Newsletter August 2020- Moon Invoice

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Moon Invoice Newsletter August 2020

Moon Invoice’s latest software update is here, with a bunch of new features that add to the basic functionalities and extend the user-friendly experience with better optimized services.

Have a look at the new business accounting features of Moon Invoice

Global Searching

Already implemented for WebApp & macOS users, this feature is now available for Windows users. This makes it easy for users to search for any specific attribute on the dashboard itself. Saving a ton of users’ time, this helps them find things faster. For example: Estimate, invoice, PO, payment, credit note, etc. Users can save their time by searching for anything on the dashboard.

Dark Theme Support

With a refurbished dashboard to give the users an interactive experience, we’ve come up with a dark theme support for Windows. Now, enjoy working with the choice of your theme and get a peace of mind.

Added Payment Methods

For iOS users, we’ve added new payment methods to simplify the payment process for users. The new payment methods are Facebook Pay, SumUp, iZettle and many others. Bringing the total of 8 new added methods on the table.

Rounding Off

Implemented for iOS users, this feature is important as it is used to streamline the financial reports to make sure the prices are within the interval of currency. By enabling this feature, it is easier to preserve the significant figure.

Effective UI/UX

For iOS users, this feature entails the attractive design for the time logs and payment screen. The entire screen has been redesigned to make it more user-friendly and attractive.

These are some of the new features that we’ve implemented. Happy Moon Invoicing.

Our presence is known across all devices and platforms.

Take a look at some of the features that Moon Invoice provides:

Unlimited Invoices
Unlimited Estimates
Expense Tracker
Online Payments
Time Tracker
Purchase Orders
Cloud Sync
Offline Support
Credit Notes
Multiple currencies
Manage & Pay Bills
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