If searching for the best-in-class, easy-to-use best invoicing software offering a free invoice template for Mac brought you here, you have come to the right blog. Unfortunately, with a plethora of best invoice software for Mac, choosing the apt one becomes a nerve-wracking one.

Sending out invoices has become super easy nowadays with an ever-expanding base of cloud-hosted invoicing software that works hassle-free on any browser for both Mac and Windows. Moreover, manage credits easily using software that helps you keep tabs on time spent on every project you undertake as a freelancer.

Let’s check the best mac invoice software out there without further delay!

9 Best Invoice Software for Mac

This listed business software for Mac is undoubtedly the best for managing your invoices and estimates from anywhere, anytime. We have also mentioned the pros, cons, and pricing for helping you pick the best mac invoice software. 

1. Moon Invoice


Moon Invoice is your perfect invoicing partner and best invoice software for Mac that works as a simple yet integrated solution. This invoice creation software is compatible with many browsers and platforms such as Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac. It runs seamlessly on Mac. You can also make use of it on your desktop or smartphone. It is available for both Windows 10 and 11.

Our ideal and best invoicing app offers free invoicing templates that are ready-to-use and customized for generating final commercial invoices. With our invoice software for mac, invoicing becomes fun and interesting.  


  • Generate an invoice, manage, and track invoices like a pro
  • Set payment opinions for invoices
  • Help manage proforma invoices, estimates, and credit notes
  • Converts an estimate into an invoice with a single click
  • It offers the time log tracking feature to record time for various projects/tasks
  • Offers 7 days free trial
  • Easy cancellation and refund policy for all plan users.
  • Get stock alerts, payment alerts, and other notifications on the go.
  • Manage vendors and clients via a single screen. 


The learning curve associated with the app might take longer, but its powerhouse of features will surely make sure that the effort spent in learning doesn’t go to waste! So basically, it’s an investment with the promise of high returns!


  • Bronze Plan – $5.47/Month
  • Silver Plan – $6.83/Month 
  • Gold Plan – $10.25/Month

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2. PDFelement for Mac

PDFelement for Mac OS 10.14 will enable curating, editing, and managing invoices that are in PDF format as a breeze! In addition, a clean, easy-to-use UI and UX allow users to share the generated invoices. As a result, you can get much work done with this business software for Mac as an all-rounder!


  • Affordable software
  • Single click enabled the creation of PDF forms and documents
  • It helps you password protect the PDF documents
  • Super easy editing features for PDF format text and images


  • PDFelement Standard: $6.99/M  
  • PDFelement Pro: $9.99/M

3. Zoho Invoice

Zoho Invoice software for mac is specifically designed to cater to the invoicing aspects of all customers and items on macOS 10.14, macOS 10.13, or lower configurations. Easy to use, it is also super-accessible, being online-based. Feel free to access it from any smartphone via apps or desktops. 


  • Simple and easy to use 
  • Great invoicing feature
  • Applicable across industries
  • Option to use multiple currencies for a single business


  • Reaching customer support can be an issue due to an online chat support system.


  • Free:  0$/M
  • Standard: $9.89/M
  • Professional: $19.79/M
  • Premium: $39.58/M
  • Elite: $65.98/M
  • Ultimate: $105.58/M

4. Billings Pro


Billings Pro Mac-based software with iOS integration renders easy curating and sending cost estimates to new clients or leads. Here are the pros and pricing for the business software for Mac. 


  • Has different templates to choose from
  • Creates professional-looking invoices that close the deal
  • Simple, easy-to-use UI and UX


  • Freelance package: $5/M
  • Professional package: $10/M

5. BillQuick for Mac


Settle for the one that suits your business needs the most! Free invoicing software for Mac offers best-in-class invoice management and robust project management. Ideal for businesses like engineering, architecture, and freelance contractors, choosing from different packages. 


  • Generates a greater number of reports as compared to other software


  • A major focus is a project management


  • Priced per module (you pay only for what you need!)
  • No fixed plans or subscriptions to offer

6. Express Invoice for Mac

An all-in-one payment solution and best invoice software for Mac allow users to manage customers, curate quotes, send invoices, and even process payments. So easy to get started with a simple interface; all you need is your contact information to begin using it. 


  • Supports multiple businesses. The main page is a flowchart meant to guide one in smoothly creating quotes and processing payments.


  • Items are not saved automatically while creating invoices


  • Express Invoice Basic – $49.99/M
  • Express Invoice Plus – $59.95/M

7. FreshBooks


Cloud-based free invoice software for Mac comes replete with many features that enable easy processing of payments. It facilitates the whole process of generation, sending, and management of invoices with ease. Indeed, it is one of the best invoice software for Mac. 


  • It helps manage overall invoicing and estimates. 
  • Offers to process credit cards without exiting the program
  • Readymade free invoicing templates 


  • UI seems slightly outdated


  • Lite: $4.50/M
  • Plus: $7.50/M
  • Premium: $15.0/M
  • Select: Offers custom pricing 

8. Fetch

Use Fetch to track expenses by team members on your Mac. This software provides you with accurate tracking of all employee expenses and reimbursements.


  • Easily navigable dashboard
  • It can be integrated with your bank account to process payments quickly


  • 9.99 USD/Month

9. QuickBooks Online

QuickBooks Online-best invoice software for Mac

QuickBooks Online, the best invoice software for Mac,  provides automatic scheduling of invoices and allows for downloading bank transactions straight on your Mac. This is made possible by easy integration with your bank account. Usable on two platforms, you can either use it as your business software for Mac or in the cloud for facilitating quick computing.  


  • Easily access sales and tax reports instantly
  • Provides secure multi-user access 


  • Small businesses: $6.99/M

Wrapping Up

Are you still manually processing your invoices? Time to heed the winds of change, people! Switch to the online invoice software for Mac mentioned above for a smooth invoicing experience. 

With these apps in your kitty, you won’t have to worry about mundane tasks such as curating and processing recurring invoices. Feel free to choose any of the apps listed above to make your accounting work easier. Happy invoicing to you!