When we purchase a personal product, we routinely conduct a search for and comparison of multiple alternatives. However, when it comes to business, purchasing any innovative product or technology, such as online billing software, requires a thorough comparison of possible options.

Today, we’ll take a closer look at an impressive Sage Intacct alternative and its similarities.

Moon Invoice is a market pioneer in offering a fast and straightforward financial and accounting service: The best accounting software for businesses of recent time.

Is there some online invoicing software that is widely used for businesses?

To respond to your question, we have two pieces of information.

Firms That Have Implemented Accounting Software - Moon InvoiceAdoption of Online billing software according to AccountingToday

In 2018, almost 57 percent of mid-sized companies adopted accounting software, while 58 percent of big businesses did as well. Interestingly, 45 percent of small firms are now embracing the principle of online invoicing software. Every business is currently hunting for the best accounting software for businesses.

Another statistic from the same study shows that small companies would spend 41 percent more buying and implementing new technology in 2021 than they did previously. There is also an increasing demand for company online accounting software and Sage Intacct alternative.

About Tech Spending

Changes in technology investment in 2021

Moon Invoice as Sage Intacct alternative

Moon Invoice is a market pioneer in offering superior payment and accounting services with all-in-one online invoicing software. It is a top Sage Intacct alternative since it ranks first in any category, including features and platform stability.

Moon Invoice appears as the prime choice as billing software by helping you to generate invoices in minutes. Nonetheless, it provides dedicated customer care support and a live chat feature to help you with quick invoicing.

Component Sage Intacct Moon Invoice
Starting Price Sage Intacct offers a 12$ per month plan for small businesses, including ten features. Moon Invoice’s simple package costs $4.15 a month as a sage Intacct alternative. There is a direct savings of $7.85$.
Managing Multiple Businesses With Sage Intacct, you cannot manage multiple businesses at once. You should be carefree with Moon Invoice, and it helps you to run multiple businesses and projects.
Multiple Currency Even at the cost of 12$, Sage Intacct does not support multiple currencies.   While contrasting the rivals, the Moon Invoice comes out on top because it accepts several currencies worldwide.
Mobile Payment Shockingly Sage Intacct does not justify its value for money as it does not offer mobile Payment. Moon Invoice being best accounting software for Businesses, here offers a mobile payment facility.
Cloud Sync Shockingly sage doesn’t provide the facility of Cloud sync Moon Invoice isn’t missing in this department. 
Availability on various Platform Sage Intacct is available on Android, web, Windows, iOS, macOS. It is accessible on all devices and platforms.

What distinguishes Moon Invoice from the competition?

There are several explanations why Moon Invoice outperforms Sage Intacct, ranging from pricing to features on any level. Here are some of the excellent attributes.

1. You can use it Offline

Yes, 100% true. You can use Moon Invoice without an internet connection. So, don’t be upset or concerned if you can’t link to the internet. Function on the enabled software on your smartphone or desktop, and only sync it to the cloud once the internet facility is available.

2. It is incredibly safe and secure

Moon Invoice’s online billing software provides secured services – Your information is safe. We have used highly reliable servers under current industry dynamics. As a result, it is a sage Intacct alternative on which you can depend.

3. Solutions for Progressive Web and Native Apps

Solutions for Progressive Web and Native Apps - Moon Invoice

While most similar applications only are seen on limited smartphones, powerful platforms, Moon Invoice benefit over those like this as it is accessible on iOS, macOS, Android, and Windows.

4. With Moon Invoice, there is a 90-day money-back guarantee

So, whether you believe Moon Invoice is not living up to your expectations. You have 90 days to claim the total purchase price. That is entirely legitimate—yet another reason to choose Moon Invoice over the other choices, especially Sage Intacct.

The three key functionalities to look at in the software

Include the following series of functionalities while learning about accounting tools.

1. Powerful Analytics and Reports

When information is sent to the right individual at the right time, it becomes useful. In critical assessments, a brief description of the financials would be included. Receivables of primary and vital funds, expenditures, income, and expense statements, accounts payables, fees, and so forth.

2. The Integrated Payment Facility (IPF)

Integration to different payment gateways has become a crucial and deciding factor for the best accounting software for businesses. Customers can pay right here and there, with no requirement for an additional app or website. As a result, the accounting system will help you obtain consumer receipts and make vendor purchases electronically.

It saves resources for workers, reduces administrative problems, and speeds up invoice processing. Online transfers are now reported in the ledger automatically.

Revenue management features such as updates of future and past invoices, pending expenses, and budget notifications can be added to the software. You can send messages and reminders for payment automatically, and you can send bills to customers regularly.

3. Billing that is professional, easy, and adaptable

If you’re shopping for financial and accounting applications, search for one that will produce invoices quickly but also looking professional. The online billing Software must be capable of converting the approximate calculation and estimates into an invoice.

Invoices that you send to consumers are often created using the cloud accounting platform regularly, regardless and the length of which you need to charge them monthly, annually, or bimonthly.

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In conclusion

So, we’ve covered enough factors to infer that Moon Invoice is a top sage Intacct alternative. Pricing, customer service, and return on investment are the primary factors for this.

Aside from that, its stable and reliable cloud infrastructure, as well as its 90-day warranty, make it the best accounting software for businesses. Online billing software has emerged as the most cutting-edge smart key for business growth.

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