When purchasing an online invoicing software, you must look for one that can significantly improve your workflow. One that can streamline the time-consuming handling of accounting and organizing your billing cycle will work best for you. Moreover, it should let you get customer details in a few clicks and automate repetitive tasks. 

Today, we’ll analyze a top Odoo alternative in-depth and learn why it is better. 

Moon Invoice is a known name in the accounting software segment. It has been designed to keep customer preferences in demand and lets you streamline your finances without any hassles. 

The rise in online invoicing software usage 

When we explored the e-invoicing market, we found out that 82% of small businesses use an on-premise or cloud-hosted accounting solution. 

Moreover, 81% of accounting executives believe that establishing sync between business standards will positively impact the accounting industry.

However, there are a few negatives too. 27% of businesses find it challenging to make and send invoices. Whereas 13% believe it is impossible to find a low-cost solution. 

To help you get the best online billing software, we will be comparing Moon Invoice with leading accounting software, Odoo. 

Moon Invoice as top Odoo alternative

Moon Invoice offers top-notch accounting modules and payment services in a single package. It is a top Odoo alternative, but it also provides excellent platform stability. 

It is one of the favorite customer tools as it helps them generate the best-quality invoices in minutes. The icing on the cake? You can use it offline too. Once the connection is back, it will automatically be synced to the cloud. 

Component Odoo Moon Invoice
Starting Price Odoo is available for $24 per month.  At the same time, you can get Moon Invoice for as low as $9.99 a month. You can save up to $14.01 every month. 
Managing Multiple Businesses Odoo is not a great option when it comes to managing multiple businesses.  Moon Invoice lets you run multiple businesses and projects with ease. 
Customer Support  Despite being a big name in the market, Odoo clients are not entirely happy with its offering. Bug fixing can take more than 24 hours, and the training prices are priced extremely high.  24/7 chat support, toll-free numbers, and email support make Moon Invoice a top Odoo alternative. 
Maintenance Odoo requires a high level of IT knowledge to operate fully.  Moon Invoice has a clear and easy-to-use interface and can be operated easily by new users. 
Availability on various Platform Odoo is available on Windows, iOS, Android, web, and macOS. You can access Moon Invoice on all platforms and devices. 

How does Moon Invoice give you an edge over competitors?

Here are a few reasons why Moon Invoice is one of the best online invoicing software.

1. Accounting on the go 

Moon Invoice is known as the top Odoo alternative. This is because it lets firms fulfill their accounting duties anytime and anywhere. You can use it on a mobile phone, a PC or a laptop. 

From preparing estimates to keeping an eye on accounts receivable/payable to sending invoices, Moon Invoice does it all! 

Moreover, it can sync multiple files in real-time, and if you ever face an issue, you can approach its 24/7 chat support.

2. Simplified financial and inventory management

Moon Invoice makes it easy to track your spending patterns, sales records, and employee payroll. You can link your bank accounts to this top Odoo alternative and streamline your finances in no time. 

As a business owner, you will encounter expenses during your day. This top Odoo alternative lets you record all these and keeps track of inventory purchases thoroughly.

3. Effective analytics and reports

Business data is valuable only when it is used at the correct time. As a top Odoo alternative, Moon Invoice provides a comprehensive and clear view of your financial statements. These include accounts payable, core funds, profit and cost statements, core funds, and much more. 

Effective Analytics and Reports-top odoo alternative

Moon Invoice lets you analyze and present key business insights in front of the management. Moreover, you can use it to understand financial flows, current compliance issues, and business processes.

Things to consider before buying online invoicing software 

Here is a rundown of things you need to consider before investing in online billing software.

1. Does it offer an integrated payment facility (IPF)?

Collecting payments from customers and giving out vendor payments should be an easy process. An IPF will expedite payment collection, save time and eliminate administrative blocks. Moreover, it would help if you looked for a solution that automatically records transactions in the ledger. 

Another important thing to look out for is auto-billing warnings. Your chosen app should give you reminders on future expenses and invoices. It should send automatic payment alerts and invoices to customers so that your customers can receive bills within schedule.

2. Data syncing capabilities

You must ensure that your chosen solution syncs data and makes it accessible and uses high levels of encryption to secure it. Pick online billing software that lets you back up and recover data in case of loss of system or server damage. 

3. Professional billing facility 

When looking for the best online billing software, make sure it can churn out invoices quickly while maintaining your brand name. Moreover, it should be able to convert estimates into invoices

Professional Billing Facility-top odoo alternative

Also, it should be able to generate recurring invoices depending on your payment cycle. This will help you onboard more clients and make billing a little less boring. 

4. Easy-to-use interface 

Well, everyone can’t be a tech expert. So, make sure your online invoicing software is user-friendly. Bonus if it comes with instruction videos and provides a comprehensive demo. This will ensure that business owners with minimum accounting skills will be able to use it without difficulties. 

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Wrapping up

So, these were just a few reasons why Moon Invoice is a top Odoo alternative. 24/7 customer service, reporting, advanced analytics, and an easy-to-use interface are the primary factors. 

Besides, a 90-day warranty and reliable cloud infrastructure make it the best online billing software for businesses. 

Connect with us at support@mooninvoice.com or +1-805-491-9393 to discuss your accounting needs and schedule a free demo. 

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