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How Moon Invoice Helped Jessica Nicklos To Run Her Contractor Services Smoothly?

Moon Invoice assisted Jessica to run her own billing contractor services seamlessly than ever before. We made sure that she gets her billing details, expense management & financial aspects, all in one app. Jessica needed a sophisticated invoicing platform which could streamline her activities and keep her clients engaged at all times. She needed an affordable solution.

Moon Invoice came into the picture and helped Jessica with her requirements and paved the way for her to grow her business the way she has always wanted.

Moon Invoice
Moon Invoice


With the growing pace of changing in everything, Jessica was looking for an all-in-one app solution that could ease up her billing and contracting services and streamline everything to satisfy her clients.

Moon Invoice saw an opportunity here as our invoicing solution has it all. It serves as the ideal solution for freelancing contractors, small business owners and large scale businesses. Taking this into consideration, we understood the requirements of her and provided the services that she was looking for.


Jessica was only finding really expensive solutions, or free, one-off invoicing options that didn’t help her in keeping a track of every major aspect of her business. That’s when Moon Invoice reduced her workload by providing the effective one-in-all solution to keep her clients satisfied.

Moon Invoice allows her own independent contractor services to work promptly. By invoicing quickly, while tracking all of her billing in one location. The pricing is cost-effective and it has been very easy to use for her.

Moon Invoice


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