoice creation is bliss on this front. Invoices will be generated in a blink of an eye.

Apart from this invoice and billing software, there are many other ways via which buyer experience will be digitized.

Face-to-face customer-business interaction, real-time messaging, and use of service technology by the customer service team are some of the most notable ways by which user experience will be digitized by the businesses.

4. Customers don’t mind spending extra for a good experience

Multiple researchers have established the fact that customers have hearts to spend some extra bucks towards a business that is delivering a better user experience. Once a business or service provider has managed to understand their customers’ needs and deliver a great buyer experience, customers will remain loyal. They won’t think of making a switch to a competitor even when they are offering the same service at a low price.

5. Customers will look for an augmented reality experience

Customers want to know about their experience with the service/product purchased before actually paying for it. This is where augmented reality comes into the picture. Customers love this piece of technology and expect their preferred businesses to incorporate it in their service delivery.

It gives a life-like experience of service delivery before it actually happens and helps customers to realize whether or not they are making a wise customer choice. This trend has a deeper penetration in businesses like clothing stores, furniture stores, interior designing, and many others.

If you own such a business and haven’t incorporated augmented reality then you must go for it today.

6. Mobile experience would be a hit in 2021 as well

When it comes to offering a positive UI experience nothing can beat the mobile user experience as it is quick, easy, and at always customers’ disposal. Customers love businesses that provide free mobile apps. Offering mobile apps is not the only thing that will have a positive impact on business.

It is very important that the app is user-friendly and does the job perfectly. 50% of businesses will stop their commitment towards a business if the app is buggy and it always has some issues.

55% of customers admit that a hassled mobile experience stops them from getting engaged with a business. For instance, they won’t use an automated invoice and billing software whose mobile app can’t print an automated invoice or generate bills offline.

Also, it is very important that the app is secure enough to keep any kind of cyber world vulnerabilities at bay. App with poor security encryption is a big “No” by the customers. Blockchain will bring positive outcomes in customer support for e-commerce businesses.

Mobile experience would be a hit in 2021 as well - Moon Invoice

This technology offers some very fascinating applications that are capable of transparency in payments done by the customers on e-commerce platforms. These apps are a generational ahead of the -recurring payment model that e-commerce platforms are using these days. Their implementation makes the job easy and transparent.

7. 76% of customers anticipate that businesses will pay attention to their needs

Gone those days when companies used to offer a service/product and customers need to pick as per their needs. Now, customers expect businesses to understand their needs and then offer service/customers. Salesforce has conducted a study over it.

While this is a daunting job, it leaves no scope of failure of marketing and customer service strategies. In 2021, customer-centric companies will have a bright future and they will be the first choice of the customers.

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Wrapping up

Customer experience is one thing that every business should be given due importance. This KPI has the power to change the entire growth journey of a business and bring some positive change. Keep these trends in mind and move ahead in 2021.