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Commercial Invoice for Export

Are you in the process of assessing the customs duties for the goods ready to ship? Use our commerical invoice template for export to generate perfect commercial invoices.

Commercial Invoice for Export
Steps to Fill Out an Invoice Sample Template: Example of Invoice

Ease in Shipping Goods

Many governments use commerical invoices to access the true value of the goods while charging customs duties. Generating commercial invoices helps businesses simplify shipping goods from one country to another or from one port to another. It is essential to assist with the goods shipped by air or water.

Assessing the Customs Duties

Commerical invoice is a mandatory document issued by the seller to the buyer for easy shipment of the goods from one point to another. It helps access customs duties, simplifying the export and import process. Issuing a commercial invoice helps the business owner with a smooth customs clearance process.

Maintaining Legal Records

A commerical invoice format can be designed using invoicing software for export and invoice services. A commercial invoice is a legal document that helps quickly ship goods from one place to another. Also, it is checked and referred to by government agencies as a legal record that comes along with the import clearance of the goods.

Records for the Logistics Department

The shipping and logistics department has to generate a commercial invoice for export using the professional commercial invoice template that can be sent along with the goods for import clearance. Issuing a commercial invoice in the best commercial invoice format will aid the logistics department with easy movement of the goods.

Quick Classification of the Tariffs

An appropriate tariff classification must be mentioned in a commercial invoice as the customs authorities assess it. The commercial invoice template for export and import helps with the detailed bifurcation of the tariffs, thereby helping the government access all the information accurately.

Why Moon Invoice to Issue Import and Export Invoices?

Here are reasons for choosing us to generate a commercial invoice for export and invoice services.

Generate Commercial Invoices in 60 Seconds

Moon Invoice has 66+ commercial invoice templates for export and import services that help to generate invoices within 60 seconds. Use our readymade invoicing templates to generate commercial invoices in less time. It has a professional commercial invoice format covering all the import and export industry essentials.

Create Proforma Invoices with Ease

Moon Invoice has a different feature for generating standard and proforma invoices. Use our readymade templates to create import and export proforma invoices for your business in minutes. Also, you can download our export and import invoice PDF format by simply clicking on the download icon.

Manage Import and Export Business Finances

Moon Invoice has an exceptional financial management feature helps import and export business owners automatically manage their finances through reports. We offer 20+ business reports, including import and export sales reports, profit and loss reports, inventory reports, product-by-profit reports, and much more to help you overview your finances.

Offer 15+ Payment Methods.

Moon Invoice offers 15+ online payment methods that help business owners accept payments easily. Import and export business owners can improve their cash flow by using 15+ payment gateways. The more payment gateways there are, the more chances there are to get paid. Also, we allow businesses to add custom payment methods for receiving payments quickly.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Commercial Invoice?

A commercial invoice for export and import is an important legal document for the goods clearance process.

Is Import Invoice Different from Standard Invoice?

Yes, an export and import PDF invoice differs from a standard or final invoice raised by businesses for payments. An import-export invoice is mostly issued for the customs clearance process.

What is a Proforma Invoice?

The seller issues A proforma invoice to the buyer as proof of the deal. It is often sent with the goods or shipment for easy customs clearance.

How Many Days Does Moon Invoice Offer Free Trial?

Moon Invoice offers a 7-day free trial offer on all the plans.