“Customer service”, these two words spell distress for even the most seasoned agents. However providing quality customer service is what sets apart your firm or business from others. Provided you are willing to walk that extra mile to resolve the ire of unhappy or dissatisfied customers/clients.


As an angry customer hollers over the phone asking for a refund or complaining over dissatisfactory services, you contemplate slamming the phone down or maybe return the tone of indignation. However, you risk the possibility of losing valuable business. And that may not work out well for your business.




Need not be buddy, as we are here to back you up with the coolest, tried and tested ways to handle even the most irate client. Read on to know more! Maybe pop a beer or two whilst you chill as you are about to experience the key to rendering quality consumer service.


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Ways to handle angry customers like a pro!


Tactic 1. Pacify your clients anger by pouring oil over troubled waters – Acknowledge their trouble


Delve into the psychology of an angry customer and try to understand what ails them in a calm, placid, and non-judgemental manner. This may seem tough at the moment when someone is trying to talk you down, however maintaining calm in such situations will help your business in the long run. 


Use pacifying phrases in a calm tone like, “I concur/realise that you are upset. Please help me with the details of the situation.”


Phrases like these will make the customer feel as if their anger has not been overlooked and that their concerns matter to the service provider.


Tactic 2. Indulge in reflective listening – Listen, pause, and reflectively repeat the customer’s concern


Listening actively and responding reflectively to the concerns of an angry customer will help you win half the battle. So what does reflective responding mean? We will help you with just that with an example!


Customer: The charging port on my within-warranty mobile phone doesn’t work and I haven’t been able to get a company replacement since weeks!


Agent: So what I am hearing is that your phone is well within warranty and has a malfunctioning charging port. Also, you haven’t received a replacement by the company since the past few weeks. Did I get that correctly?


So basically, listen, feel, imbibe, reflect and then speak the customer’s concern without losing your cool.


Tactic 3. Let them know for sure that you are concerned and will get this issue fixed!


Your words and actions should reflect on your genuine intentions of solving customer grievances. Even if the customer wishes to speak with your manager, let them! This will show your commitment towards getting the issue resolved, irrespective of ultimately who resolves it.


Take notes while on call and frequently ask them if you got their query right or whether they are happy with the solution you have offered.


Tactic 4. Get a hold on your own emotions – Don’t let them spill!


This one may seem like a given, however it’s always good to serve a friendly reminder. 


No matter how badly you might wanna slam the door and walk out in the midst of a heated argument with a client, it’s best to rein in such instincts. Count till five in reverse and understand that it’s your job to fix what’s broken in a professional manner. 


It’s best not to shout back at clients when they are having a go at you, no matter how tempting it may seem, just let it go.


Tactic 5. Maintain good records and send out error free invoices


Well this one is a prerequisite and comes under good and ethical business etiquettes. 


For freelance writers this one is a must. Keep a record of all the work that you send out to a particular client. Need help with recurring invoices? Or are you on the lookout for the perfect billing and invoicing software for enterprises? Try the Moon Invoice app with custom business invoices, the one-stop solution for all your invoicing needs. 


Tactic 6. Send in a sincere apology


Not many have been known to turn down a sincere attempt at an apology and a continuous endeavor to set the balance right!


Couple a sincere apology with acknowledgement, empathetic approach to a consumer’s issue, in addition to a solution that works, and wham! You just saved the day mate! Give yourself a pat on the back. 


Tactic 7. Deliver what you promise!


Offering the skies, moon, and stars is not the solution here, you gotta promise a doable solution and then work on delivering your agenda.


Deliver what you promise with billing software


Maintain schedules, follow the and carry out follow-ups if needed. A happy and pacified customer is totally worth the effort, we tell ya!


Tactic 8. Express your gratitude to them for bringing your attention to their grievance


Saying thank you to a venom spewing customer may be the last thing on your mind, however a simple note of gratitude goes a long way in rapport building with your customers. 


Use phrases like, “Thank you for bearing with us while we troubleshoot your issue.”


Tactic 9. Get to the root of the issue by taking feedback


You wouldn’t want the issue repeating itself now would you? One difficult customer is enough we daresay!


To prevent chances of future recurrences of the same issue, understand from the customer exactly where did things begin going wrong? Was it an untimely delivery? Rude sales rep? Or basically a device that conked off way before it was supposed to? 


Once you understand the root cause of the issue, make note of it and effectively manage your schedules and feedback log to do the best business one possibly can. 


Summing Up


On a conclusive note, we would like to wrap up by saying that though handling angry clients, ain’t definitely a piece of cake, however with the right tactics you can probably waltz your way to an untarnished business reputation and a healthy cash register!