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How Moon Invoice Helped Cedrus to Manage The Daily Business Accounts?

Business accounts need a clear depiction of income and expenses. Moon Invoice helped Cedrus with an interactive business dashboard to manage customers, record expenses, list the invoices and download income statements. The key team at Cedrus can quickly manage the production of olive oil and soap in the factory as they are quite aware of the stocks and income flow. The company has finally got an all-in-one business solution for managing the legendary family-run business.

Moon Invoice
Moon Invoice


Jonas, being a business owner at Cedrus, had to manage multiple invoice creation. He was using Google Docs for creating and sharing the invoices in the doc format. The accounts team often used to forget to share the document access, which led to delay in invoices. Their biggest challenge was to get paid faster due to a poor invoice cycle.

Our challenge was to offer Cedrus an online invoicing software that can help create multiple invoices in seconds. And, we did it with Moon Invoice!


With 66+ pre-defined invoice templates, the Cedrus team was quite happy and content. Now, they can send invoices to various clients on the go. With Moon Invoice, the company has a professional invoicing solution that results in a faster payment cycle. Nevertheless, the app also notifies with timely reminders for client payments and stock alerts. Benefits like auto-pilot mode for recurring invoices, a quick conversion of estimates and proforma into commercial invoices, and business analytics are a bonus, of course!

Moon Invoice

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