Did you know, 75% of accounting processes can be put on autopilot with an accounting solution? Luckily, paper-based accounting is slowly getting redundant and more organizations are realizing that Excel too no longer serves their purposes.  

The best accounting software for small businesses lets you track payments, provide multiple payment gateways to clients, draft bills, and estimates. Besides, some solutions let you manage inventories, expenses, and even customer relationships.

This blog will discuss the top 15 alternatives for Hiveage- a popular online invoicing software and how they can help you streamline the business billing process. Are you ready? Let’s know more! 

1. FreshBooks


A leading Hiveage alternative, FreshBooks is used by 5 million+ freelance accountants and businesses. Not only does it offer advanced accounting features and ease of access, but it also lets you make customized invoices and better track payments.

Wary of purchasing the software? Well, it offers a great free trial plan. You can test the software, understand its features and then only buy it. 

FreshBooks is known for significantly reducing time spent on financial management, including creating invoices, generating reports, and collecting payments. 

You can easily collect your payments via credit cards, Google Checkout, and PayPal. Thus, you will be able to have visibility of your finances under a single platform, generate comprehensive reports, and say goodbye to accounting systems that are a burden to your organization. 

But what if you want to make invoices and cannot access your desktop? Well, FreshBooks offers a fully functional mobile app that can ease the workload of remote teams and on-field agents. Moreover, Freshbooks is updated on a regular basis and lets you categorize expenses and send automated payment reminders to your clients. 

2. Moon Invoice 

Moon Invoice

A top alternative for Hiveage, Moon Invoice offers an all-in-one payment solution for small businesses. 

It lets you streamline the entire customer billing cycle and generate customized invoices in just a few clicks. Be it restaurant owners, a tax firm, contractors, freelancers, or solopreneur; all can benefit immensely from using Moon Invoice.  

What makes it one of the best accounting software for small businesses is that it offers a transparent tax system. Subsequently, you can keep a check on all tax obligations irrespective of where you are operating from.  

Lastly, Moon Invoice lets you automate bill notifications, manage your spending and provide language assistance as needed. All these power-packed features let you streamline your business billing process and achieve your business objectives with ease. 

3. QuickBooks Enterprise


Designed to meet the needs of high-growth businesses, QuickBooks Enterprise offers a robust set of features and lets you stay miles ahead of competitors. 

From expense monitoring to vendor management and providing a 360-degree view of all your transactions to generating expense reports, QuickBooks lets you achieve all. 

Using QuickBooks, you can also access its customer and sales management module. This lets you handle invoices with ease, monitor due invoices, and automate payment reminders. Furthermore, it reduces the risk of overlooking transactions and ensures you get paid on time. 

4. Xero


Yet another top alternative for Hiveage in our list is Xero. It is one of the tools that set the grounds for how modern and trustworthy accounting tools should look. Having one of the best invoicing modules, Xero can easily fulfill the needs of companies irrespective of their size and industry. 

This is because Xero developers made it with customer experiences and usability in the first plan. While we have said enough, there is a free trial available too, and you can try out the main modules of the solution. 

So, you need not worry; with Xero by your side, you can simplify the most complex of financial operations with ease. The system’s functionality can be easily accessed through its dashboard and lets you manage a company’s accounting and finances in fancy charts. 

5. Zoho Invoice


A leading cloud invoicing system, Zoho has been designed keeping small businesses in mind. So not only do you enjoy the best business assistance, but it also helps you maintain solid relationships with your clients. 

The system facilitates faster tracking, online payment acceptance and lets you manage multiple operations in a limited time frame. But, wait, there is more to it! It seamlessly integrates with Zoho’s productivity suite and third-party products to boost data migration. 

6. Billdu


Billdu is a popular Hiveage alternative and modern invoicing tool for freelancers and small companies. You can use it to make invoices via PC, mobile, and Mac and never miss out on a payment again. 

Be it late payments, non-compliance, human errors, or administrative overload, Billdu simplifies it all and lets you focus on core business processes. What’s more? It lets you make payments to partners, vendors, and affiliates across 150+ countries. 

Moreover, Billdu lets you stay on top of tax and regulatory requirements and with minimal human intervention. If maintaining quality while enhancing customer and vendor experience is your goal, Billdu is the solution! Go ahead, sign up for a free trial and then only make the final decision. 

7. Wave


A popular invoicing and accounting solution for small businesses and solopreneurs, Wave is a market leader in making personalized invoices and streamlining bookkeeping operations. You only need 60 seconds with Wave to create comprehensive and beautiful invoices. Once you have done that, you can use its payment tracking modules to check the status and progress of your payment till you receive the money. 

Security and comfort are what Wave strives to achieve. For the same, Wave offers a scanning tool and multiple payment gateways. In this way, you can say goodbye to manual errors or missed transactions. 

