When you don’t have insight into how your company is doing and where it might improve, it isn’t easy to manage and develop your organization. That is why business reports are critical in evaluating your organization and setting you on the road to success.

How well do you understand the present state of your company’s financials? Are you the kind of company owner that says, “I’ll evaluate it at the end of the year?” According to financial experts, small company owners are advised to find a happy medium between yearly check-ins and obsessive check-ups. When you examine your major accounting reports regularly—which are usually accessible via your online accounting software —you may get the sort of insights that will help you guide your company in the correct direction.

Accurate accounting and the relevant reports from an online invoicing software enable you to make educated business choices and lead your company toward its objectives when you have reliable financial information. Irrespective of how often you review them (weekly, monthly, quarterly, or yearly), the accurate reports may provide you with an overview of your company’s performance and draw attention to areas that need improvement.

And we are not just only talking about the financial report; businesses use time tracking software to track working hours of employees on projects. Further, it is also needed to monitor the time spent behind any one project or time taken by employees to finish a particular task.

But before anything else, let’s start with the understanding of what accounting reports?

Global accounting market projection till 2026

Global accounting market projection till 2026

The FB study indicates that the accounting software industry will increase to $416.23 million, compared with $12.81 million, from $347.31 million in 2020 to $416.23 million in 2014. It covers all sectors, such as hospitality accounting software, designers, legal companies, medical institutions, etc.

A brief on business reports

When it comes to business reports, they are actual papers that educate by summarizing and evaluating certain situations, issues, or facts and then making suggestions to the organization or individual who has requested the document. In most cases, the purpose of these reports is one of the following:

  • To investigate possible and accessible solutions to a situation, issue, or problem that has arisen.
  • To use business and management ideas to provide a variety of improvement recommendations.
  • It is necessary to demonstrate your assessment, reasoning, and analytical abilities in identifying and analyzing potential solutions and results.
  • Having decided on an issue or problem

Keep in mind that you will get various potential answers with business reports rather than a single one. Identifying and weighing the costs and advantages of each option for the company would be your primary responsibility in forming a business report.

Accountants at a company utilize its accounting data to create financial reports, referred to as Accounting Reports. 

In the case of customized reports designed for particular objectives, such as determining the profitability of a product line or the volume of sales by area, reports may be either short or thorough. Accounting reports are the same as financial statements in terms of content. Businesses are now looking to invest in online accounting software, which gives the built-in facility to create reports.

Types of Business reports which you can create with Moon Invoice, which will ease your burden

Even though an online invoicing software likely offers various helpful financial reports, the ones you’ll be reviewing frequently are as follows.

1. Product Inventory Report

An inventory report summarizes how much inventory a company has on hand at any particular moment in the business world. These business reports are a physical or electronic document by online accounting software that contains numbers that indicate products that are now available for sale, inventory that is currently being ordered, and inventory required for internal company usage.

Product Inventory Report

The information included in good inventory reports is up to date and has a high degree of detail. They also include graphics to make it apparent how much of a particular item you have in stock. Inventory reports assist you in avoiding over-ordering inventory or running out of inventory when consumers purchase your goods on your website.

The information mainly determines the importance of inventory reporting it provides merchants into their businesses. The most successful companies in the market are data-driven, and inventory reporting metrics prepared from online invoicing software offer a broad overview of the company and detailed insights into specific areas of the organization.

Keep track of product inventories and availability by utilizing purchase orders and invoices to keep track of everything. When utilizing the financial reporting software or time tracking software, a bar chart will be used to show the status of an invoice.

2. Business Reports for Accounts Payable and Receivables

Accounts payable are a duty owed to creditors by a company. It is the amount of money owed by a business because it bought goods and services from a vendor on credit.

Accounts receivable is a kind of asset that a business has. It is the amount of money that a business may receive due to selling products or providing services to a client on credit.

The accounts receivable reports using the online accounting software of your company are critical in determining your profitability since they are the most visible indication of your company’s revenue. They are seen as an asset since they reflect money that has been brought into the Business. 

To assess your profitability, you should add all the amount you owe to contractors and customers, including accounts payable, and subtract your total accounts payable or liabilities. Whenever the number is positive, the Business is in a lucrative position. As soon as it is determined to be negative, choices must be taken to enhance assets or decrease liabilities.

With Moon Invoice’s online invoicing software, you can generate the accounts payable and receivable reports with a single click feature, which will let you know your financial position on that day.

Accounts payable, or AP, refers to money owed to suppliers. Accounts payable are debts incurred due to the purchase of goods, supplies, and services for the operation of your company. When you purchase but do not immediately pay for it (i.e., buy something on credit), your accounts payable grows. You are charged by the supplier or seller and paid for afterward.

