Are you having difficulty getting paid for invoices?

Do you wish to get timely payment for invoices sent?

Does your business need to set up a smart accounts payable system?

It is critical to handle bills in a timely and accurate way to build effective vendor relationships. A good accounts payable system typically implies that liabilities are not kept on the ledger for too long, lowering the risk of losing client confidence. Companies use online accounting software to assist them in handling such a situation.

Small companies must develop a consistent and simplified strategy for accounts payable to pay their bills on time. The best free accounting software for small businesses can assist you in paying your incoming bills on time and only paying entirely correct invoices. Small businesses must pay their bills on time to avoid incurring late penalties and damaging their vendor relationships.

Furthermore, time is an essential element in determining the sustainability and longevity of a developing company. Even though we all know that cash is king, many small companies ignore the vital necessity of monitoring and evaluating their cash flow using online billing software, particularly their accounts payable.

Don’t worry if all of this makes you nervous; we’re here to assist! See some great tips for managing accounts payable, paying an invoice using free billing software for small business, and some important approaches and procedures in this post. So, brace yourself, regardless of the platform you choose, and keep reading.

Let us begin with few statistics

Back in 2017, the certified conducted a study in which they polled 300+ accounts payable experts, to uncover their views and questioned how they now handle AP? According to the findings, 46 percent used accounting software, while just 7 percent used online invoicing software, and 15 percent used a manual paper-based method. As a result, individuals used online accounting software but not automated services.

How do business handle accounts payable invoices

How do businesses handle Accounts Payable Invoices? 

So, when asked how they manage and report on AP billing performance measures, the same respondents said. Fifty-two percent of respondents use accounting software analytics, indicating the prevalence of online billing software across different company sectors.

Monitoring and reporting on parameters related to AP operation

Monitoring and reporting on parameters related to AP operation

A complete guide on ‘How to Pay an Invoice.’

Small companies may guarantee that their bills are paid on time by following the procedures outlined below:

1. All you need to do is take note of due invoices and set reminders

How bad it looks when you and your business miss a due date to pay the bill. Whenever you receive a bill from your vendor or supplier, the due date or the payment criteria is always there on it. Highlight it and when you upload those data to your online accounting software or database – sort it in date-wise format instead of amount-wise.

Do not work under a clean desk rule – pay bills as soon as they arrive. If one supplier offers you a net-15 deal and provides you with a net-30, take the time to pay both in good time.

When both bills come in, your cash flow will be impaired compared to the 15 days and 30 days allocated to pay the individual payments.

Ensure your bills are prioritized by the due date and by kind of bill in your online billing software. Also, by date and interest, sort your credit card invoices. Pay first, and then work down the cards with your highest interest.

Make a note of the payment due date in your digital calendar or any other free billing software for small businesses you use. The best free accounting software for small businesses will notify you of the weekly due bills just like you get a notification on WhatsApp.

2. Determine the appropriate channel of payment

When it comes to payment, there are a number of methods to pay and clear an invoice. It varies from cash, cheque, cards, online transfer, or any other integration to payment gateways such as PayPal, RazorPay, etc. 

Determine the Appropriate Channel of Payment

The use of online accounting software having multiple payment options always helps. Sometimes it also depends on how your businesses operate, nationally and internationally. If there are more international payments preferable to you, use payment gateways like PayPal. Make a note of the payment option that works best for your company to pay the invoice when the time arrives.

3. When preparing a payment plan, try to include the invoices in your payment plan

Continuous awareness of your financial resources, including payable data on your accounts, ensures you maintain track of your cash flow and enables you to make more strategic decisions. Advanced reporting and analysis, for instance, may help.

To ensure that you’re correctly managing your expenditures, you’ll need to keep track of the due dates of any invoices you get. You may use a spreadsheet to construct a payment plan, or you can utilize cloud-based online billing software to monitor and arrange all of your future payments. You may plan payments weekly or monthly, based on the number of invoices you receive and the payment deadlines.

4. When any payment is made, save the information regarding that payment

Consider the scenario in which you delivered the full payment a few months ago. But now you don’t have any information or record of that. 

When you pay an invoice on behalf of your company, save any payment confirmation information you get, such as a confirmation number for online payment, in a safe place. You should have this information on hand if you ever disagree with a vendor about whether or not you paid an invoice.

You may get several various kinds of invoices depending on the activities of your company. It would be helpful to use the best free accounting software for small businesses to register such information from time to time. 

Invoice disruptions cause difficulties with the cash flow of a business. Keeping eyes on any inconsistencies in invoicing helps monitor the cash flow, organize your AP procedures, keep your books in order, and maintain connections with vendors using online billing software.

