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India's Favorite GST Billing Software, Moon Invoice

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Does your business need to issue GST-enabled bills for the customers? Stay confident while designing your business bills with our free GST billing software.

Download GST bill templates to quickly create + send bills to your Indian customers or clients.

  • 1.7M+ Downloads
  • 66+ GST Bill Templates
  • GST Reports
  • 20+ Payment Integrations
India's Favorite GST Billing Software, Moon Invoice

Why is Moon Invoice the #1 Online GST Billing Software?

We simplify small business billing by offering more than just standard billing features! Here is why top Indian entrepreneurs choose us as their online billing partner:

Create Unlimited GST Bills

60 Seconds & Your Bill is Ready!

Say goodbye to painful billing methods with our billing software with GST. Small business owners can now generate easy and accurate GST-compliant bills with Moon Invoice. Get 66+ GST bill templates that are fully customizable. Brand your bills how you want for an effortless and simpler billing experience.

For your upcoming bookkeeping process, our best billing software in India can help make things simpler for you. We help you create unlimited GST bills; our software doesn't have limitations to generate bills, whether you are using a silver or a gold plan. Customize the bills per your business requirement and generate GST bills in under 60 seconds using readymade templates.

Create Unlimited GST Bills

Worry About Recurring Bills?

Auto Set It with Moon Invoice

Have you been generating the bills manually for all your recurring clients? Here is a simple way to chase off the repetitive tasks with our GST billing software for small businesses. Businesses often complain about spending 30-35% of their business hours in issuing recurring bills. Our recurring billing feature can help businesses in saving these time by generating recurring bills automatically on the chosen billing cycle.

Our free GST billing software helps generate recurring bills automatically and effortlessly, whether bi-weekly, fortnightly, monthly, or quarterly. Stay ahead of your business's billing cycle with our billing app's recurring feature. No clients shall be missed in generating bills; hence, timely payments can be expected.

Worry About Recurring Bills

Get e-Invoicing Module

Push Your Invoices to IRP

Does your business follow the e-invoicing module introduced by IRP (Indian Revenue Portal)? Well, our free GST billing software helps generate accurate bills and integrate the same to IRP without having you troubled the same. Say goodbye to manual data entry for pushing your bills to the IRP portal, as our app does it efficiently and professionally.

Stay stress-free by staying on the right side of the tax regulations with our online GST billing software. These small tasks that are highly important for your business are easily managed by our app, making you free to focus on your business's core elements.

Get e-Invoicing Module

View & Download GST Reports

Know Where Your Business Taxes Go!

Running a business comes with a lot of numbers and reporting. For Indian businesses, we have an exclusive report module that helps generate the GST-complaint reports, making the tax process easy. File your business's monthly, quarterly, and annual returns easily with Moon Invoice.

Download the following reports using our online GST billing software in PDF format.

  • GSTR-1 - Monthly and quarterly return for reporting the outward supply of goods
  • GSTR-3B - Simplified monthly return for easin g the taxation process
  • GSTR-9 - Annual report for GST comprising all the financial transactions of the year
View & Download GST Reports

Generate e-Way Bills

Streamline Multiple Shipments

Does your business need to streamline costly shipments? Our GST billing software helps you easily generate e-Way bills to facilitate the shipments with its range-wise validity. Leave the expensive shipment worries on us as our app helps generate accurate e-Way bills for streamlining easy deliveries.

Fill these details in our readymade e-Way form and generate the bills in minutes.

  • Supplier information
  • Date of Document
  • Receiver information
  • Transporter information
  • Quantity
  • Goods information
  • Value of Goods
  • e-Way bill number with validity
  • Place of Delivery
  • Vehicle Number
  • Reason for Transportation
  • Document Type
  • Additional Information
  • GST 132
  • HSN (Harmonized System of Nomenclature) Code
Generate e-Way Bills

Inventory Management with Billing

Manage Stocks like a PRO!

The real happiness for business owners is when billing and stock management go hand in hand. Our billing software with GST is entitled to manage bills and inventory like a PRO. As you keep generating bills for the products and services in our app, the inventory shall keep updating automatically, alarming with low stock alerts.

By switching to Moon Invoice, manage your business wisely by spending less effort on digital billing and inventory management. Our GST billing software for small businesses monitors the stock on your behalf. You shall never need to hire any inventory supervisor for this!