An accounts payable aging business report displays the amounts owed to others. The report assists you in organizing and visualizing the amounts you owe. Accounts payable aging often comprises the following items:

  • Name of your supplier
  • What amount of owe each of your supplier
  • The length of time you have owing obligations
  • If any payments are past due,

The account payable aging information report generated by online accounting software is a straightforward method for tracking and managing your obligations. This enables you to pay your suppliers on time and stop late fees.

3. Profit and Loss Statements

This report is of great significance among all the business reports. A profit and loss statement reveals how much money your company earned and spent within a particular time. It is often divided into three parts: revenue, expenditures, and net income or loss. You have net income if your revenue surpasses your expenses. You have a net loss if your expenditures surpass your income.

Profit and Loss Statements

The Profit & Loss report is often generated weekly, quarterly, and yearly, depending on your business needs. However, you may wish to examine a month-to-date or year-to-date Profit & Loss report to evaluate where you are at a particular moment in time using online invoicing software.

In this manner, if your results aren’t what you were expecting, you’ll have enough time to make adjustments before the end of the fiscal year. The following are some warning flags on your Profit and Loss Statement:

Sales are increasing, but profits are decreasing 

In most instances, earnings are increasing in tandem with sales. If your sales are increasing, but your earnings are decreasing, something is wrong with your Business. To figure out what is going on, you must examine your direct expenses as well as your overhead.

Sales that remain static 

The majority of businesses want to expand. In other words, if your sales remain consistent from month to month, quarterly to quarterly, or year to year, you may need to re-evaluate your goods or marketing strategy.

The sun is rising higher in the sky

If you aren’t paying attention to your overhead expenses, they have a propensity to rise over time without your knowledge. 

Examining a comparative Profit and Loss statement enables you to take a deeper look at expenditures like insurance, rent, wages, and utilities and identify areas where you may reduce costs.

In addition, if you use time tracking software to monitor the time and expense, that will help you analyze the impact on profitability. Using small company financial statements reporting software, you may compile all of the required information on one summary sheet, including line, bar, and pie charts.

Looking for Smart Business Management Ideas?

4. Balance Sheet

Balance sheets are financial statements or business reports or company’s financial statements that show the total assets, liabilities, and shareholder ownership of a company at any given point in time for a particular period.

It offers an up-to-date picture of a firm’s financial situation, including the economic resources the company possesses, the amounts it owes, and the sources of funding used to acquire those assets.

To detect patterns and assist company owners in making educated financial choices, balance sheets are often utilized using online invoicing software. Also essential to prospective investors and bank lenders, who will use this information to evaluate whether or not the risk of lending credit is worth taking.

“The numbers don’t lie,” as they say, and this is especially true in financial analysis, where statistics are more important than anything else. When a company considers a merger when it needs to think about asset dissolution to prop up debt when an investor considers a position in the company. And when a company examines its financial situation to determine whether it is in a stabilized sufficient financial circumstance to broaden or start repaying debts, balance sheets are critical to the decision-making processes.

5. Expenses and Annual Reports

A report on expenses is a document that includes all the expenditures for a company’s operation. An employer that operates a small company may require its workers to file expense reports to be reimbursed for business-related expenses such as petrol or food. 

Alternatively, a small company owner may utilize expense reports to keep track of project expenditures and prepare for tax season. The primary aims of such business reports or company’s financial statements are to provide you with an overview of your Business’s accomplishments over the previous year.

Suppose the financial statistics are in your favor. In that case, you may also opt to utilize this kind of performance report as a marketing tool to get people, especially prospective investors and consumers, enthusiastic about your Business.

Law compels listed companies to register annually with a government agency, the Securities and Exchange.

Rather than feeling the strain, use Moon Invoice’s online accounting software and intelligent dashboards to generate business reports. They are jam-packed with critical information that allows you to see exactly what you need at a glance.

Also, in this annual report, you can add the time taken by employees or time spent per project using time tracking software. Taxes are another important reason for small companies to keep track of their expenditures. Many business expenditures may be deducted from a company’s taxable income when filing its taxes.

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Wrap Up

So, we have picked the top 5 business reports which help businesses to run smoothly. These reports can be prepared from manual data also. But one human error and the company statistics changed drastically. While you digitize your entire accounting process using online billing software, then these reports will be error-free.

Here, your accounting software plays a vital role. Because you can’t afford to maintain everything manually or just on an Excel spreadsheet, it will harm the Business in the long run. And if you want to try Moon Inovice’s online invoicing software with a time tracker to track the working hours of employees on projects – Kindly contact us at support@mooninvoice.com or +1-805-491-9393.