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Free Invoice Templates
for Excel

Do you wish to create and send invoices in Microsoft Excel? Moon Invoice has professional invoicing templates for Excel, helping you generate customized invoices in minutes. Choose your free Excel invoice template, customize it, and send it across. Get paid faster by using our small business invoice templates for FREE.

Free Invoice Templates for Excel

Download Free Excel Invoice Template for Your Business

Here are some of the most common invoice templates for Excel that you can download or use.

Classic Invoice Template Excel
Classic Invoice Template Excel

It is one of the simplest yet standard invoice template forms in the Excel format that helps with filling the line items, invoice details, and total amount.

Standard Invoice Template for Excel
Standard Invoice Template for Excel

Free invoice templates Excel with a standard version refers to the standard invoicing layout that includes basic invoice and sale details with payment due date.

Free Printable Invoice Templates Excel
Free Printable Invoice Templates Excel

We have easily printable Microsoft Excel invoice templates that can be customized after downloading and can be quickly issued online via Email.

Generate 5X Faster Invoices Using Invoice Templates for Excel.

Download invoice templates Excel for free and customize them before sending them to your client.

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How to Create an Invoice Using
Excel Invoice Template?

To create an invoice in Excel by downloading the free printable invoice templates Excel, follow these steps.

  1. Download the Excel invoice templates on your desktop or mobile
  2. Start customizing the Excel invoice templates for free by adding the invoice number, invoice date, payment due date, line items, and total amount.
  3. Add payment terms at the bottom of the invoice.
  4. The Excel invoice templates by Moon Invoice offer automatic calculations. Cross-tally the invoice amount before sending it across.
  5. Save the invoice templates for Excel on your device.
How to Create a Rent Invoice Online?

What Can You Do More to Create Professional Invoices?

To generate more professional invoices, the small business owner or contractor needs to focus on the invoicing elements carefully, right from selecting the
invoice template to mentioning the invoice payment terms.

Add Company Logo & Details

Add the company logo and company name along with the correct company details, such as the address and phone number.

Add Customer Information

Mention the client or customer details, including the customer's name, address, phone number, and email address.

Add Invoice Information

Add Invoice essentials such as invoice number, invoice date, currency, and invoice type, such as regular or recurring.

Mention Line Items & Total

Add the sale or service details, such as the type of goods sold or service delivered with unit price, discount, taxes, and total amount.

Mention Invoice Terms

Write the invoice terms mentioning the payment information and procedure in clear words. Also, mention the payment late fees.

Add Business Signature

Adding a company signature is a must to testify to the invoice. It signifies that the authorized person has viewed the invoice before sending it.

Sending Excel Invoice Templates from Moon Invoice

Sending Excel invoice templates from Moon Invoice is as easy as a breeze. Here are the simple tips to follow:

  • Download the Microsoft Excel invoice templates.
  • Start customizing the Excel invoice templates for free.
  • Add all the relevant invoice information.
  • Product Price, Unit, Discount, and Tax
  • Save the template.
  • Send it directly using Moon Invoice's Email and WhatsApp sharing feature.
Sending Excel Invoice Templates from Moon Invoice

Tips for Creating the Best Free Invoice Templates for Excel

Create the best impression in front of your customers or clients by following these expert invoicing tips while customizing our Excel invoice templates.

Keep Your Invoice Clean & Concise

Small businesses and freelancers must keep their invoices clean and precise for gaining instant attention from the clients. The more precise the invoice, the more chances to get paid faster.

Mention Correct Invoice Details

All the customizable fields of your invoices template Excel must be properly filled including the invoice number, date, type, and currency. It helps the customers with easy invoicing reference.

Itemize Your Invoice

While you are generating Excel invoices, it is important to keep your invoice itemized for mentioning all the sale details separately that helps ease the calculate totals and taxes.

Keep Flexible Payment Terms
Keep Flexible Payment Terms

RIght from the invoicing process to collecting the payment from the customers, it is best to keep your payment terms flexible (Net 30, Net 60, or Net 90) for getting paid on time.

Offer More Payment Methods

A professional invoice in an Excel file format must be properly labeled about the accepted payment methods in order to help the customers pay via their preferred mode of payment.

Highlight Important Items

A free invoice template in Excel must have the sections or items in bold that need instant attention of the client or customer as soon as they receive the invoice or bill.

Draft 5X Apt + Professional Invoices with Moon

Moon Invoice's free invoice template in Excel helps create invoices more accurately and precisely thereby helping you get paid on time.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Free Excel Invoice?

A free invoice template for Excel is an invoice template designed in the Excel format for issuing quick invoices to the client.

How Can I Download Free Excel Invoice Templates Online?

You can download a sample invoice template in Excel online with Moon invoice. Moon Invoice offers 66+ PDF and Excel sample invoice template options for generating quick invoices online.

What is a Simple Invoice Template?

A simple or standard invoice template has all the invoice essentials mentioned including the customer and company details, line items, and payment details. You can simply download it online and customize it easily.

What Invoice Template Formats Does Moon Invoice Help With?

Moon Invoice helps with PDF, Excel Word, and Google Docs Invoice template formats.

Which is the Best Invoice Generator?

Moon Invoice is a best invoice generator that helps issuing quick invoices to the client. It has 66+ invoice template options for generating custom invoices in minutes.

Can Invoices Help Manage Business Finances?

Business Finance can be easily managed by generating invoices with Moon Invoice. Our online invoicing software helps with a finance dashboard mentioning all the outstanding, total sales, and total profit details.