5. You need to keep an eye on what you have order and what is in the invoice

It is always preferable to double-check and verify what you have ordered with what you have got. It would be best to have a purchase order or an initial estimate prepared using the best free accounting software for small businesses.

You Need To Keep an Eye on What You Have Order and What is in the Invoice

You must examine any invoices received by your business to ensure that they are correct and that the products and services you are being invoiced for properly represent the goods and services you got from the vendor. If the following measures are taken to guarantee the accuracy of the invoice, it would be helpful:

  • Examine what your business ordered.
  • Examine what you got to ensure that it corresponds to your order.
  • Check that the cost included on the invoice corresponds to your original agreement with the seller.

Let us now go into the specifics of what Accounts Payable is all about.

Accounts payable are all of the debts that the business owes to creditors. This will cover anything from freelancers paid every month to vehicle rental businesses who charge for the company’s fleet. Many small and medium-sized businesses utilize free billing software for small businesses to create invoices and deliver them to their customers.

Accounts payable often refers to short-term loans or obligations that you intend to pay off throughout the year, ideally early in the year. Accounts payable is a business function. Consequently, it is essential to invest effectively and intelligently to maintain confidence in your capacity to repay your obligations.

Accounts payable management suggestions

Accounts payable is a high-stakes operation since so many users rely on timely and accurate bills. If you don’t have a system to assist you in dealing with these costs, you’re asking for trouble.

1. Obtain standardization in the AP process

It is impossible to overestimate the value of repetition in the accounts payable technique. Set up a centralized system for managing invoices from the time they are issued until they are paid, using online accounting software.

Keep the invoices in a single location where they are easily accessible. The invoices are sorted by priority and date. Organize payments from the oldest due dates to the most recent planned dates, for example.

Use the accounts payable ageing report generated from online billing software to keep track of due payment dates. You may use an AP ageing study to determine whether supplier payments have exceeded their due dates.

2. Make use of modern technologies and Reduce your reliance on paper

When utilizing electronic billing, accounts payable may be simpler. Paper invoices are also easily lost or destroyed. You may avoid late penalties caused by lost hard-copy invoices using digital bills prepared from online billing software.

Some suppliers offer you the choice of receiving a paper invoice or an electronic invoice; others do not. Encourage suppliers to utilize email for invoice correspondence. Please ensure that all the important contact details are available. If you get a digital bill, you may see and handle it using the finest free accounting software for small businesses.

3. Maintain positive relationships with your clients

Customer relationships determine accounts payable dependability. It is critical to establish faith. Vendor collaborations can help you in various situations, from needing last-minute supplies to postponing a deadline.

Make an effort to pay your vendors on schedule. If you were unable to make the payment, be honest about it. Notify the provider as soon as you become aware that you will not fulfill the deadline. Create a solution, such as a payment plan, that you and your colleagues can all agree on. And to do so, free billing software for small businesses can be your helping hand.

4. Maintain a good and healthy cash reserve

It may be challenging to keep track of the company’s expenditures when they come due. Maintaining a cash balance is a great concept when bad cash flow months cause you to fall behind on current invoice payments. Use free billing software for small businesses to maintain track of your finances and accounts payable.

A cash savings account is an insurance reserve that you only access when necessary. Create a business investment strategy and stick to it daily. When you don’t have enough money to cover your monthly expenditures, the cash balance will come in handy—to the point of restoring part of the money withdrawn from the cash balance as quickly as possible.

5. Rely on reminders

Consider a realistic approach to an account payable company. Payments may easily be lost, and bills might be broken down. You monitor your expenses till you have established alerts utilizing the finest free accounting software for small businesses. 

Rely on Reminders

If you’re utilizing online accounting software, be sure it allows you to set up a reminder. Budgeting is made easier with reminders. Use a calendar and set up reminders to alert you when a due date is approaching to manage due payment dates.

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In conclusion

Trust us when we emphasize that accounts payable is one of the most important things to do if you utilize the best free accounting software for small businesses.

The payable accounts are one of the significant responsibilities in any modern business. After all, every business must pay its obligations; you cannot afford to make this error. Businesses are utilizing online billing software to make their accounts receivable in this fast-growing digital age.

To be put to luck, the dangers are much too big. A bad accounting procedure will damage your connections with suppliers and put you in danger of fraud.

Regardless of the size of the business, it would be ideal if you started managing accounts payable more effectively to save time and money while simplifying the processes using online billing software.

The online accounting software from Moon Invoice is a simple and effective method to manage accounts payable. Send your questions to Don’t be concerned. We offer assistance 24X7.