As the headline of this article implies, this piece is about, we will discuss Moon Invoice as the top Coupa alternative. Or can say a direct comparison between Moon Invoice and Coupa!

But before we talk about anything on online billing software, here is a stat story.

US Consumer Fintech Adoption

According to a Plaid poll, the number of US customers who use technology to manage their money has increased from 58% last year to 88% this year. This includes the use of cloud based online accounting software too.

In any firm, invoices are essential since they are an important factor of the organization’s operations. A free invoice generator app, which is becoming more popular, may produce invoices straight from a smartphone. 

Moon Invoice is the solution to the question of the best Coupa alternative. It is a robust, customizable, and scalable application. Moon Invoice is a cloud-based invoicing and accounting solution that makes running a company simple.

A brief about Coupa 

Coupa Software, Inc. is in the business of providing business spend management solutions. Invoicing, expenditure, and payment processing; expenditure analysis; strategic sourcing; contract administration; contingency workforce; and supply chain are some of the services it provides. 

Located in San Mateo, California, the firm was started in 2006 by Noah Eisner and Dave Stephens and had its headquarters there. They are competing with one another to become the best invoicing software.

Comparison between Moon Invoice with Coupa on a head-to-head basis

When considering whether to purchase Coupa, it’s a good idea to check into the finest Coupa alternative available from rivals. With a little time and effort, it is easy to get a complete understanding of other tools by examining their primary duties and jargon-free language.

1. Pricing

Coupa Invoicing is available for as little as $49 per month. Well, but if we look at Moon Invoice as the best Coupa alternative, it is available for just 4.15$ each month; you may have up to 25 active customers for a single company, whilst silver costs the same.

In addition, the Moon Invoice online invoicing software is 8.33$ per month for the silver package and 16.67$ per month for the gold package.

Consequently, the Moon invoice is the most cost-effective Coupa alternative and online billing software for small enterprises regarding pricing.

2. Estimate management

Estimate Management

In this case, Moon invoice as the best Coupa alternative wins the title as it provides the seamless feature of estimate management that isn’t available in Coupa.

That makes Moon Invoice the best invoicing software.

3. Recurring invoicing

Recurring invoices are the core of the regular businesses with several parties every month for constant quantity. Here comes the Moon Invoice’s cloud based online accounting software, which provides the facility of recurring invoices. 

While Coupa isn’t providing this facility in their package, it simply proves the Moon Invoice as the top Coupa alternative.

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4. Time tracking

Time Tracking

Both providers provide limitless time tracking when it comes to online invoicing software.

For small organizations, time tracking is vital since it helps you keep track of the time spent on each task.

5. Customer support

Moon invoice, a Coupa alternative, offers customer service twenty-four hours entire week. At the same time, Coupa offers customer service as well, but not on a 24-hour basis like Moon Invoice.

As a consequence, the winner in this category may be determined.

6. The processing of payments

The free invoice generator app provides the ability to accept payments via third-party processors. In this comparison, Moon Invoice offers support for 10 or more payment gateways.

7. Syncing with the cloud

Syncing with the Cloud

The best invoicing software is significantly different when it comes to cloud sync capabilities. Both thanks to cloud synchronization capabilities provide the ability to operate from any location at any time.

8. Platforms Available 

Moon invoice rates are the top Coupa alternative since it is compatible with all platforms, including Android, the web, Windows, macOS, etc. At the same time, Coupa’s online billing software is compatible with Desktop (Windows and macOS).

9. Customization of the invoice

When it comes to invoicing personalization, the online billing software allows for invoice customization. However, Moon Invoice, as best Coupa alternative, offers a greater number of customization templates than Invoicera does.

Consequently, if you want to send personalized bills to each customer, you might consider Moon Invoice.

Need to Manage Recurring Invoices for Clients?

10. Information, reports, and insights

When it comes to reports and insights, no firm can afford to overlook the significance of timely reporting and actionable insights. When comparing the reporting features of the two online accounting software packages, they are almost identical.

In addition, you will get special reporting tools, such as inventory, sales and balance sheets, profit and loss statements, and other financial data.

11. Managing several different enterprises and numerous currencies

How can we conclude this talk without mentioning the challenges of managing several enterprises and various currencies? Considering Moon Invoice as a Coupa alternative opens the door to many sectors and multiple currencies.

The Coupa has the same functionality and capabilities as the Moon Invoice, but you can manage the single business.

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Final thoughts

When you choose Moon Invoice’s online billing software, you can be certain that you’re receiving the greatest online billing and accounting system available. Because it has more functionality and is more user-friendly on multiple platforms compared to Coupa, it is a better choice when compared to the latter.

Moon Invoice is the top Coupa alternative since it enables you to make invoices in a short period. It does, however, have a dedicated customer support staff and a live chat option to help you make the most of your invoicing experience.

Contact us at +1-805-491-9393 or if you would like to check out this best Coupa alternative without risking anything.