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A Yoga Contractor

How Moon Invoice Helped
Roxanne Sundahl Keep Track of
Incoming Payments?

Roxanne , being a freelance yoga instructor, needed a quick check on the incoming payments of her rendered services. For the same, she needed an online invoicing software that could easily help track payments online. Our cloud invoicing and payment processing software helped Roxanne , a yoga contractor, to keep a check on her client payments.

Moon Invoice has a highly simplified payment tracking solution that helps users manage the incoming payment details via the dashboard. Also, we provide 15+ business reports to check the services rendered and collected payments.


A yoga contractor like Roxanne has multiple clients and businesses. These businesses and clients pay yoga contractors differently per the sessions and training timings. Hence, one of the challenges that yoga contractors generally face is getting updated on the incoming payment status.

Roxanne faced similar challenges while managing her yoga contracting service, RoxSunYoga. She was finding it extremely difficult to get a list of clients who paid for her services. For the same, she was looking forward to online invoicing software that helps with payment collection status or report.

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We helped Roxanne get a one-stop invoicing platform that allowed her to send professional invoices with custom payment methods but also helped her keep track of payments with the client’s name. Finally, Roxanne is happy using Moon Invoice for her yoga contractor services and stays ahead of the payments without worrying about the accounts receivable.


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