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Exquisite Face

How Moon Invoice Helped
Exquisite Face & Body?

The famous boutique manufacturer and distributor of skin care products connected to Moon Invoice to experience excellent invoicing features. They were already using an invoicing app before but wanted to switch to a better invoicing app that offers more modules and functions.

Moon Invoice offered all the new and exciting invoicing application features, including full-cycle invoicing, proforma invoices, custom payment methods, and financial reporting making their business’s financial management easier and simplified.

The biggest bonus Moon Invoice offered was the direct payment links, which gradually helped the boutique manufacturer and distributor to improve their AR ratio.


One of the challenges that Exquisite Face and Body faced while connecting with Moon Invoice was not finding some of the features that were provided by their former invoicing app. But on the contrary, there were new features and modules, and learning those features was an exciting journey for them.

Exquisite Face


Overall the client is happy using Moon Invoice for generating product-based invoices. Also, the client is delighted with using the direct pay links in the invoice, helping them get paid faster.


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