Finding and evaluating many options is our routine procedure of buying personal goods. However, it takes a head-to-head comparison to the opportunities available to purchase innovative products or technologies such as Online Billing Software when it comes to business.

Today we will examine a really good QuickBooks Alternative and its detailed similarities in this report.

The various versions and integrations of QuickBooks render the system adaptable to almost all situations, so what about an optimized method you can use directly from the box? What if the expenditure remains over for QuickBooks’ most simple plan? Or what if you are a small company owner who would rather work on your accounting services for a small business software vendor? Your definition of best accounting software for businesses could be different.

Moon Invoice is a leading financial services estimate and invoice software that you should consider as the alternative for QuickBooks.

Why is Moon Invoice an excellent choice as QuickBooks Alternative?

Moon Invoice stands above QuickBooks as online billing software, from pricing to functionality across the world, for several causes. Below are some of the outstanding qualities.

1. It can be used offline

You read it correctly! Moon Invoice can be used offline. Even if there is no Internet access, don’t get upset or concerned. You operate on your tablet or desktop with the installed application, and later you will sync it to the cloud while linked to the internet.

2. It provides Secured Services to businesses

With Moon Invoice – Your information is entirely safe. We Use extremely reliable servers according to the most current industry dynamics. So, it’s a QuickBooks Alternative that you can trust and rely on.

3. Web & Native App Solutions Progressive

Web & Native App Solutions Progressive - Moon Invoice

Moon Invoice is ahead of the other apps since it is available on powerful devices such as macOS, Windows, Android, and iOS. That is what excellent financial services estimate and invoice software do.

4. 90 days warranty

Ok, if you believe Moon Invoice doesn’t meet your needs. In 90 days, you will demand the full value of your order. It is 100% legit, which is another excuse to use Moon Invoice for many choices, particularly QuickBooks. No other so-called best accounting software for businesses provides this guarantee.

Best Accounting Software for Businesses – Must-have features 

Well, if you have already started your hunt for online accounting softwares, look for the below-mentioned functionality.

1. Effective Reports and Analytics

Information will be effective when it is supplied at the right moment. In important choices, a brief outline of the finances would be included. Receipts, investments, benefits and loss statements of primary and vital funds, expenses payable, taxes, and so forth.

2. The built-in facility for payment

This is a necessity for any online accounting and invoicing software. At that stage, the customers pay – no additional application or website required. The accounting scheme will also help you in collecting consumer purchases and making transfers to the seller electronically.

It saves hours for workers, reduces logistical problems, and speeds up the receipt of payments. The ledger also automatically records online purchases.

Another functionality is auto billing alerts; the app should be aware of future invoices and costs. Payment recalls can be made automatically, invoices can be made, and customers can be delivered bills on time.

3. Flexible and professional billing

You choose applications that produce facts rapidly and look professionally while shopping for a financial services estimate and invoice software. The preliminary estimates must be converted into an invoice by the program itself.

Recurring invoices, whether you need to charge a customer every month, year, or even half a year, can be generated by the cloud accounting program.

Is any software for online accounting common among companies?

Ok, we have two numbers for you to address this query.

Firms that Have Implemented Accounting SoftwareUse of software accounting (Source – Annual Survey)

In 2018, about 57 percent of medium-sized companies use online billing software, while the same figure for big companies is 58 percent. Small businesses have unexpectedly adopted 45 percent.

According to the same poll, small enterprises will make 41 percent better investments than before in the procurement and construction of new technology in 2021. 

About Tech Spending

Change in the 2021 technology expenditure (source – “2021 Year Ahead Survey)

Moon Invoice as an alternative to QuickBooks

Moon Invoice is the pioneer in delivering the finest online invoicing software and accounting services. QuickBooks is a great choice, as it ranks first in every category like platform stability and features.

As QuickBooks alternative, Moon Invoice portrays the corporation as the best choice for creating invoices within minutes by using invoice maker software

Component Intuit QuickBooks Moon Invoice
Starting Price QuickBooks provides SMEs a 25$ monthly package with ten features. Moon Invoice’s simple package begins at $4.15 a month as QuickBooks Alternative. Direct savings of $20, thus.
Availability for Types of Industries QuickBooks is entirely for small enterprises and freelancers. It is open to large and SMEs. It suits both market segments because of the range of functionality.
Customer Support Since QuickBooks has many facilities, the 24X7 service is not accessible. However, papers and ties are predefined, but 24X7 hasn’t got the service. The Moon Invoice wins the race by contrasting them all as 24X7 service is provided. 
Worth against Money QuickBooks seems great for your small business; let’s take a closer peek.

  • Under the regular package, 1099 consultants or suppliers are offered, and the use of third-party applications is charged expressly for monitoring tax purposes.
  • The same goes for revenue and spending tracking.
  • They do not have an independent plan self-conciliation feature.
Ok, if it’s for investment return now, Let’s look in-depth at Moon Invoice, the Best Accounting Software for Businesses – 

  • Management of limitless customers under one company in the standard package.
  • Unlimited factures, estimates, time monitoring, tracking of costs
  • Unlimited projects and tasks without extra costs
Cloud Sync Yes, that’s it. QuickBooks allows cloud synchronization Here, too, is not without the Moon Invoice.
Availability on various Platform QuickBooks can be accessed via Android, mobile, Windows, iOS, and macOS. So, too, would Moon Invoice. It is accessible on all platforms.


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Wrap Up

So, we have given all the information which makes the moon invoice a top alternative to QuickBooks. Pricing, customer support, and return on investment are the major contributing factors in the best accounting software for businesses apart from invoice creating facilities.

In addition, the server infrastructure is stable and reliable, and 90 days guarantee the QuickBooks alternative would render it outstanding. 

Please reserve your free demo with us at and answer the business’ specifications or dial +1-805-491-9393.