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Modernizing Payments Contactlessly

Introducing Tap to Pay

Moon Invoice offers one-touch payments on your mobile with the tap-to-pay feature. Receive contactless payment with iPhone by setting up the Stripe NFC payment method and with Android devices using a Stripe Card Reader.

Say goodbye to the hassles of entering the pin and password, as we have enabled the latest tap-to-pay feature for Android and iOS apps.

Worried About Payments?
Enable Tap-to-Pay!

Retailers and business owners often look forward to a quick invoicing solution that helps with invoice creation and quick payments. The tap-to-pay on iPhone and Android is a quick solution for retailers and small-scale business owners to invite quick online payments. All your payment worries end with our exclusive contactless payment feature- just tap on your Moon Invoice app (on iPhone or Android) to receive payments from your customers or clients.

Worried About Payments? Enable Tap-to-Pay!

Exclusively for Android

No More Pin Password Hassles Just Tap and hold to
Accept Payments

Customers are often looking forward to easy payment methods where they can avoid the hassles of entering pins or passwords manually. The contactless payment with Android using the Moon Invoice app can offer seamless flexibility to your customers without compromising security. So, allow your customers to pay online using the stripe card reader. Just tap and hold to complete the payment process.

Exclusively for Android

Exclusively for iOS

Seamless Payment Setup No External Hardware Required!

To enable NFC payment on your iPhone, installing hardware is not required. One of the reasons why our retailers and business owners admire using Apple tap-to-pay is that it is hardware-free. There isn't any need for an EDC or card-swiping machine to process the payments. Set up your payment method using Stripe on your iOS device, and start accepting contactless payments on your iPhone. Tap and hold to pay on the contactless symbol to receive payments directly in your bank account.

No More Pin Password Hassles Just Tap & Hold to Accept Payments!


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Are Your Online Payment Methods Taking Too Much Time?

Enable contactless payments on iPhone & Android by activating the tap-to-pay on your Moon Invoice app.

Set up Tap-to-Pay!

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Accept Contactless Payments with Moon Invoice's iOS App?

To accept payments using Apple Pay option, follow these steps:

  • Log in to your Moon Invoice account on your iPhone
  • Setup the payment method Using Stripe
  • Click on the Payment Options for Adding Payments to Invoices
  • Select Tap-to-Pay

Is Tap-to-Pay Available Everywhere?

The tap-to-pay feature on the iPhone is only available in the USA.

The tap-to-pay feature on the Android through Stripe Terminal is available in the UK, Singapore, and the USA. In beta, the same is available in Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Austria, the Czech Republic, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Ireland, and more countries.

Which iPhone Devices Support Tap-To-Pay Feature?

Apple's tap-to-pay feature supports the following iPhone devices: Running iOS 15.5 or later, iPhone XS or later.

Which Android Devices Support Tap-To-Pay Feature?

The Android SDK for tap-to-pay requires the following functionalities to meet on the Android device.

  • Devices that run Android 10 version or later
  • Contains functioning NFC antenna+chipset
  • Isn't rooted, and the device bootloader is locked and unchanged
  • Leverages Google Mobile Services
  • Has a hardware-backed keystore

What Payment Methods Does Apple Tap-to-Pay Support?

The tap-to-pay feature on the iPhone supports Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, contactless cards and NFC-based mobile wallets (Google Pay, Samsung Pay, & Apple Pay).

What Payment Methods Does Android Tap-toPay Support?

The tap-to-pay on the Android library supports Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, contactless cards and NFC-based mobile wallets (Google Pay, Samsung Pay, & Apple Pay).

Is Any Hardware Required to Enable Apple Pay?

No, the user can directly use the iPhone to tap and pay. No additional hardware or EDC is required for receiving payments.

Is Any Hardware Required to Enable Android Tap to Pay?

Yes, the Stripe Terminal must be used for Android to process the tap-to-pay feature.

Does Tap-to-Pay Work on iPads and Tablets?

NFC-enabled technology is mandatory for the tap-to-pay function. Hence, it works on iPhones but doesn’t work for iPads (as of now). For Android tablets, it works for Samsung Galaxy Active 3 devices.