Another area where Wave can offload you is payroll management. Again, this is because it uses the system data and online pay stubs to calculate payments and tax deductions. But, the best part, you can get access to all this functionality and zero costs. 

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8. BigTime 


BigTime is one of the best accounting software in the market. It has been designed to help small businesses with accounting, government contracting, legal, and IT services. It even offers features like expense and time tracking, invoicing, billing, task & workflow management. 

It lets you track time spent on projects via a mobile timesheet app. Besides, your employees can use it to submit their expenses directly from their mobile devices and attach receipts. Lastly, the solution can easily be integrated with various ticketing solutions, including QuickBooks, Zapier, and Slack.

9. Brightpearl


If an online invoice generator software that offers multiple sales tools and lets you leverage retail automation technology is your demand, Brightpearl can be your pick. It cuts your manual bookkeeping efforts and lets you streamline all your invoices and payments with ease. 

Moreover, this Hiveage alternative provides you with real-time financial insights across your entire business spectrum. These include sales, inventory, and purchasing. It is available on all mobile devices and lets you invoice on the go. 

10. ZipBooks


One of the top choices for freelancers, contractors, small business owners, and solopreneurs, Zipbooks is free and extremely easy to use. 

This web-based accounting platform lets you manage a company’s accounting with ease, boost productivity and get faster payments. 

With a wide range of financial partners, ZipBooks lets you accept payments via direct transfers, credit cards, and checks, just like an enterprise-grade system. 

You can use it to make customized invoices, track expenses and time spent on a project, and manage revenue and income statements. 

Lastly, it integrates seamlessly with project management apps, file storage solutions, and communication channels. These include Google Drive, Slack, Asana, and Trello. 

11. Sage 50 Accounting    Sage 50cloud Accounting

Sage 50 Accounting is a comprehensive accounting, invoicing, and tax management software solution. Its cutting-edge reporting tools let you get real-time insights and streamline your business billing process. 

The software has been designed to aid financial control and provide top-notch security for guarding confidential information. 

Sage 50 offers both a desktop and mobile application. Thus, making it possible for you to invoice and receive payments on the go. 

The icing on the cake? It is compatible with several fraud monitoring companies and lets you process payroll with ease. 

These features make Sage an excellent Hiveage alternative and one of the best accounting software for small businesses. 

12. Invoicely


Invoicely is yet another Hiveage alternative designed for small businesses that wish to manage their billing and accounting processes.

Using it will help you keep your finances in check and get access to a full suite of business reports and summaries. This, in turn, will boost your efforts of maintaining the best of business health. 

When it comes to offering payment options, Invoicely supports online settlements via Stripe, PayPal, Mollie, and credit cards. 

Wait, there is more to it! 

Invoicely is equipped with the best expense tracking modules and takes less than 60 seconds to convert estimates into comprehensive invoices. 

Lastly, despite being available free of cost, Invoicely lets you create an unlimited number of invoices. 

13. Invoice2go


Another Hiveage alternative in our list is Invoice2go. It is a mobile-based online invoice generator software that lets small businesses manage accounting functions with ease. From sending invoices to creating estimates and tracking payments to creating customizable templates, Invoice2go enables you to do it all and much more. 

Invoice2go lets you integrate with multiple gateways and supports direct installments from debit/credit cards when it comes to streamlining your business process and accepting payments. 

While doing all these processes, Invoice2go also lets you keep an eye on your payments, track the stage of your sent invoices, and generate reports on your finances. Just like its name, Invoice2go lets you invoice anywhere anytime and is available for as low as $2/ month.

14. Invoicera


If you are searching for an online invoice generator software that lets you work with the best legacy systems, Invoicera can be your pick. Invoicera lets you integrate with multiple payment gateways, access secure payment options, and manage a client database.

Moreover, Invoicera is highly flexible and scalable and has helped 2 million+ clients and over 30 enterprises generate 300 million invoices each year. 

Invoicera lets you manage multiple invoices under a single platform and send invoices to various customers worldwide in their local language and currency. Thus, helping you deliver top-notch services and build strong relations with customers. 

15. Online Invoices

Online Invoices

Last in our list of best accounting software for small businesses and top alternative for Hiveage, Online Invoices, has been designed for fulfilling the needs of retail and sales industries. You can use it to make comprehensive invoices, do tax calculations, generate reports and track due payments. 

These features make Online Invoices a top alternative for Hiveage and an ideal fit for companies looking to measure business progress. But, wait, there is more to it! It also offers inventory management, billing, customer relationship management, payroll processing, and client management modules. 

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Summing up

Well, the top alternative for Hiveage can vary for different companies with diverse demands. You can choose any online invoice generator software from this list to streamline your business billing process and focus on core tasks. Ensure you list down all your requirements before you pick software to manage a company’s accounting needs. 

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