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Sky Puzzle - The Innovators in Industry Digitalization Process

How Moon Invoice Helped Sky Puzzle with Multi-Platform Invoicing Feature?

Sky Puzzle is the fastest growing digitalization IoT-based company. The company has a steady demand for drafting project estimates, purchase orders, and invoices. Moon Invoice is a complete invoicing platform offering an excellent invoicing module with estimate creation, purchase order creation, proforma invoice, standard invoice, credit notes, and expense recording feature.

So, we helped Sky Puzzle simplify its business invoicing and estimation needs by offering all the different features under a single platform. It not only helped the brand save time but also helped improve their business productivity by giving the accessibility to convert estimates and Purchase Orders to invoices using a single click.


One of the significant challenges that Sky Puzzle faced with its earlier invoicing software was the multi-currency feature. Because the company has branches in the USA and Croatia, it becomes necessary for them to generate invoices in different currencies. For the same, they require a multi-currency invoicing application like Moon Invoice.

Moon Invoice offers 100+ currency options, making it easy and simple for the company owner to draft invoices for clients and customers in different countries. So, we helped clients to face the challenge of the multi-currency issue by providing them with a fully-featured multi-currency invoicing software.

Sky Puzzle - The Innovators in Industry Digitalization Process


We helped Sky Puzzle get the complete invoicing solution by offering estimates, purchase orders, credit notes, and invoices under a single platform. Moreover, we solved their issue of multi-currency invoicing by offering readymade invoicing templates that are easy to customize by choosing the appropriate currency option while designing the invoice.


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