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Veterinary Heart Care (VHC)

How Moon Invoice Helped VHC in Managing Professional Invoicing?

VHC found it challenging to generate professional invoices and revenue reports via a single invoicing app. Moon Invoice helped the local veterinarian clinic design professional-looking invoices with a simple user interface. Not only that, the owner was able to generate revenue and other business reports using Moon Invoice.

VHC is now using Moon Invoice online billing software for invoicing the mobile veterinary cardiology services and is quite happy.


Veterinary Heart Care (VHC) offers local referral appointments and mobile veterinary services to its clients. It, therefore, becomes challenging to issue professional invoices during the mobile consultations, for which VHC required a fully-functional invoicing software.

Apart from invoicing, one of the basic needs of VHC was to auto-generate the profit and loss and revenue reports. Ordinary invoicing apps could not aid with business reports for which VHC required a professional invoicing software like Moon Invoice.

Veterinary Heart Care (VHC)


Moon Invoice had an online consultation with VHC to understand their professional invoicing requirement. We helped them choose the most appropriate invoicing plan based on their invoicing needs.

VHC was happy to invoice its clients using Moon Invoice. It has proved relatively cost-effective and up to their expectations. Their team has demanded a multiple contacts email feature while adding a new company/customer, & our team is working on the same.


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