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Moon Invoice

Moon Invoice Newsletter February 2022

A Few Fabulous Updates in Feb!

What’s New in WebApp?

Explore the ‘Sales Receipt’ Feature!

Moon Invoice and Moon POS users can now access the sales receipt feature while accessing WebApp. Users can issue sales receipts on the go as proof against payments.

Add-On for the POS Users!

Moon POS users can now issue credit memos against the bills issued to the customers with the exclusive new ‘Credit Notes’ feature.

Try the Newly Added Features!

Moon Invoice WebApp Users can now experience the newly added bulk invoicing feature for uploading multiple invoices using the CSV import feature. The feature allows users to migrate their invoicing data (csv files) from other invoicing applications (such as FreshBooks, QuickBooks, Xero, etc) to Moon Invoice with a single click. Also, sending bulk invoicing every month using the CSV export is quick and efficient. It saves time and transfers data with a single click.
Moon Invoice and Moon POS users can now get the exclusive Barcode & QR Code Scanner feature to make the billing process quick and efficient. Add products using the scanner directly during the checkout or in an invoice. Additionally, users can now filter dates using a range picker for arranging bills for a specific date range using both POS and Invoicing apps. Moon Invoice users can now add a customer sign-in request by default in an invoice for getting invoices signed duly by the customers.

Adore the Whole New POS UI!

POS users can experience a whole new checkout page by adding menu items from the categories displayed during checkout. It helps users to bill quickly, saving time and effort.

These are some of the new features that we've implemented. Happy Moon Invoicing.

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