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Moon Invoice

Moon Invoice Newsletter July 2020

The process of Invoicing can take up a huge portion of a business owner's time and with the changing pace of technology it is only fair that businesses are looking for the invoicing solution that has it all and constantly upgrade their functionalities from time to time to implement as per the latest trends and technologies.

And that's why, yet again, we've come up with brand new features and improvements that tops the previous version.

Let's have a look at some of the new features that Moon Invoice has implemented.

Moon Invoice

Attractive Dashboard

This feature is already there in iOS. Now, Implemented for macOS, Web App & Android devices, this magnificient feature accounts for the best experience to be given to the users. Users can check out the pie chart, top customer at the bottom, and the entire summary section on the dashboard itself. As for the WebApp users, "Recent activity" has been added which allows users to keep tabs on every little detail. For example, if the new estimate has been created or a contact detail has been changed, it reflects on the recent activity on the dashboard itself.

Global Searching

For WebApp users, this feature was already implemented a while ago. We have implemented for macOS users, this time saving feature gives the best experience to users by allowing them to search for any particular element on the dashboard itself. For example: Invoice, estimate, PO, credit note, payment, etc. Users can save their time by searching for anything on the dashboard.
Moon Invoice
Moon Invoice

Manage Expenses Effectively

WebApp and iOS users are already taking advantage of this feature. This feature has been implemented for Android users as it allows them to print & send the expenses through email. The UI/UX has been redesigned to give the best user experience and the expenses can now be managed with better functionality. And for Windows users, expenses can be sorted currency wise.

Easy Payment Filter Now

This feature is already available for iOS and macOS and now we are bringing this feature for android users. With this, you can now identify and filter the payment with a different mode of options like cash, credit card, debit card, etc. Also, the credit note can be applied directly from the payment section to ease up the process.
Moon Invoice
Moon Invoice

UPI: Convenient Payment Method

This feature is available for android users who are residing in India. While going for the payment options, this functionality has been added, once you go for it, you can select the 3rd party UPI app from your device and the payment will be carried out.

Auto Send Payment Receipt

When users pay online, this feature keeps a tab on this activity and sends the payment receipt via email to keep them updated. If Moonsync is ON, the auto send payment receipt works. This feature is available on every platform. With this, you’ll never have to worry about your payment receipts.
Moon Invoice
Moon Invoice

Reminder & Notification

This feature is available on every platform. This feature gives you constant reminders when the payments are from your customers and the daily notifications as well as the weekly and monthly ones gives you heads up on where your business stands. Moonsync should be ON to use this benefit. This feature is noteworthy as it sends emails to remind you of the payments that are due by your customers. This can also be used for summary and stock reports.

Multiple PDF Fonts Support

This feature is already available for iOS & macOS. This feature is now available for WebApp users which now comes with various fonts such as Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Portuguese, Hindi, Gujarati, and many more. So, you can now generate PDFs in your own language.
Moon Invoice

Yes, these are the new and interesting features along with many other features that we provide.

Our presence is known across all devices and platforms.
Moon Invoice
Moon Invoice
Moon Invoice
Moon Invoice
Moon Invoice

Take a look at some of the features that Moon Invoice provides:

Moon Invoice Unlimited Invoices
Moon Invoice Unlimited Estimates
Moon Invoice Expense Tracker
Moon Invoice Online Payments
Moon Invoice Time Tracker
Moon Invoice Reports
Moon Invoice Purchase Orders
Moon Invoice Cloud Sync
Moon Invoice Offline Support
Moon Invoice Credit Notes
Moon Invoice Multiple currencies
Moon Invoice Manage & Pay Bills
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