Inventory Management with Billing

Get Paid Faster with 20+ Payment Methods

Add Payment Links to the Bills

Only billing is never the goal! Businesses in India work on rapid deliveries and payments. We understand how Indian companies or industries work; henceforth, we have made it easy for you to collect payments. Our billing and accounting software integrates 20+ payment methods to receive quick payments from clients or customers.

Adding a custom payment method is also an option using our online GST billing software. Add payment links to bills and send them across to get instant payments. Nevertheless, our billing and invoicing software sends bills via WhatsApp with a single click. Send bills quickly to get paid on time!

Get Paid Faster with 20+ Payment Methods

Send GST Bills Directly to Client's WhatsApp

Expect a Faster Turnaround Time!

90% of the Indian smartphone users use WhatsApp for quick communication. Well, we have made WhatsApp GST billing enabled on our invoicing software that helps businesses to send quick bills directly to their client’s WhatsApp number.

Faster billing leads to faster payments and that’s what we want to do with our WhatsApp invoice sharing feature. Make GST-enabled bills, send them using the WhatsApp sharing feature, and expect faster payments for the bills issued! This is how we help improvise your business’s cash flow 10X faster than other billing apps.

Send GST Bills Directly to Client's WhatsApp

Seamless Device Availability

iOS, Android, Mac, Windows, & WebApp

One of the reasons why Indian business owners choose Moon Invoice as their online billing partner is because we are available across all devices. Considering the latest features and upgrades, business owners and accountants generally change their phones. Moon Invoice lets you use any device with your login credentials and helps you access all the data with the sync feature.

Issue bills on any devices or apps and get the same access on another device by turning on the Moon Sync option. We help businesses to maintain ease and effectiveness in their operations by offering seamless device access.

Seamless Device Availability

Offline Usage Policy

Work in No Connectivity Zone!

Indian businesses generally face low internet connectivity or no connectivity once in a blue moon, for which we have a solution to keep the work going! Moon Invoice has an exclusive offline usage policy that helps businesses use the app even offline. Make multiple bills and save them to the app without wasting a minute of your operational hours.

Our offline usage policy helps to update the app data during connectivity with the data sync option. Save time, work effortlessly, and focus more on your business's marketing and creative tasks as we handle all the business billing requirements.

Offline Usage Policy

Create GST-Compliant Bills in 60 Seconds

Leave all your billing worries to us as we help create and schedule final and recurring bills.

Download Moon Invoice!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an E-Way Bill in India?

An e-Way bill is an electronically generated document mandatory for moving goods from one to another, worth over a specific value in India. It includes all the consignment details and the precise information of the supplier, vehicle, route, and receiver's place.

What is the full form of GSTR?

GSTR stands for Goods and Services Tax Return.

Does the Government Suspend GSTR 2 Return?

GSTR 2 was initially designed to report the inward supplies of goods and services. Due to some technical challenges and complexities, GSTR 2 was suspended by the Government, and hence, businesses don't need to file it.

What is the Time Limit for Issuing a GST Invoice?

Under the GST, issuing the GST invoice during or before the time of supply is compulsory. In short, when the seller makes the goods available to the buyer, the invoice must be issued mentioning GST details.

Can I Issue a Revised Invoice Under GST?

Yes, GST invoices can be revised quickly, adhering to the specific rules and conditions of the Government. Businesses can download our billing and accounting software for revising GST bills.

What is the Composition Scheme?

Small businesses with a turnover threshold have an option scheme the Government offers under GST. Here, the small business owner pays a fixed percentage of the profit as a tax, simplifying the annual returns.

Does Moon Invoice Generate Accurate GST Reports?

e-Invoices are compulsory for businesses having a turnover of more than 20 Crores. e-Way bills are compulsory for goods having value of more than 50K. Such digital records are important for businesses in order to reduce the risk of payments and loss. Such details are recorded by both the customer and by the supplier which helps both the parties in managing any queries regarding the invoices, goods, or sale.

Is Moon Invoice a Free GST Billing Software?

Yes, Moon Invoice offers a free trial for seven days to the registered users allowing access to unlimited billing and reporting modules.

What are the Other Features of Moon Invoice Billing Software?

Our GST billing software has many features to offer apart from the standard and recurring billing features. Here are the features you can access:

  • Invoicing and Billing
  • Estimate
  • Purchase Orders
  • Credit Notes
  • Business Reports
  • Delivery Challan
  • E-way Bills
  • Sales Receipts
  • Time-Tracking

Which is the Best GST Billing Software in India?

There are many GST billing and accounting software helping businesses to streamline their invoicing and taxation processes. We suggest you try Moon Invoice availing the free trial offer.