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Moon Invoice

Moon Invoice Newsletter May 2020

Amidst these tough times, we are taking extra care to get everything clean and healthy using effective precautions so that our services can be given to you and to let you know that it doesn't hinder our quality driven approach.

Moon Invoice will be there for you even in the darkest times. We've gathered some features which might help you to utilize using any device, anywhere.

Moon Invoice

Exclusive Stock Reports

This web app feature allows users to check the report which works as a summary of the movement of products in and out of your business. It contains the stock in hand, code number, buying price and selling price of the stocks. And on top of it, you can see the total value of stock as well. This helps your business in staying updated with the stock quantities.

Multi Users With More Options

We've come up with some more options in webapp to make sure that everyone is on the same page. Earlier, users could add, edit and delete estimates, purchase orders or invoices now we've come up with more options that work effectively for everyone. If admin just wants to give access to users only for adding or editing then they can now do it with ease without giving the delete option.
Moon Invoice
Moon Invoice

Data Sharing Option

Moon Invoice is now bundled with this solid webapp feature which allows other staff members to view the invoices if the data sharing option has been on otherwise only see those records which users have created. This feature also comes with the option to share products with every user and if you want some information to be separated from users, you can do that too.

Widget feature

Get the benefit of our interesting and effective feature. With Moon Invoice, you can add the different invoice widgets for various segments to your iOS devices, i.e.,iPhone or iPad device. With contact, invoice, expense and time tracking shortcuts available, it is easy for users to check the contacts, click and access invoices, check out expenses and time tracking, with just a single tap.
Moon Invoice
Moon Invoice

New Dashboard for iOS, Android

Yes, we are all equipped with the interactive dashboard which monitors, tracks, analyzes while allowing users to interact with the invoices more efficiently. This new dashboard has a better UI and rich UX that goes a long way. And this new and attractive dashboard is available in iOS and android devices.

Apply tax for all items

Moon Invoice now allows users to select as many items as they want for applying the tax. This time saving feature is available in all of the platforms like iOS, android, macOS, Windows and Web.
Moon Invoice
Moon Invoice

Net Profit on dashboard

This solid feature is available on all the platforms and it brings a financial aspect on the table for your business. Users can check the net profit on the dashboard so that it becomes comparatively easy and effective for your business to measure the profitability in making short and long term financial decisions.

Sort by category on product list

You won’t have to spend any more time than you have to. Moon Invoice has made sure with this feature. Users can sort the items by the product list, thus saving a lot of time and giving an easy to use momentum. This feature is also available in all of the platforms like iOS, android, macOS, Windows and Web.
Moon Invoice
Our presence is known across all devices and platforms.
Moon Invoice
Moon Invoice
Moon Invoice
Moon Invoice
Moon Invoice

Take a look at some of the features that Moon Invoice provides:

Moon Invoice Unlimited Invoices
Moon Invoice Unlimited Estimates
Moon Invoice Expense Tracker
Moon Invoice Online Payments
Moon Invoice Time Tracker
Moon Invoice Reports
Moon Invoice Purchase Orders
Moon Invoice Cloud Sync
Moon Invoice Offline Support
Moon Invoice Credit Notes
Moon Invoice Multiple currencies
Moon Invoice Manage & Pay Bills
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