It’s impossible to ignore the fact that technological advancements make personal and professional lives simpler for everyone. However, due to the recent epidemic, businesses have had to adjust swiftly, as will be discussed in today’s piece. Yes! We’re speaking about invoice generators, or you can say online billing software for businesses. 

There are countless benefits of using online invoicing software or an invoice maker app as they not only help in making invoices, but they are managing all the business finances, the amount payable, receivable, estimates and quotations, purchase orders and much more.

Key USP features of Moon Invoice’s online invoicing software

While we will talk more about features of online accounting software by Moon Invoice, we have been shortlisted as emerging favourite online payment processing software by Capterra.

Not only this, if you are looking for software that works on almost all the platforms like Mac, Android, Windows for business financial reporting, then you have arrived at the correct post.

1. Creating and Managing Invoices

Creating and Managing Invoices

Create an invoice online for free and send professional bills for your business in seconds with Moon Invoice, complete online billing software and invoice generator. This automatic invoicing software makes it easy to create customized invoices.

Using our best free invoicing software for Android, you can create bills and turn estimates into bills. You can also create recurring bills and invoices for several companies at once.

You may create as many companies as you want with Moon Invoice. As a consequence, you’ll be able to create invoices for several clients. As a result, there will be more invoice savings available in the future.

2. Managing and keeping track of finance

Managing and keeping track of finance

The online invoicing software from Moon works as a client payment tracker tool. Also, it does not charge a fee for the integration of numerous corporate payment alternatives. Therefore, allowing your customers to pay using various payment options can help us expedite your payment procedure. In addition, the Moon Invoice Dashboard will enable you to keep track of each payment update.

More than 24 payment channels are included in Moon’s top billing software and invoice maker. You can speak your client’s financial language because of the variety of currency options accessible. Selling products or services to consumers in foreign countries will be a breeze with our online payment software.

3. Having records of time spent behind each project and service

While you are just looking to create invoices for your clients, what if you work on an hourly rate for the client and need to bill based on time? Well, not to worry, as Moon’s online invoicing software allows you to keep track of how much time you spend on your projects and clients. It is, in reality, a mechanism for monitoring and invoicing time and expenses.

It is possible to document every second of your responsibilities and immediately transform them into an invoice whether you are at home, at the office, or just enjoying a cup of coffee on the go, thanks to the finest invoice generator and time tracking software

Our employee time tracking solutions aid you in determining the level of responsibility held by your employees with each second update.

Say goodbye to the fact that you and your team have been working on a client project for the last several weeks. Instead, start a timer and get serious about time monitoring with our free time tracking application. When you’re through, you’ll have a detailed time record that you may use to create an invoice.

4. The facility to work offline (cloud synchronization)

The facility to work offline (cloud synchronization)

Many small business owners and independent contractors choose to work from home or a distant location since it frees them from the shackles of an office. Going to an exciting conference or taking a well-earned vacation one day and working from home the next are two entirely different experiences. 

Using an online invoice generator, you can quickly and easily generate invoices from any place, giving you more time to do the things you need to do.

Whether you’re working from home or away, your cloud invoicing procedures stay the same, and all of the relevant information is always readily available to you, wherever you are. As a result, you don’t have to be concerned about piling up files and folders holding client information and money you owe them on your computer or baggage.

You may connect to your Moon Invoice profile from any device, including your mobile phone, desktop computer, and iPad; your account is continually synced across all of your devices.

With Moon Invoice’s cloud-based online accounting software, you can send professional yet creative bills while on the go, whether you’re riding in a taxi or eating breakfast at your desk. In addition, it is possible to access estimates and purchase orders on any platform by joining in with your Moon Sync credentials and activating the service.

Does Your Online Invoicing Software Works Offline?

5. Knowing your business expenses on the go

Just in the previous blog, we have laid out the benefits of keeping track of your business. If you don’t maintain track of the money, you’ll likely overspend. Because of this, you run the risk of going over your spending limit, exhausting the available credit on all of your cards, or going into debt. 

As a result, utilizing the expenditure tracking feature by Moon’s online billing software, you must approach spending monitoring and money management as serious business concerns.

It is possible to keep your spending under control and in line with detailed reports to manage company finances and put your mind at ease by using expenditure report software, which is available for free. 

You can always track how much money you spend by creating a precise breakdown of your spending that can be examined quickly. It is the most excellent invoice maker and business financial reporting tool. 

6. Project Estimates feature (Which lets you create accurate estimates)

Keep your company’s credibility intact by being organized and stress-free while using MOON’s most suitable estimate and online billing software. Our best invoice maker for Android and iPhone allows you to make quotes and send them to your clients for free without having to pay a cent.

It is possible to maintain track of the record of forecasts and their components while on the road to negotiate reductions with your customers using this professional project estimating software. In addition, we provide project cost estimation templates if you need them.

7. Business Financial Reporting

With a few clicks, you can keep track of vital corporate information, such as the amount of money you owe and the date on which it is due. Use the best online accounting software or online payment processing software for Android or iPhone to keep track of your receivables and payables.

Customers and sellers may see financial accounts for small businesses that may be quickly sorted by date. It is also possible to generate financial reports with the help of the finest invoice generator. 

With the application for reporting smaller firms’ financial accounts, you may get all of the essential information on a single summary sheet, which includes line, bar, and pie diagrams, among other things.

You may direct your firm toward its objectives by using precise accounting and relevant data from online invoicing software. Likewise, you can guide your organization toward its goals if you have reliable financial information. 

Regardless of how frequently you study them, reliable reports may provide you with an overview of your company’s performance and draw your attention to areas that want improvement.

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In conclusion

While investing in online billing software doesn’t mean only creating invoices. From making estimates, managing payments, tracking time and expenses, products, purchase orders, financial reports and whatnot, you can do with Moon’s online invoicing software.

With wide arms, businesses accepted the considerable development in technological capabilities. As a result, one of the most recent innovative keys to business success has emerged as the online payment processing software and online invoice generator. Moon Invoice, the online accounting software, prepares and distributes invoices while also allowing you to manage your business more effectively.

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