Whether you call it billing, accounting or invoicing all of which require your attention with respect to numbers, data, and statistics. Excel and other spreadsheets have been playing a major role since long in handling the accounting task of a firm or business. However, it is quite common that at some point few of the details are missed due to which calculation errors appear such as formulae and shortcuts leading to accounting disaster ultimately leaving the business process messed up.


If you or your organization is facing or experiencing accounting/billing drawbacks then it is time to go for Moon Invoice, the invoicing game changer.


1) Get Rid Of Excel Spreadsheets


Excel is a great tool but wasn’t made to handle accounting and manage records of any kind. However, it is a tedious task to manage numbers in excel especially if you aren’t familiar with shortcuts and formulae. With Moon Invoice, all your numbers and data worries are sorted out with built-in timesheets to streamline your tasks or project and with an auto/manual calculation of product stock on invoices.


2) Get Financials On Fingertips


Adding & managing ‘Purchase Order (P.O)’ or ‘Expense’ details in your spreadsheet is time-consuming and can’t be accomplished while you are on the go. Moon Invoice allows you to access your financial data and other details anywhere, anytime even on a laptop, mobile phone or tablet.

Get Financials On Fingertips - Moon Invoice

3) All On Cloud


Tired with everyone having different data for the same account? Moon Invoice lets you sync & access data across multiple devices even while you are on-the-go. Moreover, Moon Invoice can easily be accessed and download for all the major platforms such as iOS, OS X, Android, Windows, etc.


4) Professional & Customised Invoices


Are you one of those businesses who like to present their clients with specific invoice template by avoiding unnecessary invoice fields that are irrelevant to your client? If you are, then your business definitely needs customized as well as professional looking invoicing templates that are not only easy for you but also handy for your clients to understand as well. Moon Invoice lets you customize not only templates but also you add logo and signatures.


5) Track Invoices & Get Quickly Paid


To keep calling your clients or customers to check whether they have received the invoice or not and also to keep checking your bank account balance are anti-productive tasks for a business. Since getting paid on time is a crucial factor for any business, Moon Invoice informs you about when your invoices are read and also when you have been paid.


6) Recurring Invoices


There appears to be an irregularity in payments, sometimes from the client or customer side and at others from the vendors. This happens because of the untimely sent out invoices or your clients might have forgotten to pay. To avoid this, now you can set the recurring invoices so as get paid on time without any excuses to keep running your business smoothly.


7) Maintain Cash Flow


Businesses have for ages maintained the records of expense in a spreadsheet which turned out to be consuming huge manual hours of the resources and also not considered to be productive. Moreover, piling up of bills, receipts and invoices are altogether a headache if for some purpose you needed to retrieve any specific transaction. Moon Invoice helps you to organize and categorize them automatically into income and expenses so that you can see your cash flow at a glance.

Maintain Cash Flow - Moon Invoice

8) Insights & Reports


Quick decisions are important for business. To arrive at one, you need to know & understand the facts and the performance of your business. Moon Invoice helps you take these decisions with customized and informative insights and reports instantly unlike spreadsheets which take a lot of time to get this task done.




All this might sound expensive, but in reality, it is not. The online invoicing solution from Moon Invoices comes with a 7 days free trial period to give you a first-hand operational experience and functionality feel of the app. So, we do not see any reasons for you to hold back from giving this push to your business to keep your accounting up to date.