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Benefits of Sending Contractor Estimates to Clients

Contractor quote templates are the best way to generate professional estimates for clients and agents.

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Are You Looking to Download Contractor Estimate Templates?

Why Moon Invoice?

Our online estimate maker app helps contractors send quick estimates, invoices, and purchase orders using a single app. Let's explore more benefits.

Unlimited Invoices

Send unlimited contractor invoices by downloading contractor invoice templates for free. Then, customize the readymade invoice templates as per your chosen background and theme to issue invoices on the go!

Unlimited Estimates

Moon Invoice offers unlimited contractor quote templates to help you pitch new projects. In addition, our free contractor estimate templates follow a professional format to help design quick business proposals.

Quick PO Management

After getting approval on your sent business estimates, the next step is to design a purchase order. Moon Invoice helps contractors design accurate purchase orders on approved estimates by simply duplicating estimates as PO.

Financial Reports

Download 15+ financial reports using our online estimate maker app. We help you get accurate sales reports, tax reports, product purchase reports, product by profit reports, profit and loss statements, and invoice aging reports.

Watch Client Activities

Manage your clients and vendors on the go by using our estimate maker app. In addition, we help contractors to understand their clients better by watching their purchasing and payment behavior activities by offering client statements.

Dashboard Starring Insights

Moon Invoice dashboard reflects bar graphs per the payments received, sales, outstanding payments, and other client details. It helps contractors judge the stability of their business via a single screen.

66+ PDF Templates

We offer 66+ readymade invoices and estimate templates to users for designing professional invoices and estimates. It helps in saving time and effort on designing estimates as much of the details are already entered by default.

Popular Payment Methods

Moon Invoice has got the best payment gateway integrations to help you get paid on time. As contractors, you can demand faster payments from your clients by integrating popular payment methods into the invoices.


A contractor sends an estimate to the client who wishes to hire them on labor, material, or both terms. The general contractor estimate templates help final design estimates offering customization and other inputs.

A contractor estimate includes estimate number, date, total amount, estimate breakdown, and receiver details. In addition, our contractor quote template app allows contractors to add business signatures while issuing client estimates.

There are various contractor estimates, including final estimate, proforma estimate, interim estimate, and revised estimate.

For issuing contractor estimates online using the Moon Invoice app, please follow the below steps.

  1. Log on to the Moon Invoice app or website.
  2. Click on estimates to design a new estimate.
  3. Choose from contractor estimate templates and themes to customize it.
  4. Save estimate.
  5. Click on email to send it online with a single click.

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