Perfection lies in every detail. May it just be a small detail in your invoicing but that might not be the case for your client. Such negligence could actually hamper your impression in front of your clients which further could affect the business and reputation.


It might seem to you that everything is working fine as long as your clients’ are receiving invoices and you – your payments. However, they might be wishing for few minor changes to make the process more easy and understandable. These little things can lead to dissatisfied clients over a period of time though you would be receiving payments and they would still be hiring your services.


Sooner or later, it would be a loss if they decide to opt for services which seems more professional and experienced than you. Could be your immediate or far away competitor. Henceforth, it is just to make sure that your invoicing habits are telling the right things to clients and projecting a good image of your brand.


Let’s learn about the few common mistakes to be avoided which might annoy your clients:


Poor Invoice Design


Though your invoicing might be delivering exceptionally good work a poor design and an unprofessional template could drive your client to consider other services with a smart invoicing system, look, feel and more importantly overall brand identity. A poor brand design is complete an absolute no-no for any client.


Lack of Personalization


At times, invoicing could be a mundane process. It might seem time-saving to send generic invoices with only the basic set of information but at the end, it is going to leave a bad impression.

Lack of Personalization - Moon Invoice

If taken in the right direction, invoicing can also further bond your brand identity and create a favorable impression. By putting a relevant data to the client’s project or a personalized message could also go a long way in continuing the long lasting business relation.


Lack of Communication & Planning


It is always suggested to do keep communication channel clear and also proper planning of the payment/billing cycle of invoices. Just sending invoices randomly and irregularly is unwelcoming to your client’s business. However, setting up a proper structure beforehand only in the terms and conditions while signing up for the services is the best way forward.


You can discuss upfront with your client whether they would prefer the invoices in the start, middle or last of the month and based on that payment cycle could be arranged to keep businesses running smoothly at both the ends. At the end of the day, you need to ensure that your solutions should ease your client’s life and not the other way round.


Incomplete Information


An experienced invoice includes all the relevant information and failing to do so can lead your client to think that you’re inexperienced. Newbie freelancers, solopreneurs tend to make small mistakes like forgetting invoice numbers, address, tax IDs, due date, deposit amount, etc. which makes it hard to understand the invoice completely. Especially if you are new to invoicing or being a freelancer, it’s always good to be accurate to create a good impression.


Lesser Payment Options


Providing only limited choices of making the payment might not be comfortable for your client and is actually frustrating. It is better to give them multiple ways of making an invoice payment. If you will not improve on your system, that might drive them to opt for other services wherein they might be getting more options of making a payment.

Lesser Payment Options - Moon Invoice

Moon Invoice is the easiest online invoicing app which has simplified payment with multiple options as well as to bill in any currency as per your clients’ needs.


Delayed Payment Reminders


Just as we mentioned above about sending invoices on-time, in the similar fashion so should also the late payment reminders. When the invoices are past-due then it is time to send a gentle payment reminder to your clients. Most of the clients acknowledge and make the payment immediately with delayed apologies. However, you should stay organized and send late payment reminders on-time. Ensure that you and your clients are clear in terms of automatic late payment fees and other charges.


Moon Invoice always lets you know beforehand about invoices & expenses becomes overdue. So that you can easily automate payment reminder and get paid on time.